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2011 ecke summer_poinsettia_order_form_euro_ds

  1. 1. 2011 POINSETTIAS ORDER FORM – EURO & DS Summer Shipping Season: Weeks 21–39, 2011Please fill in all information requested, but please SHIP TO MULTIPLES: Unrooteddo not write in the shaded boxes. See the 1 tray = 100 cuttings + 4% overcountreverse side for prices and conditions of sale. Company nameSHIP WEEK: One ship date per order form Address(For additional ship weeks, please make photo copies of this form.) MINIMUM ORDER: Unrooted City Minimum order per cultivar: 100 cuttings 1 1 State Zip code Minimum total order: 1,000 cuttings MONTH DAY YEAR Your name (should be a Monday) DATE ORDER RECEIVED Telephone PURCHASE MO. DAY YR. Fax ORDER NO. ECKE CSR E-mail Ship to address (if different) INCOMING n MAIL n PHONE n FAX UNROOTED CUTTINGS ONLY (CHECK ONE) n IN PERSON n OTHER n E-MAIL n EURO STYLE n DIRECT STICK (JUMBO) ORDER TYPE n NEW n CHANGE n CANCEL LICENSE TYPE (CHECK ONE) n PD-01 n Self-Prop-02 n Flowering-03 Airport of destination Special shipping instructions ORDER NO. BROKER SALES REP ORDER IN TRAYS ORDER IN TRAYS ORDER IN TRAYS CULTIVAR NAME 100 CUTTINGS = 1 TRAY CULTIVAR NAME 100 CUTTINGS = 1 TRAY CULTIVAR NAME 100 CUTTINGS = 1 TRAY Primary Varieties EURO DS Primary Varieties, Conti nued EURO DS Primary Varieties, Continued EURO DS Advent™ Red Freedom™ Pink Red Velveteen Autumn™ Red Freedom™ Red Shimmer™ Pink Chianti Red Freedom™ White Shimmer™ Surprise Classic™ Marble Gala Red Snowcap™ Classic™ Pink Gala White Solstice™ Classic™ Red Jester™ Red Strawberries N Cream™ Classic™ White Jubilee™ Red NEW! Tapestry™ Enduring™ Marble Marblestar Winter Blush Enduring™ Pink Maren™ Deluxe Varieties Enduring™ Red Max Red™ Winter Rose™ Dark Red Enduring™ White Monet Twilight™ Winter Rose™ Early Marble Freedom™ Bright Red Peterstar Marble Winter Rose™ Early Pink Freedom™ Early Marble Peterstar Pink Winter Rose™ Early Red Freedom™ Early Pink Peterstar Red Program Varieties Freedom™ Early Red Peterstar White Polar Bear* Freedom™ Early White Polly’s Pink™ Specialty Collection Freedom™ Fireworks Prestige™ Early Red Ice Punch Freedom™ Jingle Bells Prestige™ Maroon TOTAL TRAYS Freedom™ Marble Prestige™ Red Freedom™ Peppermint Red Glitter™ NEW! TOTAL TRAYS TOTAL TRAYS TOTAL TRAYS ORDERED * =Polar Bear International Program Paul Ecke Ranch • P.O. Box 230488, Encinitas, CA 92023-0488 USA Phone: (760) 753-1134 • Fax: (760) 944-4054 • www.ecke.com
  2. 2. 2011 POINSETTIAS PRICE LIST – EURO & DS Summer Poinsettia Ordering InformationVA R I E T Y G R O U P V O L U M E T I E R S CONDITIONS OF SALE New Orders/Substitutions: The key deadline forP R I M A R Y V A R I E T I E S – Prices per 100 cuttings ordering unrooted cuttings in the 1.5- or 3-inch specification is Friday, February 4, 2011. Orders received VOLUME E.O.D. PRICE after this date will be filled based strictly on the availability TIERS PRICE Valid on or before Feb. 4, 2011 of the requested size. If requested size is not available, a substitution will be made for our standard 2-inch size. Euro Direct Stick Euro Direct Stick Pricing: Pricing stated as charge per one tray of invoiced 0–10,000 $39.00 $43.00 $37.05 $40.85 cuttings, inclusive of Intellectual Property Fee (IPF), and is effective for products shipped weeks 21–39, 2011. 10,001–50,000 37.00 41.00 35.15 38.95 Intellectual Property Fee (IPF) stated as charge per one 50,001–100,000 35.50 39.50 33.73 37.53 tray of invoiced cuttings. Prices subject to change without notice. 100,001 & over 33.50 37.50 31.83 35.63 Point-of-Purchase (POP) Materials: A POP tag and tag Euro or Direct Stick Euro or Direct Stick elevator are included in the cost of Polar Bear. Please visit the Ecke Ranch Poinsettia home page for further DISCOUNT FOR $26.00 $24.70 information on POP materials. WEEKS 31–39 (minimum of 100 cuttings) (minimum of 100 cuttings) Discounts: Volume discounts are set annually at the beginning of the shipping season. Annual volume discount tiers are based on a customer’s total purchaseD E L U X E V A R I E T I E S – Prices per 100 cuttings volumes from the previous season. Freight costs are not subject to discounts. Volume tier and EOD discounts are VOLUME E.O.D. PRICE not applicable to Specialty Collection varieties. TIERS PRICE Valid on or before Feb. 4, 2011 Freight: Please refer to the 2011 Ecke Ranch Summer Euro Euro Poinsettia Program Guide for all freight details. 0–10,000 $40.25 $38.24 Invoicing: Invoices will be mailed or faxed within five (5 ) to seven (7) business days from the Monday of that ship 10,001–50,000 38.25 36.34 week. 50,001–100,000 36.75 34.91 Claims/Returns: All claims are processed through our Encinitas, CA office. All claims must be submitted in 100,001 & over 34.75 33.01 writing within eight (8) business days of receipt of the Euro Euro shipment. To protect the integrity of our certified production systems, no returns are accepted. DISCOUNT FOR $27.25 $25.89 WEEKS 31–39 (minimum of 100 cuttings) (minimum of 100 cuttings) Cancellations/Changes: Cancellation or changes of orders can be made no later than the production day prior to scheduled shipment. Warranty: All orders are subject to confirmation by PaulP R O G R A M V A R I E T I E S – Prices per 100 cuttings Ecke Ranch and crop conditions. Paul Ecke Ranch warrants, to the extent of the invoice price, that the plant VOLUME E.O.D. PRICE material is sold as described in the 2011 Poinsettia TIERS PRICE Valid on or before Feb. 4, 2011 catalog, within recognized tolerances. Euro Euro Paul Ecke Ranch makes no other warranty, express, or implied, concerning the cuttings, and expressly 0–10,000 $56.50 $53.68 disclaims any and all other warranties, including any 10,001–50,000 54.50 51.78 warranty of the merchantability or fitness for customer’s particular purpose. Customer’s sole and exclusive 50,001–100,000 53.00 50.35 remedy for any breach of this order agreement, 100,001 & over 51.00 48.45 including but not limited to any claim under the warranty in this paragraph, shall be return of the Euro Euro price paid for the affected cuttings. Customer DISCOUNT FOR acknowledges and agrees that the maximum liability $43.50 $41.33 of Paul Ecke Ranch for any other claim of defective WEEKS 31–39 (minimum of 100 cuttings) (minimum of 100 cuttings) or non-conforming cuttings, non-delivery or late delivery, or otherwise, shall be limited to the price paid for the affected cuttings. Customer acknowledges that customer shall not be entitled to recover anyS P E C I A L T Y C O L L E C T I O N ( S C ) – Unrooted only other claimed consequential damages.Cultivars below are not eligible for volume discounting, EOD, or quoting. Cultivar Name Price Ice Punch Euro 1.5 $1.00 Poin PL-2011SM-Euro & DS All trademarks are the propertyPaul Ecke Ranch • P.O. Box 230488, Encinitas, CA 92023-0488 USA of their respective companies.Phone: (760) 753-1134 • Fax: (760) 944-4054 • www.ecke.com © 2010 Paul Ecke Ranch