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Snhra pres


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Snhra pres

  1. 1. The Pros and Cons of Social Networking SNHRA (Southern Nevada Human Resources Association) July 2010 Cheryl Bella, Co-Presenter
  2. 2. What Tools Have in Common Using technology for social interaction – sharing & discussing Provide opportunities to build communities Incorporate or are based on user-generated content
  3. 3. Who Uses Social Media? 2009 - Half of Americans using Facebook, MySpace or Twitter 75% of all global consumers who go online visit social networking and blog sites Social networking profiles by Baby Boomers increased 15% from 2008-2009 77% of millennials maintain social networking profile
  4. 4. Time spent on social networks is growing THREE times as fast as time spent online
  5. 5. Will it Affect You? Recent reports: 80% of respondents stated use of social media for “learning” within their organizations will increase over next three years 95% of respondents believed social media would change HR’s role
  6. 6. A generic job posting will get a generic employee. If a company is only recruiting through the major job boards, they’re probably not a company you want to work for. A Millennial’s perspective
  7. 7. Uses of Social Media During Employment Retention  From May 2010 survey: 79 percent of respondents stated being trusted to manage their own time and access to Internet more important than job role and pay  Those who grew up online much more comfortable seeing business opportunities for social media
  8. 8. Uses of Social Media During Employment Internal Communication  Social media offers two-way communication  Includes everyone in the conversation  Enables true collaboration  Great tools for bringing disparate parties together remotely  Blogs, message boards, wikis, tagging sites, etc.
  9. 9. Uses of Social Media During Employment Marketing Your Company  Building your brand  Provides new way to communicate with your customers, clients, the public, etc.  Includes others in the discussion about your company
  10. 10. Uses of Social Media During Employment Employees are Your Best Ambassadors  Let them show off what they’re doing  Scribd, Slideshare  Let them talk about the company on social media platforms  Assign individuals to monitor social media sites for mention of your company and respond
  11. 11. Handling Negative Comments
  12. 12. Handling Negative Comments Don’t enter into an argument  Can take off-line Stay factual  Correct misinformation Apply basic customer service skills  People just need to vent Recognize & acknowledge your evangelists