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A simple slide deck to discuss during the Chester County Marketing Group monthly meeting held on May 23, 2013 in Chester Springs PA.

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  • NUTURE YOUR EMAIL LIST as you would a garden.It's not between 8:00am and 9:00am EST if you're an email marketer! According to a Pivotal Veracity study, early morning email delivery has the lowest open rates. This makes sense since the first time most people check their email is when they arrive at work, and the common habit is to delete anything unimportant in order to reduce clutter before the day starts.Monday Blues: Monday's are considered the worst day to send mass emails if open rate is important to you (and, of course, open rate is important to you). The logic, again, involves the theory that most people spend most of their inbox time at work. When you come into work on a Monday, you instantly start deleting anything that seems like junk or unimportant emails so that your inbox isn't as overwhelming to you. This theory has been backed up by numbers in many email marketing studies. Unless your users have proven to exhibit a different pattern or you have a compelling reason to send on Monday, avoid Monday sends!Weekend Warriors: It's also a fact that internet activity in general reduces on weekends. This may be because people spend more time with their families, get outdoors more or are just burnt out from all their enforced online time during the week. Almost every online metric category slips on the weekends, and that includes email opens. Avoid big weekend blasts.Midweek Days are the Best Days of a Week: Most studies support that sending emails on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will yield the best results. So, if you boil it down, you want to send your email campaign on a midweek day in the afternoon.
  • So building your email list…..I’m going to say it’s pretty much like growing your flower or vegetable garden. It takes time, lots of attention, make sure you keep the good plants growing and get rid of the weeds. Right??!Well I’ll explain in terms of email marketing:Use your website and blog to showcase your email newsletter, sign up form, etc. Give the viewer a reason , call to action to join email list. Don’t just ADD random emails from an event, conference, your LinkedIn contacts, etc to your list. You need to allow your list members an Opt-In. OPT IN - means no buying lists, scraped lists, etc.Double opt-in is preferred…can anyone guess what that is?Double Opt In is when someone initially opts-in to an email list, the email app will fire off a confirmation email to confirm that person wants to actually sign up for the email list. This is more of a courtesy to your list members since any random person “COULD SIGN SOMEONE ELSE UP” and then that person would get all the emails.
  • Email Marketing Tips

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    3. 3. #ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.com3• Provide Opt-in, Double Opt-In• Determine YOUR best day &time.• Don’t be fooled by “OpenRate”• A/B Test Your Subject, Time, etc.• Segment your list• Test, test, test and re-test!A few of the Best Practices & Tips333% of email willbe opened onmobile devices bythe end of 201334% of consumersmore likely to buya new productwhen learningabout it fromemail24% of all emailopens occurwithin 1st hour
    4. 4. #ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.com4 4Infographic: Email Open Rates
    5. 5. #ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.com5• Start with Your CustomerList/Database• Use form on website/blog;grow list, track conversions• Opt-in + Double Opt-in• Use a provider that removesbounced addresses5Building an Email List
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