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Competent Adults U Learn


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This interactive session will explore the key competency of relating to others as it needs to be built in the adults in your schools. The key competencies of the NZC are important to develop in students but they must first be developed in those who act as role models - leaders, teachers and other staff in the school. 'Relating to Others' must be developed on purpose... and it starts with you. This workshop will provide practical examples of how the adults in your school can be encouraged to develop strong interpersonal skills and to be aware of the effect they have on others

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Competent Adults U Learn

  1. 1. Christchurch New Zealand October 2009 Integrating new technologies to empower learning and transform leadership
  2. 2. Competent Adults Competent Kids Dr Cheryl Doig Integrating new technologies to empower learning and transform leadership
  3. 3. Learning Intentions • To explore ‘relating to others’ as it applies to the adults in your organisation • To develop strategies to encourage the development of interpersonal skills with those we lead • To practice relating to others!
  4. 4. Kiwi Leadership Relationships built on trust are developed when principals respect and care for others and consistently “walk the talk”.
  5. 5. You as leader… • The power of language • The importance of conflict • Cross functional teams
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Ideas Harvest What do you want to know about: • How are you embedding kcs into daily practice? • How do you get ongoing feedback from students?
  8. 8. Link to survey
  9. 9. Capacity building • Resilient - you do people a disservice when you do the work for them • How do you encourage people to think for themselves? • Learning conversations
  10. 10. Learning Talk is… ANALYTICAL CRITICAL CHALLENGING Analysis of Evaluates Making change evidence of impact the impact of based on of teaching practice on student teaching analysis & learning outcomes. practice on critique. All talk Evidence based student challenges talk that enables learning colleagues to teachers to judge based on justify and/or their own analysis change practice effectiveness Adapted from Annan, Lai & Robinson 2003 With recognition to Roween Higgie, Principal of Remuera School
  11. 11. Eustress Support Challenge
  12. 12. A Professional Learning Community 1. •Provide opportunities for staff to work in a range of groupings and collaborations 2. •Actively foster perspective taking & diversity 3. •Sharing vision, values and norms with appropriate accountability 4. •Encourages systems thinking/holonomy 5. •Mutual trust, recognition and support 6. •Encourage inclusive membership Key Competencies document
  13. 13. Questions?
  14. 14. For more information…