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Audience Research Questionnaire


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Audience Research Questionnaire

  1. 1. Audience Research Questionnaire.
  2. 2. Most popular survey answers.
  3. 4. Summary. By doing my survey, the responses that I received have influenced me on how I will design my music magazine. For example I found out what encourages people to buy music magazines, such as, free posters/CD, original photography, detailed articles on established artists and competitions etc. I could use these when designing my magazine to make it more appealing for it’s target audience. I also found out that the people who completed my survey like a lot of rock/metal bands, such as Metallica, as well as liking alternative bands like The Prodigy & Muse. This has made my decision about making a rock/alternative magazine definite. Also, as most of them buy music magazines like Kerrang! And Metal Hammer, this has influenced me to make my magazine in a similar style to these. For example, the masthead could have an ‘edgy’ & ‘rustic’ look to it, to link in with the type of genres of music that will be included within my magazine.
  4. 5. Summary (continued). Looking at the responses from my survey, a lot of the people love going to gigs and festivals. The main live shows people go to are the well known rock & alternative festivals like Download, Sonisphere & Reading/Leeds. I could advertise these festivals in my music magazine, as well as using them as a regular feature, such as live reviews from the festivals and it also could be part of the competitions (win gig tickets etc). I also found out that these people watch programmes on E4 & Dave, their target audience is also 16 – 24, so if magazines like Kerrang! & NME had a big budget they could advertise their magazine on them popular channels. As well as this, they mainly like to watch music channels, such as Scuzz, Kerrang!, MTV and 4 Music. The survey also showed that the internet is very popular for 16 – 24 year olds. The results from my survey show that they like to use social networking sites like Facebook and they also like to watch music videos online, like on YouTube. So again, I could use the internet to advertise my music magazine through websites like Facebook as a lot of people will see it.