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Ecke Snap System 78 Flyer


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Ecke Snap System 78 Flyer

  1. 1. ecke snap system 78Save two weeksin a SNAP!Growers can increase revenues while lowering their costs with the Ecke SNAP™ System.This supply-chain revolution starts with receiving pre-stuck callused cuttings inES media and trays (ES78) directly from Ecke Ranch’s offshore farms.When compared to standard unrooted cuttings (URCs), ES78 reduceslabor, energy, crop time, materials and propagation risk. It is moreaffordable than a standard rooted cutting.Flexibility to grow more profitsRemove 3 costly phases from your propagation process and use the extrapropagation space to turn another crop.Traditional URC Add Inputs Stick URC 2 Weeks 2 Weeks Transplant • Bags • Trays • Manual labor • Heat • Heat • Labor • Freight cost • Rooting • Within 24 hrs. • Mist • Mist • Space • Rushing to media • Bench loss • Bench space • Bench space the cooler • Risk of shrinkEcke SNAP™ System Pre-filled 2 Weeks Transplant • ES78 Tray • Heat • Labor • ES Media Eliminate high risk and costly propagation phases • Mist • Space • Pre-stuck • Bench space callused cutting (760) 753-1134
  2. 2. ecke snap system 78Smooth peak laborBecause cuttings arrive pre-stuck in ESmedia, you require fewer people whenthe truck arrives. TraditionalBy eliminating the need to rush unrooted # of workerscuttings to the cooler and stick them within Ecke SNAP System24 hours, you can reduce staffing up for peakdelivery days. Ecke SNAP System’s ability toretain moisture and thrive will allow you tolabor-level your work week and reduce theneed for peak training and crop yield loss -2 -1 Truck +1 +2 +3 Daysfrom inexperienced labor. Arrives Reduce your risk with callused SNAP System callused plants enjoy two more weeks of high energy tropical sunshine to provide an even better plant than URCs rooted in the north. And ES78 has reduced plant shock, extra grading, super charged media, and has been grown by Ecke experts in Guatemala and Mexico. As a result, disease, leaf yellowing and other risks have been significantly mitigated because Ecke SNAP System cuttings have already formed the protective callus when they arrive. As bench loss and other risks are reduced, your productive yield and profits can increase. Callused and pre-stuck in ES media upon arrivalTwo weeks less bench time and other operational benefitsWith two weeks of less heat, water and bench space, you will be amazed bythe savings. And you don’t need to purchase trays and fill media. You have lessmaterials handling, warehousing and purchasing of hard goods. Even the EckeSNAP System’s in-bound packing materials are designed for re-use for youroutbound shipments. And because your normal growing process can be usedfor ES78, your same cultural environment is appropriate. You can operate as ifES78 is “just another media”. 2 weeks closer to transplant Ecke SNAP System (ES) includes: • Propagation tray with 78 SNAP cells (ES78, 3 strips x 26 SNAP cells) that ship dense, then An innovation well worth a trial can be split into strips for easy spacing Most genera, including geraniums, poinsettias, • Each SNAP cell includes ES media to protect and promote rooting and ES cuttings pre-stuck and spring annuals are now available via Ecke offshore and callused for quicker rooting truck. Ask about delivery routes, timing and trial • Reliable Ecke logistics packs. In development for about 8 years, the right • Excellent Ecke customer and technical support cutting can make all the difference. • Landed pricing (cutting, IPF, truck freight) Paul Ecke Ranch • P.O. Box 230488, Encinitas, CA 92023-0488 USA ES78 TM Phone: (760) 753-1134 • Fax: (760) 944-4054 • © 2011 Paul Ecke Ranch