Bract Meter Poster


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Bract Meter Poster

  2. 2. FREEDOMTM PEPPERMINT (PER16806) PPAF SHIMMERTM SURPRISE! (PER5499) USPP 15,917 Grow beautiful, FREEDOMTM PINK (490 Pink) USPP 8,817 energy-efficient poinsettiasFREEDOMTM EARLY WHITE JESTERTM RED SHIMMERTM PINK ADVENTTM RED FESTIVAL WHITE FESTIVAL PINK FREEDOMTM JINGLE BELLS EARLY JOYTM RED EARLY JOYTM PINKFREEDOM EARLY RED TM JESTER WHITE TM JESTER JINGLE TM JESTER PINK TM RED VELVETEEN TM FESTIVAL RED FREEDOM TM RED FREEDOM MARBLE TM PRESTIGE EARLY RED TMFREEDOM EARLY MARBLE TM FREEDOM EARLY PINK TM JESTER MARBLE TM AUTUMN RED TM FESTIVAL ROSE FREEDOM WHITE TM FREEDOM SALMON TM GALATM RED GALATM WHITE = COLD GROW Use the Bract Meter™ to set greenhouse temperatures. Apply just the right amount of heat to meet your ship COLD GROW VARIETIES dates, and not a bit more. You’ll reduce heating waste and save 20 percent or more on energy costs. Choose Ecke’s Cold Grow Varieties: Advent ™ Red, Prestige™ Early Red, Autumn™ Red, Use Ecke’s production tools to stay on track. Track your flower development rate with the Bract Meter and your plant height with On Target™. Both tools are designed to help you stay in control of your poinsettia crop. Red Velveteen™ Freedom™ Early Red, White, Pink, Marble, Freedom™ Red, White, Pink, , Marble, Salmon, Peppermint, Jingle Bells, Jester™ Red, White, Pink, Marble, Jingle Start tracking up to 49 days before shipping. Put an end to last-minute panicking. With the scientifically proven Bract Meter, you can be fully confident that you will finish your crop at the mid-season peak or whenever you Early Joy™ Red, Pink, Shimmer™ Surprise!, Shimmer™ Pink, Festival Red, White, Pink, need to meet market demands. Rose, Gala™ Red, White
  3. 3. ECKE BRACTyour energy costs METER ™ Take control ofHOW TO USE THE ECKE AVERAGE DAILY TEMPERATURE DAYS TO MARKET*POINSETTIA BRACT METER™1. Set your greenhouse thermostat according 60˚ F /16˚ C 49 43 37 32 26 20 14 9 3 to days to market. For example, if you are 62˚ F /17˚ C 41 36 32 27 22 17 13 8 3 starting with 49 days to market, you can settle on an average daily temperature of 64˚ F /18˚ C 35 31 27 23 19 15 11 7 3 60°F/16°C. However, if you have only 31 days to market, you’ll need to increase that 66˚ F /19˚ C 31 28 24 21 17 14 10 7 3 temperature to 68°F/20°C. Either way, 68˚ F /20˚ C 29 26 23 19 16 13 9 6 3 you can realize significant energy savings.2. Monitor plant height with On Target™ , 70˚ F /21˚ C 29 26 22 19 16 12 9 5 2 Ecke’s easy-to-use online tracking tool. By the start of short days to first color, plant height should be near the upper range ADVENT™ of the window on your tracking curve. Apply a chlormequat chloride plant growth RED regulator as necessary to achieve this height before the start of short days.3. Monitor flower rate development with the Bract Meter™ Compare your crops to . AUTUMN™ the photos on the Bract Meter. If bract development seems to be proceeding too RED quickly for your finish date, simply decrease the greenhouse temperature by a degree or two. If bract development is lagging, increase the greenhouse temperature. FREEDOM™ EARLY REDEcke varieties growncool over traditional PRESTIGE™programs achieved a EARLY REDsavings of 21 percentin an energy efficientgreenhouse! This FREEDOM™ REDnumber can be doublethat in a less efficientgreenhouse. 5% 15% 25% 35% 45% 55% 65% 75% 85% * Days to flower are illustrative for each 2008 Developed by Jim Faust, BRACT CANOPY COLOR © cultivar and temperature. Actual days Clemson University for Paul Ecke Ranch to flower may vary based on individual greenhouse conditions.W H E R E V E R Y O U G R O W Paul Ecke Ranch P.O. Box 230488, Encinitas, CA 92023-0488 TM
  4. 4. Saving energy with cold grow poinsettiasGet optimum results withEcke’s exclusivePoinsettia Bract Meter ™Technical recommendations backed by years of experience and research are an Ecketradition. We always provide the science behind our recommendations and the Ecke coldgrow program is no different.Our research into effective cold grow techniques has led to the development of a newproduction tool that can help any grower find success when they turn their greenhousethermostats down and select Ecke’s energy-efficient varieties. With the Ecke PoinsettiaBract Meter ™, you can eliminate guesswork and take control of profitability!SAVE 20 PERCENT OR MORE ON ENERGY COSTSTo evaluate potential energy savings at cooler temperatures, Ecke enlisted help from commercial growersaround North America. The support of these growers has helped us demonstrate the risks and benefits ofusing lower temperatures for production while quantifying the energy savings that are possible.On average, select Ecke varieties grown colder than traditional programs achieved a savings of 21 percent ADVENTTM RED (PER2804) PPAFin an energy-efficient greenhouse. This number can be double that in a less efficient greenhouse.Testing conducted in Europe helped further validate the energy savings potentialby comparing poinsettias from all major breeding companies. These testsmeasured the litres of oil per square meter required at differentproduction regimes.The results speak for themselves! Freedom™ Early Red required 23percent less energy than its nearest competitor. Compared tomore traditional temperatures, cold-growing FreedomEarly Red is nearly 35 percent more fuel-efficient. This poster was printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink and produced by wind power through a Green-e certified program using Renewable Energy Credits.