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How ABC's #Scandal used Social Media to Own Thursday Night TV


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ABC's #Scandal successfully used social media to dominate the airwaves every Thursday night at 10 p.m. Besides the awesome writing, acting and production value, they engaged their fans with social media. Watching Scandal became a live event on Twitter.

Scandal hashtags trended hours after the broadcast ended. Watching it for the first time on the PVR was a second rate option. The social experience of watching Scandal with a community of die hard fans (aka Gladiators) was a gratifying part of the experience. In this presentation you will see some of the strategies I noticed as social media nerd.

I shared these strategies as panelist in a session called The Wild Wild Digital World at the Innoversity Summit in Toronto.
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  • @simplify360 for sure!

    There will always be ways to work the system. (kind of like buying likes, followers, views and subscribers) However, even if there are people trying to manipulate the system, real conversations will continue to happen. Especially when they are talking about an awesome product, service or in this case, show.

    What @ScandalABC did so well was encourage and support the community that was already building itself and turn the show into a not-to-be missed event. They were able to steer the conversation with hashtags and influence the conversation by sharing insider information, ask good questions that lead to great conversations and finally be a valued member of the conversation through key representatives from the production and the network.

    You can't beat authenticity when it comes online communities and my 'white' hat goes off to the ABC folks.

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  • Great presentation.

    A quick question: with too many marketers trying to get trending, do you see this trend becoming a problem in future?
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How ABC's #Scandal used Social Media to Own Thursday Night TV

  1. How ABC used social media toown [my] Thursday nightA ‘mini’ case study by Cher Jones, Social Media Trainer
  2. This is how many of us watch TV
  3. Twitter & live TV go together
  4. But pre & post shows are on FB
  5. "Scandal" is* a gonzo hybrid ofconspiracy thriller and high-stakessoap opera, involving electionrigging, a presidential assassinationattempt, a failed internal WhiteHouse coup, and all sorts of othercrazy shenanigans.”-Allan Sepinwall, HitFixJust in case you didn’t know
  6. BTW the lead is a black female
  7. ABC’s most social show4.3 Million Tweets(this season alone)
  8. Scandal has become a live eventLIVE EventExperience
  9. Howdid they do it?
  10. They used Facebook as the hub
  11. The LIVE “event” was on Twitter
  12. Shonda, the cast & crew tweeted
  13. They created official hashtags
  14. Shared the ‘behind the scenes’
  15. They nurtured their “Gladiators”
  16. Leveraged celebrity tweets
  17. They identified their superfans
  18. They supported fan-made pages
  19. They created & shared memes
  20. They pinned the rest of the story
  21. They showcased fan art
  22. They are already teasing S3
  23. Justto wrap up…
  24. Questions?@itscherjones 2013 Innoversity Summit Wild Wild Digital West Session
  25. @itscherjones 2013 Innoversity Summit Wild Wild Digital West SessionCher JonesSocial Media Speaker &Trainer, Socially ActiveCher is an accomplished corporate communications and PRprofessional with 15 years of experience. She has workedwith several leading Canadian companies and for one of thelargest municipal governments in Canada. Through hercompany Socially Active, she provides fun and highlyengaging social media training workshops, coachingsessions, talks and keynotes. Cher helps businesses andorganizations educate their employees with the knowledgeneeded to participate responsibly, effectively andstrategically online. She`s often invited to share her socialmedia knowledge and experience at conventions, corprateevents and on industry panels.For more information:www.sociallyactive.catraining@sociallyactive.caMeet the presenter
  26. Thankyou!@itscherjones 2013 Innoversity Summit Wild Wild Digital West Session