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Mom's 60th Birthday Slide Show


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This is the presentation that we played at the party. Created by Dad, with love!

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Mom's 60th Birthday Slide Show

  1. 1. In the beginning there was Mr Danielsen and brother Barney, when Linda was only a fond thought.
  2. 2. Mr & Mrs Danielsen – proud parents of Linda and Barbara… future heart breakers!
  3. 3. Yes, she can be president if she wanted to, she has the paperwork
  4. 4. And the smiles are just getting started!
  5. 5. The Danielsen family in Levittown with Peppy, Linda’s first canine love
  6. 6. Linda’s first steps towards sainthood
  7. 7. The heartbreakers on their way to church – notice the formal gloves Like Billy Joel says “You Catholic girls start much too late”!
  8. 8. High school graduation – 1969… only getting better
  9. 9. Can’t believe she would date, much less marry, the wise ass roofer! (*Think Sandy from Grease)
  10. 10. Driving trip to Florida – Linda and Laura, 2 girls, 1500 miles of road, an AM radio and some 8 tracks
  11. 11. What was she thinking? She is now engaged to the roofer in the RED jacket with one front tooth missing! Why isn’t she smiling???
  12. 12. The Coyne house in Northport hanging in the TV room in stripped bell bottoms The rules “no roosters in the hen house”
  13. 13. Linda in the ocean in Fort Lauderdale before the movie JAWS
  14. 14. Bridal shower in Northport – “I'm supposed to wear this when, with who?”
  15. 15. She thought long and hard and still made the best decision of Danny’s life
  16. 16. And so our life together begins…
  17. 17. Linda always happy taking care of others
  18. 18. A smile that has pulled us through a lot over the years Notice he got his tooth for the wedding…how nice
  19. 19. Still smiling even though she is dancing with a guy in a ruffled shirt and velvet trimmed monkey suit
  20. 20. Fun times in our apartment
  21. 21. Halloween fun and still with that great smile
  22. 22. “ Ok, so I married the guy in the paisley shirt, with that full beard who is licking me, why?” Yet the smile never goes away!
  23. 23. Linda smiling with her first bundle of joy
  24. 24. 4 generations – Melissa, Linda, Helen, Bestimore If genes have anything to do with it, there will be many more birthdays
  25. 25. Not too happy about having her picture taken
  26. 26. Marlana meets Jed Clampet – so much class and still smiling
  27. 27. Linda’s life gets more complicated with 2 daughters – but the smile still shines
  28. 28. Still smiling – not sure if it’s the guy with the beard, or that she looks so good in the dress after 2 kids
  29. 29. Linda’s love affair with kids and animals keeps her smiling
  30. 30. Still stunning after 2 kids and 1 roofer Looks like a Breck girl
  31. 31. What part of “don’t take my picture” don’t you understand?
  32. 32. The start of Linda’s very own “Walton Family”, still smiling 10 years later
  33. 33. I guess once you are married to a guy in a plaid shirt, cut offs, a beard and a floppy hat… nothing is scary
  34. 34. Another addition on it’s way and not a worry in the world and still smiling
  35. 35. Still smiling even with Kevin in hand Notice the stripes
  36. 36. 31 years young and still a big kid and still smiling Like mother, like daughter Cheryl
  37. 37. Big kid in the ball pit… and has Kevin dressed in stripes, again
  38. 38. Could we get any closer? Is that a stripped shirt on Kevin?
  39. 39. Well at least she got the guy to dress some what presentable to meet Santa Cheryl looks a little skeptical but Melissa is all in
  40. 40. Presenting Mr Mike and mom and the smile gets even bigger
  41. 41. The fascination with all things furry grows
  42. 42. She still looks hot after 4 kids, there is still a tiger in that tank
  43. 43. Nice job raising the 5 of us, though Kevin is still in stripes
  44. 44. Nothing makes Linda happier than some down time with her BFF Paws
  45. 45. Why does she keep smiling with this clown who can’t seem to dress or get a hair cut
  46. 46. Bon Bons and chick flicks, or exhaustion? You can’t tell, but she is still smiling!
  47. 47. Next time I’m coming back as one of Linda’s dogs
  48. 48. Is she laughing at him, or with him?
  49. 49. Looks like a blind date where Linda is being her polite and classy self
  50. 50. Linda went to Disney World and they came out with the slogan “The Happiest Place on Earth”
  51. 51. Kids, dogs, travel agent, business owner, chauffer, cook, nurse, bookkeeper, mom, wife… and she can dance!
  52. 52. Is this that stuff I read about called wine?
  53. 53. And the tradition of the balloons grows Dude, what is with the haircut?
  54. 54. The inspiration for the character Marlana
  55. 55. The next generation for Linda to nurture
  56. 56. Linda with Danny’s Aunt Helen… and her buddy!
  57. 57. The Coyne’s hit Ft.Lauderdale Dan got a haircut and is dressed, Kevin – no stripes, Mike got a hair cut, the girls look great and mom couldn’t be happier with that big smile
  58. 58. Dressing like a teeny bopper and looking great when Melissa turned 30
  59. 59. He’s dressing a little better, but she still outclasses him big time
  60. 60. 4 kids, 2 grandkids, the title Grommie – and still looking 29
  61. 61. No that’s not the mom it’s GROMMIE Still can’t believe this is how good a grandma can look
  62. 62. She dances like no one is watching Is it really bad form to out shine the bride
  63. 63. 30 years later and she FINALLY got him to dress properly
  64. 64. From NY classy to down home ho down, her smile fits in everywhere
  65. 65. Back to see the rat
  66. 66. Balloons make the work day so much more fun! A visit from the grand children doesn’t hurt either
  67. 67. What makes a bigger smile, balloons or ice cream?
  68. 68. From this… … to this, in 50 short years
  69. 69. Tickle games with Eric, good time had by all…except Eric
  70. 70. Our first fight – Linda heard NO for the first time She was not allowed to bring one home!
  71. 71. Not exactly a live Silverback gorilla, but it will have to do The Grinch is another Christmas tradition (don’t ask)
  72. 72. Does she look a little taller, a little prouder? You bet! It doesn’t get any better for a mom!
  73. 73. Well, maybe just a little better
  74. 74. Do you really want to mess with this lady?
  75. 75. Linda completes her 16 th year of high school one more to get through
  76. 76. Go ahead, touch my grandchild, make my day!
  77. 77. Eric completes kindergarten, the balloons get bigger, as does the smile
  78. 78. Grommie, Eric and Samantha – looking for The predator or The alien in the cornfields
  79. 79. Even if you and Eric want to bring the chlorine shark home to Mikey, the answer is still no
  80. 80. What’s a celebration without balloons and a smile
  81. 81. Yes, they are mother and (pregnant) daughter partying in San Diego
  82. 82. The smart money is on the fighter in orange
  83. 83. Doesn’t take much to make her smile, does it?
  84. 84. Whoever said that men age better than women, never gazed on Linda’s smile
  85. 85. She can play with the big kids…
  86. 86. … She is just as happy playing with the little kids
  87. 87. Linda is a grandma for the 3 rd time, still hot and classy
  88. 88. Linda turns every space into a happy place including work – yes, this is Linda’s office
  89. 89. Happiness is holding a sleeping grandchild (Jordyn)
  90. 90. Yes, she plays volleyball at 60!
  91. 91. If she can teach him to dance, she can teach anyone to dance
  92. 92. Linda says every day is a great day when you can share it with the grandkids
  93. 93. Christmas at the Coyne house just keeps getting bigger and Linda wouldn’t have it any other way
  94. 94. Linda sharing tradition with the next generation
  95. 95. It must be true that smiles are the best protection from aging… 43 years later and still looks like the girl I fell in love with
  96. 96. Linda’s happy time always includes as much family time as possible
  97. 97. The Grand Canyon is great, but time with family is the best!
  98. 98. Linda waiting to interview Danny’s replacement
  99. 99. Even aliens like Linda and make her smile
  100. 100. Linda the dog whisperer passes on the tradition to the next generation
  101. 101. From church to Las Vegas, those Catholic girls are all grown up
  102. 102. Linda directing the annual family outing at the Jones Beach Air Show Would you mess with her?
  103. 103. Alex and Jordyn seem to make her beam!
  104. 104. There can never be too many kids around for Linda
  105. 105. Linda always makes Christmas at the Coyne house a happy time with lots of traditions like the hanging of the personal ornaments… or the 62 takes to get a good family picture (*Kevin is still wearing stripes – just hiding it under the green shirt)
  106. 106. Cloudy, gloomy, windy But if Grommie has her kids around, it’s a day worth smiling
  107. 107. The best gift giver of all time, she is the happiest giving to others
  108. 108. And here is the newest arrival to the family, Zach … and Grommie couldn’t be happier
  109. 109. Once a princess, always a princess