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The role of fathers corrected grade 10


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The role of fathers corrected grade 10

  1. 1. Fathers in our Society<br />Our society has undergone drastic changes. Our daily routines and lifestyles differ from what they were twenty years ago.<br /> Parents today are trying to achieve a balance between work and family. They are also trying to become perfect parents. In doing so, they attend all of their children’s activities, school events, football matches and teacher’s meetings. Compared to the past the parents are much more involved in their children’s lives and activities. <br /> Fathers are trying harder and harder to achieve that goal, also. In the past the father used to concentrate on work and never got involved in the lives of his children. His only job was to provide for the family. The mother was the one that took care of the children. However, recently, fathers are working harder to maintain the balance between work and family.<br /> Some of us wondered " what caused the fathers to change?" Fathers realized that there’s a lack of bonding with their children. The mothers used to provide for all the family’s childcare needs in the past. Today’s fathers want to be involved with the everyday affairs of their children.<br /> By spending time having meals, attending events and activities, and going on vacations together, parents and children are able to come to know one another and strengthen their relationships.<br /> In addition, when a parent comes to know their children well, they are more capable of giving advice that is suitable to each child’s needs. Parents need to manage the needs of their children while at the same time taking care of their own personal needs. <br /> Even though some parents spend every free waking moment with their children, it sometimes goes unnoticed. <br /> The work place today can be very demanding. People are working later and later into the evening hours and sometimes are leaving their families to go on overseas assignments. It is important for parents to maintain contact with family members while overseas. Parents can now communicate with their children by means of email, cell phones, landline phones, etc..<br />Parents that are really busy with work, should take a vacation and spend their time with their families or go on a trip with them.<br />Consequently fathers are still looked to for wisdom and advice. They continue to play an essential part in the lives of their children as they grow and perhaps eventually have their own families. <br />Done By: Meera Mohammed Almheiri<br />Grade: 10 / A<br />