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Womenand, Influence and Social Media


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A look at social media, successful women users and how-to tips.

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Womenand, Influence and Social Media

  1. 1. Hi.
  2. 2. Cheryl Smith CultureSmith Consulting @CherylSmith999 I help people understand and use social media to engage customers, partners, members and colleagues. I blend more than twenty years of marketing experience in both private sector and non-profit organizations with the ability to translate how to use emerging technologies - in human terms. The bottom line is about… Engaging people.
  3. 3. Jennifer A. Bailey @marketinghelper “My passion is in creating solutions where improvement is needed. Through web strategies, coaching and education, I walk alongside my customers to effectively meet brick and mortar goals. I help you cut costs while increasing sales!”
  4. 4. “93% of Americans believe all businesses should have a presence in social media” - Web Guild
  5. 5. men, Influence and Social Media 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) Approximate number of unique URLs in Google index 2,000,000,000 (two billion) Very rough number of Google searches daily 684,000,000 The number of visitors to Wikipedia in the last year
  6. 6. Ambient Awareness Mike & Gail Hyatt
  7. 7. Created for Relationship: “Social media provides women with unprecedented opportunities to become more fully who we are. ” – Cheryl Smith
  8. 8. Meet Megan TwitterMoms •Began September 2008 •By day 15, adding one new member every 10 minutes •Christmas catalog •RAMBO Alerts
  9. 9. Turning Trials to Triumph z Mary DeMuth •Book Mentor •Daisy Chain •Family Secrets
  10. 10. Make a Freakin’ Difference z ‘amateur’ or ‘professional’ makes little difference when the goal is to tell stories that cause positive change… everyone has the power to create powerful stories and intentional content that will spread into the world, raise awareness, and cause change. – Amanda Koster, Salaam Garage
  11. 11. Why Bother? People are there. LOTS of them. They’re listening. …for what YOU have to say.
  12. 12. efinitions of Social Media Social Media in Plain English By Lee Lefever on The Commoncraft Show “I see social media as a revolution in human culture. It is fundamentally shifting every element of human society… it’s almost as if the social web has enabled an era where trust is the core value and everything outside of trust is irrelevant. -Jason Fowler, Wisely Woven on The Social Media River
  13. 13. "In the first generation of the web, it was all about providing information to your readers - the web was a one-way street. Web 2.0 is all about the user and giving the user a voice - thus making it a two- way street.” -Essential KeyStrokes
  14. 14. Trust Agents: “People who use the web in a very human way to build influence, reputation, awareness, and translates that into some kind of business value” - Chris Brogan
  15. 15. Using Social Media Goals: 1. To Gain Credibility 2. To show humanity 3. To show evidence •Social Media is a way for people to DO IT THEMSELVES. •Social Media is a result of companies not listening to their customers. •Social Media takes 6 degrees of separation and gives us closer access to people.
  16. 16. Tools We Should All Be Using All Web 2.0 Tools: Blogging: Microblogging: Social Networking: Business Networking:
  17. 17. w to Have Influence with Blogging Recommendation: / 1. Create a Good Impression 2. Position Yourself Above the Competition 3. Market Your Blog
  18. 18. A Closer Look Creative Commons graphic byon Flickr by Sunny.x Creative Commons graphic on Flick by miralize Creative Commons graphic on Flickr by Shimoroka
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Announcements •Friday 2.0: 9am Every Friday @ The Muse Coffee •“Blog-Off” Competition, Submission Deadline May 15 •Lynchburg’s Best Kept Secrets •Twitter 5/26, 9-11AM •LinkedIn 6/30, 9-11AM
  21. 21. Bye.