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Ogilvy DO Brief - Chester's big ideaL


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I stumbled upon Ogilvy's DO brief and thought it would be a perfect way to communicate my campaign for people at Ogilvy.

Hope you enjoy!

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Ogilvy DO Brief - Chester's big ideaL

  1. 1. DO BRIEF Ogilvy & Mather Core Creative Brief: Chester’s big ideaL for Ogilvy HK Brand: Product: Job No: Date: Chester Lau A Tenacious Canadian Summer Internship 2012 March 14, 2012 (Aspiring Intern) Undergraduate Student Passionate About Advertising Task Success Criteria  Come this summer, Chester will be helping anyone he can at Ogilvy HK while learning more about the advertising industry Hire Chester as a summer intern for Ogilvy HK  Hopefully, Chester will have inspired other young people like himself to pursue their dreams, wherever that may lead themWhy is this brief here?I know that if you are reading this, you probably do not have a lot of time on your hands. I will make this short and sweet:This summer, I would like to intern at Ogilvy & Mather in Hong Kong. Although I have already been in contact with severalpeople at Ogilvy HK (and thank you to those who have connected with me over the past few months), I wanted to show amore personal side of myself to others at Ogilvy in a way that a resume and cover letter simply cannot do.With the launch of Facebook Timeline, I saw a perfect opportunity to tell my story to Ogilvy in a way that has never beendone before. Aside from showing my creativity, I wanted to do something impactful with the way I told my story – I wantedto inspire other young people to follow their dreams. Having stumbled upon Ogilvy’s big ideaL framework and finding itincredibly interesting, I used it to determine how I could tell my story to resonate with as many people as possible.Whom am I trying to influence?I am trying to influence two groups of people: Ogilvy & Mather employees (whether you are in HK or not), and anyone elsewho needs a little courage and inspiration to pursue their dreams.We are lucky to live in a world today where we can connect with people even if we are geographically separated. I wantedto take advantage of this opportunity for two reasons. First, I wanted to let Ogilvy HK know that there is an aspiring internin Canada eager to contribute his ideas and passion to the organization this summer. Second, I wanted to motivate otheryoung people to pursue their ambitions even if they feel like all the odds are against them.What do I want you to DO as a result of this communication?Although landing a summer internship at Ogilvy HK is my ultimate goal, I strongly believe that it is important to build somegenuine relationships with people there before I could ever ask for anything in return. I understand that this is a difficultthing to do especially since I am sure you are very busy and realize that I am halfway across the world.If you do have the time to spare, I kindly ask you to get in touch with me to share any advice you may have for apassionate advertiser, or just to say hi! I would be more than happy to speak with you. Also, I am hoping that the video Icreated may resonate with you on a personal level. I am sure that you can remember a time where you needed that littleextra courage and inspiration to follow your dream. Share the video I made with someone who you’d like to inspire – therecan never be too much inspiration in our world!How do I expect communications to work towards achieving this?Since I cannot meet anybody at Ogilvy HK in person, I decided to utilize social media to the best of my ability to bringmyself to you in the most interactive way possible. I have created a Facebook timeline that details the conceptualization ofmy big ideaL, and anything else that I believed would allow you to get to know me better.
  2. 2. DO BRIEFWhat am I trying to convey?It is easy for people to say that they want to work for Ogilvy. It is more difficult for people to say that they want to work forOgilvy because they have a genuine passion for what Ogilvy does.I love brands and I love communicating their messages in meaningful and impactful ways. I hope I have shown you thatthrough this brief and my Facebook campaign.What will help you KNOW this?Aside from all the creative work I have put into conceptualizing this idea and making it into a reality, I hope that the time Ihave spent building this campaign truly reflects the dedication I can give to anything I put my mind to.I am a person who likes to take matters into my own hands, and I hope that I have shown you that I genuinely want towork at Ogilvy HK for all the right reasons.What will help you FEEL this?It is sad to say, but we seem to live in a world where people have stopped feeling things. In order for my message toreach as many people as possible in a way that speaks to them honestly from the heart, I needed to center my campaignon a feeling that everyone has felt at one point in their life.I hope that the video I created will take you back to a time where someone gave you the courage and inspiration youlacked to follow your dreams. We have all been there, and I encourage you to continue searching for inspiration in yourown life while inspiring others along the way.With that, I sincerely hope that I have inspired you a little today, and that you will connect with me in the near future!CONNECT with me! +1 613 539 8250