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I am an independant oil and Gas Inspector mainly working on oversea project

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New cheo cv

  1. 1. newcheocv-110227024041-phpapp02.doc CURRICULUM VITAEA well established certified Welding Inspector with 32 years experience in Welding inspectionin the field of onshore and offshore Piping, structural Petrol Chemical plant and Equipmentfabrication.PERSONAL DATAName : CHEO YEW KIMI/C : 530110-01-5229Date of Birth : 10th January 1953Nationality : MalaysianPostal Address: 1, Jalan Lawa 10, Taman Pelangi Indah, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru, Johor, West Malaysia.Email Address : or gracekim@streamyx.comContact No. : +607-8613493 (Resident) +6012-7091798 (Mobile Phone) or +6012-7041716 (Mobile Phone)SUMMARY OF WORKING & FIELD EXPERIENCE • 32 years experience inspection in various positions in Quality assurance, Quality Control and Welding Inspection in the field of onshore and off shore Piping/Structural Construction. • Familiar with all International Codes of practice related to the design fabrication, maintenance of statutory equipment and standards with respect to welding inspection and QA/ QC activity. • Quality auditing experiences, for example Quality Management Systems, Quality Plans, Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Procedures. • Performs inspections for onshore and offshore construction work confirms with engineering specifications and company engineering standards. Reviews design drawings, engineering specifications and QA/QC programs for compliance to Company standards. Reviews and monitors implementation quality control programs developed by construction contractors. • Worked as a coordinator for client inspection and third party inspection. • Work in Petrol Chemical plant at construction stage and plant turnover activities • Comprehensive knowledge of welding duplex and Super Duplex stainless steel type 2205. • Comprehensive knowledge of on-stream and off-system inspection techniques and codes of practice for the inspection, of in-service oil and gas related equipment, i.e. the pressure envelope such as piping, pressure vessels, columns, heat exchangers, risers, offshore, onshore structures, Reactor and Tower etc. • Comprehensive knowledge of welding, welding techniques, all main Non-Destructive Testing Techniques and Inspection Techniques, such as Radiography Testing. Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic Practical Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Coating/Painting, Mechanical testing, etc. • Comprehensive knowledge on the regulatory act, or similar legislation or standards such as Design Engineering Procedure’s standard drawing, etc.PROFFESION CERTIFICATIONS 26 SEPT 2007 : Sat for API 653 Aboveground storage tank certification examination Pass with 80.67% marks. 6 June 2007 : Sat for API 510 examination with 67.33 % marks require 70 to pass 1
  2. 2. newcheocv-110227024041-phpapp02.doc Has completed retest on DEC 5 2007. Passed the examination on 2nd attempt.2005 : Professional member for Engineering Council UK Eng Tech Weld 1. Registration No.: 5546312002 : European Welding Inspection Specialist Diploma. (EWIS/GB/02494)2002 : Technician Member of the Welding Institute. (Reg. No: 2695)Dec 2001 : Senior Welding Inspector, CSWIP 3.2 (Cert No 5829)Nov 2000 : Radiographic Interpretation, CSWIP 3.4 (Cert No 3710/3) : Group A, B, C, D1989 : Ultrasonic Practitioner Level 1&2, Sirim1988 : Quality Control of Fabricated Product, CSWIP.1987 : Welding Inspection CSWIP 3.1OTHER TECHINCAL TRAINING & SKILLAug 9 -10 : Attended training on inspector write course conducted by MSTS USAAug 13-19 : Attended training for API 653 from MSTS training services U.S. AJan 22- 10 FEB: Attended API 510 and 570 preparatory course code covered ASME IX, V VIII Div 1 ANSI 31.3 the API code cover are API 510.576,572,577 & 571 API RP 571, API RP 578,API RP 574 & API 570 in India.July 2005 : Basic North Sea Survival course at Rotterdam NUTEC Training Centre. The Safety Pass Book valid until 15 July 2009, Ref: P346734. Pass Medical examination for Norwegian seaman Passbook Centre. The health certificate is valid till 18 July 2007.July 2002 : ISO 9000:2000 Series Auditor/Lead Auditor Course and sat for the IRCA Examination.Jan 2002 : Microsoft Excel level 2 (Informatic JB)Aug 2001 : Microsoft Access level 2 (Informatic JB)Jul 2000 : Failure Analysis (MINT)Oct 1990 : Defect Sizing on Ultrasonic (SIRIM)Sept1990 : Welding of Corrosion Resistant Alloys Duplex Stainless Steel (EPMI) ,Esso Production Malaysia Inc.Sept 1989 : Radiographic Interpretation (UTM)Oct 1988 : Quality Control of Fabrication Products, Welding Institute of Cambridge, UK1969 to 1972 : Apprenticeship Training in General Mechanic.SUMMARY OF POSITION HELD & PROJECT INVOLVED. 17-10-05 Mechanical Inspector for Cheveron Taxaco carried inspection on Takula GS-M present At Malongo West Africa. Duty involved are supervision of welding on structural steel ,piping spools inspection and upgrade of existing vessel to API 510 and piping fabrication to ANSI 31.3 2
  3. 3. newcheocv-110227024041-phpapp02.doc 10-07-05 QC inspector for Allseas, Belgium on Board Lorelay Derrick Lay Barge. to Inspected subsea pipelines for Gaz De France and Shell Cutter project in the 25-08-05 North Sea Region. 22-05-05 QA/QC Coordinator for Global Industries on Barge DLB 332 in Ulsan, Korea. to Coordinated the work for the extension of the SBM for S.K Engineering & 10-06-05 Construction. 8-04-05 Offshore Inspector for JVPC on Barge DLB 332 in Vietnam. to Inspected the P8 and P10 lines for Rang Dong Field phase 1 project. 29-05-05 August 2004 Offshore Inspector for FMC Energy System Houston in Sonatrach Offloading to Terminal Project on DLB Irquois in Algeria. January 2005 Inspected all the pipelines laying at Skikda, Arzew and Bejaia port.November 2003 QA Inspector for BP, Baku, Russia on TPG 500 Jack Up Rig Project in to Singapore Keppel Shipyard. August 2004 Inspected structural and piping activities. Major in the inspection of various materials like Copper Nickel. Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel spools. January 2003 QA Supervisor for PTTEP in WP14 & WP13 Production Platform in Thailand. to Inspected structural, piping, RT interpretation and painting activities for all theSeptember 2003 NDT matter on the project. October 2002 QA Field Specialist for Shell China to Audited the work procedures in welding, pipe field weld coating and finalDecember 2002 documentation of completed project for East West pipeline in Shaanxi Province. March 2001 Piping QA Inspector for Halliburton Far East, in Shell EA Singapore Project. to Quality controlled of welds distortion and made final punch list after work May 2002 completed. January 2001 QA/QC Inspector for PTTEP, Thailand on offshore pipe laying project. to Inspected pipelines installation of sea lines for Phase 3B Bangkok Field. February 2001December 1999 QA Mechanical Inspector for Exxon Mobil in Jurong Island, Singapore. to Inspected daily radiographic interpretation and plant inspection activities.December 2000 June 1999 QA Inspector for Total Sirri in Sirri Island, Iran to Based in Iran for the construction and erection of water injection module for August 1999 Sirri Island and involved in architectural, mechanical, piping and structural activities.Jan to Mar 1999 QA/ QC Supervisor for Total Myanmar in Naptha Injection ProjectJune to Dec 1998 QA/ QC Supervisor for Total Middle East in Sirri A & E Field Development Project. 3
  4. 4. newcheocv-110227024041-phpapp02.docMar to May 1998 QA/ QC Coordinator for Plant Engineering Construction in Titan, Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia. Jan to Feb 1998 QA/ QC Supervisor for Total Thailand Offshore in Bongkut Field.June to Dec 1997 QC Coordinator for Nippon Steel Corporation in Trengganu, Malaysia.Jan to Mar 1997 Piping Supervisor for Total Thailand in WP9 and WP10 Production Platform.Sept 96 to Aug 97 Welding Inspector for Oilfield Pipeline Inspection Sdn Bhd.Oct 95 to Sept 96 Site Supervisor cum QC Manager for Plant Engineering and Construction Sdn Bhd.Mar to Oct 1995 Quality Control Inspector for Sembeth Singapore.Jan 93 to Feb 95 Piping Inspector for Shell Sarawak Berhad in M1 and M3 Living Quarters Project. Sept 91 to 1992 QA Inspector for Petronas Carigali in Fabrication B.N.Q. Living Quarters Project.Sep 90 to Jun 91 Welding Inspector for Sembawang Engineering. June to Aug 90 Piping Inspector for Sarawak Shell Berhad in E11 Truck Line Project. Feb to Jun 1990 Offshore Inspector for Sarawak Shell Berhad in SJJT-B Jacket and Deck Project.Oct 89 to Jan 90 Onshore and Offshore Inspector for Sarawak Shell Berhad in Lutong Crude Oil Terminal.Aug 88 to Sept 89 General Inspector for EPMI in Trengganu, Seligi D Production Module. May to July 88 Offshore Inspector for Sarawak Shell Berhad in TEMANA “A” Compression Module.Nov 87 to Oct 88 Senior Quality Inspector for AY Fabrication Yard.Mar 86 to Oct 87 Quality Control Inspector for Malaysia Shipyard Engineering in GUTONG “B” and “C” Production Module.Mar 85 to Mar 86 Project Superintendent for Wong Heng Engineering.Jan 82 to Dec 84 Project Supervisor for Wah Chang International Sdn Bhd.Dec 80 to Jan 81 Senior Facilities Technician for Motorola Semi Conductor.Jan 74 to Dec 76 Technician for Shell Refinery. Jan to Dec 73 Mechanical Fitter for Federal Land Development Authority.Jan 69 to Dec 72 Mechanical Apprentice for Pamol Estate. 4
  5. 5. newcheocv-110227024041-phpapp02.doc 5