Personal Branding: How to manage your online brand


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  • What you share increases:TrustLikeabilityInfluenceAccessibilityOpportunity(or the exact opposite!)
  • Its not about your lunchEasy to make friends with anyoneFollow people from the companies you want to work forEmployers and recruiters are tweeting jobs( way to start a conversation with someone you don’t know
  • Google Plus
  • Very powerful and professional networkUsed heavily by recruitersFantastic job postingsKeep track of your connectionsParticipate in industry discussionsComplete and maintain your profileUse key wordsYour bio and headline are powerful toolsCustomize your URL Keep your social activity professionalResearch companies and employeesAdd people the same day you meet themSlightly personalize the standard requestsCongratulate connections on job updatesUse the profile statisticsJoin groups to get access to people
  • Don’t just set up your account and walk away from
  • Getting too many notifications? Try this 
  • MAINTAIN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESSESThe email address you use for Facebook should be distinct from the one you use where security is more critical – such as your online banking or Paypal account.If your Facebook account gets hacked its embarrassing.  If that is the same email used on your more secure accounts, now that vulnerability could be costly.
  • REVIEW Privacy Settings & PERMISSIONS GRANTED TO THIRD PARTY APPSWhen you grant access to Facebook apps, those permissions endure long after you stop using them.  Go to this link to review your Facebook app permissions – and disable any you are no longer using.You will probably be surprised at the long list permissions your have previously granted!
  • Spammers People from the pastEmail you receive reminding you to connect---you have to click ignore to make it stop
  • Personal Branding: How to manage your online brand

    1. 1. PERSONALBRANDINGHow to manage your reputationand grow your online network. Presented by Cher Jones to the Toronto Public Service Women’s Network
    2. 2. Today’s talking pointsWHY should you be concerned aboutyour online brand?WHERE does your brand live?WHAT makes a good social mediaprofile?WHEN will you have time to be social?HOW do you stay safe online?WHO should you really be online?
    3. 3. Whyshould you be concernedabout your online brand?
    4. 4. Our professional and personal lives... are becoming one.
    5. 5. You are being Googled Oh c’mon you Google others too!
    6. 6. You have a huge network to leverage Take your offline connections online.
    7. 7. Get access to “real-time” info Find out what’s happening now and respond
    8. 8. You can stand out in a crowd This is your opportunity to share what you know.
    9. 9. Wheredoes your brand live?
    10. 10. Every network shares a different side of you(And these are just a few of them!)
    11. 11. Introducing the “real” you
    12. 12. Meet the networker in you
    13. 13. Show off what interests you
    14. 14. Make it easy to find you
    15. 15. Meet the professional you
    16. 16. Whatmakes a good socialmedia profile?
    17. 17. Use an engaging profile pic of YOU
    18. 18. Your picture isn’t the only thing Always complete your profile YourLocation Your Headline Regular Updates Accurate Your Bio info Your connections
    19. 19. Don’t just set it up and walk away Engage and Connect.
    20. 20. Whenwill you have the time tobe social?
    21. 21. Use common sense at work
    22. 22. With your smartphone you can share anywhere Being social is a habit
    23. 23. They make it easy to share
    24. 24. How do I stay safe online?
    25. 25. Create a social email address Different from the one you use for banking etc.
    26. 26. Private posts are never “private” Once you post it
    27. 27. Review your privacy settings You pay for access with your privacy
    28. 28. sociallyactive.caCheck your accounts When you are logged out of them !
    29. 29. You don’t have to let everybody “in” When in doubt just click “ignore”
    30. 30. WHOshould you be online? Be yourself because everyone else is taken
    31. 31. Questions? Let’s connect on twitter @itscherjonesVisit to see this again
    32. 32. Your employees have questions about social media. We can help you answer them!Visit for more information