How to Use Social Media to Get a Job in 2012


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Over the last few years job hunting has gone digital. Using social media to build your career is becoming mandatory for success. Employers use social media to post jobs, share information about their companies and screen potential applicants. While the digitally savvy are using it to access the hidden job market, build their networks, connect with potential employers and position themselves as qualified candidates. In these slides, Socially Active’s Lead Corporate Social Media Trainer, Cher Jones shows you exactly what employers are looking at in your social media profiles, how to audit your online presence, which sites are the best for job hunters and how to use them strategically to get a job.

This presentation was delivered at the Internationally Educated Professionals Conference inside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Feb 2012.

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  • Locate & delete all negative:picturescomments postsvideos applications groups
  • Very powerful and professional networkUsed heavily by recruitersFantastic job postingsKeep track of your connectionsParticipate in industry discussionsComplete and maintain your profileUse key wordsYour bio and headline are powerful toolsCustomize your URL Keep your social activity professionalResearch companies and employeesAdd people the same day you meet themSlightly personalize the standard requestsCongratulate connections on job updatesUse the profile statisticsJoin groups to get access to people
  • Showcase your personal sideSearched commonly for background checksReview your privacy settings Like recruiting pages on Facebook Join & participate in industry groupsUse the search function
  • Easy to make friends with anyoneFollow people from the companies you want to work forEmployers and recruiters are tweeting jobs( way to start a conversation with someone you don’t know
  • Google Plus
  • How to Use Social Media to Get a Job in 2012

    1. 1. The Socially ActiveJob HunterHow to Use Social Mediato Get a Job in 2012! By Cher Jones Updated April 2012
    2. 2. What we’ll be talking about today • Recruiting and screening with social media • Why candidates do and don’t get the job • How to check your online rep • Personal profile advice • Job hunting strategies for each platform • Other online tools you can use • Final thoughts
    3. 3. 80.2 % of Employers Use Social Media to Recruit Candidates• 86.6% LinkedIn• 55.3% Facebook• 46.6% Twitter• 16.1% Blogs• 11.6% YouTube• 64% use at least two of the above (Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey-2011)
    4. 4. When do employers start checking? 47% before the first contact 27% after the phone interview 4% before the offer 2011 survey results from
    5. 5. Candidates are NOT hired because • Posted inappropriate pictures/info • Shared confidential info about a past employer • Made discriminatory comments • Lied about their qualifications • Bad mouthed past employer • Showed poor communication skills
    6. 6. Candidates are hired because • Accounts supported qualifications • Awards & accolades were visible • Showcased a good “feel”/fit • Conveyed a professional image • Displayed creativity • Had good references
    7. 7. Have you Googled yourself lately?
    8. 8. Go on a Mission: Search and Destroy NEGATIVE •pictures •comments •posts •videos •applications •groups
    9. 9. Log out then check your accounts
    10. 10. Profile Advice• Complete it!• Always use a close up picture• Great headlines engage• Bios are worth your time• Customize the URL• Keep them consistent• Update regularly
    11. 11. sociallyactive.caGrow your professional relationships
    12. 12. sociallyactive.caTap into your personal network
    13. 13. sociallyactive.caExpand your network
    14. 14. Be found
    15. 15. Other online tools• Job posting aggregators• Presentation sharing sites• Video sharing sites• Blog hosting sites• Facebook Job Apps
    16. 16. Final words of advice• You don’t have to be on all social sites.• Being social isn’t all about you.• Always be aware of your personal brand.• Review your privacy settings.• Nothing is private once you post it.• Regularly audit your accounts.
    17. 17. Questions? Let’s connect on twitter @itscherjonesVisit to see this again
    18. 18. Your employees have questions about social media. We can help you answer them!Visit for more information