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Cbnlvcc pres12 09


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Cbnlvcc pres12 09

  1. 1. Your Virtual Neighborhood
  2. 2. Social Media –The Virtual Front Yard • Public platform • Weak personal tie - introduction • Contact you may know only online – opportunity for growth
  3. 3. The Backyard Where public conversations become more private• Facebook – Inbox• Twitter – Direct Message• LinkedIn – Reply Privately
  4. 4. “Getting invited into the backyard is kind of a big deal, and that should also be a goal if you want to deepen engagement with some of your ties.” Debra Askanase
  5. 5. The KitchenDirect communication outside of social media• Direct emails• Telephone conversations• In-person meetings
  6. 6. Strength Progression of Social Media tiesConnected Begin private Conversations Strongeron one conversations on expand; move interpersonalsocial social media from social media connectivity,media to email business &platform friendships May connect on develop other platforms to Explore strengthen the collaboration and relationship opportunities Communication moves to phone, in personWeak Tie ---------------- Stronger Tie --------------- Strongest Personal Tie
  7. 7. Online Networking is Still Networking• It’s all about relationships – use social media to create, maintain & build relationships• You need to be “present” and in front of your network• You need to invest time• Quality of contacts more important than quantity
  8. 8. Your Virtual Neighborhood Front Yard Keeping in Getting to know touch your neighborsKitchen Deepening relationships Backyard
  9. 9. Virtual Block Party
  10. 10. Real Benefit of Social MediaProvides a new way to engage and communicate with your network