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10 mark challenge final


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10 mark challenge final

  1. 1. Get Ex am-fit your pe with rsonal trainin g plan! TAKE ON the BRAIN-GYM CHALLENGE IMPROVE YOUR WRITING REFINE YOUR READING GET A TRIM EXAM TECHNIQUE YEAR 11s OF CHERWELL 2012! Your Challenge is…Use these brain-training resources to get a minimum of 10 MARKS im-provement between your mocks and your English Language Exam on EXAM-ERCISE! May 29th... WHERE ARE YOUR TEN MARKS COMING FROM?
  2. 2. REV I Week 1 ERC SE- ISE! Warm-Up with these WalkthroughsHigher Tier Section A exam walkthrough cxn5nxrHigher Tier Section B exam walkthrough cptflg4Higher Tier—Question by Question playlist cs74y42Foundation Tier Section A exam walkthrough cza87hzFoundation Tier Section B exam walkthrough cklkagnFoundation Tier— Question by Question playlist bpjqy62Cheney-Guy talkthrough caa3878Personal Training from the Head of English at Cheney! Now work those (voc)abs!Cooper School Vocabulary and word choice tips d3wl2yzNow do the same but from Cheney... d4sypo7A* Writing—a model of vocabulary success (this is from the c8xqu5lold exam, but should still be helpful)Writing about Language—learn the words you’ll need c85wvu4 Remember—make revision active—make revision cards and PRACTISE DOING—NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!
  3. 3. Get a Sect BUFF Week 2 ion B Work your Sentences into Sent-HENCH-es!Sentence Accuracy—stop sentences going on too long... Variety—a home-grown Cherwell guide Variety—Part 2 of the above Sentences—Cooper School show us how it’s done—see how the simple SC can get you some marks—some more mark-grabbing tips from Cheney PUMP that PLANNING - turn your PARAGRAPHS into POWERGRAPHS!!!Openings and Endings—how to get started, and how to finish up! for a C+ Grade advice on Paragraphing and Structure from Cooper teacher knows his stuff—Mr Davies on Planning Struggling to know how to revise? Revision strategies here:
  4. 4. REV Week 3 get R ISE to IPPE D Getting tired? Re-energise with this WRITING WORKOUTA Playlist for Argue / Persuade / Advise to Describe Top Tips, Explain, Describe from WCS Writing Fails - help from Mr Davies (not our one)* Writing Model talkthrough (old exam, but still useful) of talkthroughs and models here READING SKILLS REPSInference 1—VITAL for Higher and Foundation 2—STILL VITAL for Higher and Foundation Target Skill for Higher—Comparing Language Use Target Skill for Foundation—Comparing Presentation Playlist for PEE+ about Fact and Opinion / Use of Language the effects of Language Choices