Our Secrets in Mobile Marketing Applications by Cherrypicks


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Our Secrets in Mobile Marketing Applications by Cherrypicks

  1. 1. March 2011
  2. 2. EvEry succEss casEstarts with an inspirationThe constant growths of new smartphone platforms arequickly becoming a mainstream channel for transaction,customer service, branding and user experience. For everybrand, advertiser and marketer, mobile has become a crucialpart of its customers, competitors and marketing strategies.With over ten years of mobile and new media leadership inAsia-Pacific, Cherrypicks is an ideal partner that brands cantrust in their mobile strategies and execution. We prideourselves in our creativity, technology, professionalism,passion and, above all, our people. We are also privileged tohave a strong client track record and numerous internationalawards. This publication is part of the “Our Secrets”Collection to share our inspirations and approach to mobilemarketing. Enjoy.All rights reserved by the Cherrypicks Group.
  3. 3. Moët Hennessy DieGo HK (LVMH GrouP)hEnnEssy Mixplatform | iphone, androidlaunch date | october 2010HEnnESSy Mix cherrypicks.comBriefto rejuvenate Hennessy VsoP brand and promote HennessyMix drinks to target market of age 20 to 35 spirits drinkers.ProDuCtThe inspiration of Hennessy Mix drinks using Augmentedreality (Ar) vision technology at designated bar location hasgiven birth to the World’s first iPhone and Androidapplication with location-based Ar vision. Customers cansimply point the Hennessy Mix application at any Hennessycoaster or bottle label to view Ar vision 3D Hennessy Mixdrinks. Plus, if customers are at the designated bar locations,they would be awarded with stamps, which can be redeemedfor prizes. other exciting features include Ar photo framesfor customers to capture, decorate and Facebook-share theirprecious moments.
  4. 4. THE WoRLD’s FiRsT LocATioN-bAsEDMobiLE AugMENTED REALiTy (AR) VisioN open Hennessy Mix App at designated partner bars Point at coaster to view 3D Mix drink• Animated 3D visualization triggered by image• No marker such as QR code or patterns• Tracking of image• Location-enabled “check-in” stamp collection Location-enabled stamp collection to win prizes
  5. 5. MtrMTR MobiLEplatform | iphone, ipadlaunch date | may 2010Mtr MoBiLe cherrypicks.comBriefTo create an innovative and convenient service as well asa point-of-interest browser for consumers in Hong Kong andvisitors overseas.ProDuCtEmbarking on a mission to create the best user experience,we developed an award-winning application. it featuresa finger-friendly journey planner tool customized for bothiPhone and iPad usability. in addition, we have created thelargest Augmented reality (Ar) browser experience for over20,000 point-of-interests (food, shopping, entertainment andlandmark) in Hong Kong. the application has an offline modefor visitor’s convenience.
  6. 6. AugMENTED REALiTy (AR) bRoWsER HoW To usE AR bRoWsER Poi details Distance bar Poi in AR mode — Radar screen Menu selection distance and direction Listing of radar
  7. 7. HonG KonG Arts festiVALHKAF 39TH ANNiVERsARyplatform | iphonelaunch date | september 2010HKAf 39tH AnniVersAry cherrypicks.comBriefTo promote the total enjoyment of arts appreciationand cultivate arts community in Hong KongProDuCtAs this initiative represents the first major arts communityapplication in Hong Kong, both HKAf and Cherrypicks wishto develop an user experience with sparkling visual appealand artistic delight in addition to all essential multimediaprogramme and ticketing information for the 39th Hong KongArts Festival. numerous native smartphone technologies andhuman senses are engaged for total enjoyment experience.This application is where arts and technology unites, whichalso helps set the stage for cultivating digital natives anda wider audience for the West Kowloon Cultural Centre.
  8. 8. usEr ExpEriEncE (ux) DEsigN
  9. 9. Mtr MALLsi-cATcHplatform | iphonelaunch date | november 2010i-CAtCH cherrypicks.comBriefto drive traffic by offering discount coupons to two shoppingmalls – Telford Plaza and Maritime Square.ProDuCt“Gamification” at its best — we have transformed a diverselytraditional coupon download service into an entertainmentand fun experience. shake-to-catch a variety of fishrepresenting different discount coupons which can beredeemed at the shopping mall merchants. in addition,we have further innovated with unprecedented Ar visioninteractive game using red packet / laisee was also rolled outin Chinese new year.
  10. 10. gAMiFicATioN [gay-muh-fi-kay-shuhn]integrating game dynamics into your application, site, service,community, content or campaign, in order to drive participation(see sXsW, bunchball, cherrypicks)
  11. 11. Though, we may not be the most creative company, nor arewe the most resourceful. nevertheless we have seamlessteamwork of over a hundred passionate individuals fromvarious background such as technology, design,telecom, film, internet, consulting and advertising.such teamwork has clearly reflected inour award-winning quality products.
  12. 12. While we can show off our prolific portfolio of cases, our biggest asset resides in our intellectualproperties, methodologies, culture as well as our people. Thus, rather than pages of Application icons, we are better represented by People icons. innovation is teamwork in transforming creative ideas into quality products.
  13. 13. scAN us FoR MoRE sEcRETsteL eMAiL+852 2127 7788 iNFo@cHERRyPicKs.coM