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Learning Together: Reciprocal Mentoring & Learner Voice


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Reciprocal mentoring and leaner voice. This learning@school workshop focused on how intergenerational dialogue can benefit both people. It also explored the importance of looking for mentors who do not think like you - stretch outside your comfort zone to grow.

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Learning Together: Reciprocal Mentoring & Learner Voice

  1. 1. By Cheryl Doig & Daniel Coats Learning Together Opportunities for inter-generational mentoring and leadership growth
  2. 2.  What  does  reciprocal   mentoring  mean  and   what  does  it  look  like?  
  3. 3. Reciprocal  Mentoring  Is  somemes  described  as…   Features…  • Mutual  mentoring   • Each  brings  a  valuable  • Reciprocal  mentoring   contribu@on  and  unique  • Co-­‐mentoring   talents  • Reverse  mentoring   • Both  benefit  from  the   rela@onships  • It  can  be  global  through  the   • Equal  partnership  use  of  technology   • Diversity  and  celebra@on  of   gender,  culture,  worldview   • Can  be  within  or  beyond  the   organisa@on  
  4. 4. Reality  v  stereotypes  
  5. 5. Diversity…a  key  feature  of   leadership  for  the  future…  Individualism:  Individual  goals   Collec@vism:  Personal  rela@onships  Status  of  liIle  difference   Authority  makes  decisions    Flexible  and  adaptable   Structured  and  predictable  Coopera@ve   Compe@@ve  Wants  success  now!   Happy  for  success  in  long  term  Direct  communica@on   Indirect  communica@on  /  harmony  Personal  &  work  ac@vi@es  connected   Clear  separa@on  of  personal  &  work   Cultural  value  orienta@ons…  
  6. 6. Stephanie is an example of an innovator
  7. 7. Filter  Bubbles  
  8. 8. OUR UNKNOWNTHE  LENS  OF  INTERPRETATION   OUR SENSED WORLD What was actually said? WORLD Stretch beyond the OUR FILTERED current sensed world to gather new ideas WORLD Influenced by… What happened? Life Culture Experiences OUR INTERPRETED Values WORLD Emotional Assumptions Description A response Mental Drawing models Religion Inferences conclusions Observable data Beliefs Relationship s Other’s behaviour Evidence © Cheryl Doig Think Beyond Ltd 2011 – not for reproduction Adapted from the work of Holt, Atkin, Argyris & Schon
  9. 9. Inquiry  Process  
  10. 10. The role of the teacher is changing THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER IS CHANGING
  11. 11. The role of the teacher as student mentor Critical thinking Nurturing strengths Reasoning Careers paths Future thinking Opportunities Socratic method Meeting experts
  12. 12. Askquestions Big questions
  13. 13. ASK YOURSELFDoes the way I teacher offer students the greatest potential for success?Or is the prevailing status quo in fact a roadblock to realising this potential?
  14. 14. ASK YOUR STUDENTSDo you feel like you’re succeeding in this subject? What are the obstacles to your success?
  15. 15. ASK YOUR STUDENTSWhat are the positive aspects of my teaching? What parts of this topic are you enjoying most?
  16. 16. Learning QuestionnaireWhat was the most useful thing you learnt during today’s lesson?How could I teach differently to help you better understand the topic?Did the Powerpoint task improve your understanding? If not, what isan alternative?Any additional comments:Thank you,
  17. 17. Influence   amplification
  18. 18. Learner  Voice      Think  of  ques@ons  you  could  ask  and  jot   these  down.    Which  one  would  dig  the  deepest  for  those   students  whose  needs  are  not  being  met?     In  what  ways  can  you  find  out  the  answer  to   that  ques@on?  
  19. 19. What  engages  students?  Ways  that  learner  voice  can  be  heard…  
  20. 20. Check  out  these  sites  •  hIp://steve-­‐­‐learners.html  •  hIp://­‐15391515hIp:// mindshi`­‐things-­‐that-­‐will-­‐be-­‐obsolete-­‐ by-­‐2020/  •  hIp://­‐need-­‐some-­‐ support-­‐mentoring-­‐in-­‐21st-­‐century-­‐schools/  •  hIp://­‐inclusion/ reverse-­‐mentoring/  •  hIp://­‐the-­‐igenera@on-­‐ not-­‐just-­‐a-­‐geeky-­‐bunch-­‐of-­‐kids/5336  
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