Job searching 2012


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Job searching using LI and Facebook.

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  • Job searching 2012

    1. 1. JOB SEARCHINGLINKEDIN.COM/ FACEBOOK Cathy Henesey, SPHR Manager, Career Services – Children’s Medical Center
    2. 2. “People connect. They join groups. I callthese groups Tribes.” Seth Godin
    3. 3. 6 degrees of separation
    4. 4. Network
    5. 5. LINKEDIN:COM – Maximize Profile 100% Profile Completeness – add all jobs, schools, organizations, etc Change your personal URL Profile Publish your full public profile ADD all your email addresses Add your email in CONTACT Settings and SUMMARY section Change your “What are you doing?” often  Posting job titles works for me JOIN or START Groups(Tribes)
    6. 6. Build Network Build it and they will come! Min. 500+ Network Caution: 10K or more is really slow Upload all OUTLOOK Contacts and old business cards, membership directories, etc. Accept all legitimate connections with real names Forward appropriate connections to others Get and Give recommendations Add Slideshare presentations Add Amazon Book list MAKE IT INTERESTING! BUILD A TRIBE
    7. 7. Searching on
    8. 8. Facebook Learn the privacy settings and check them monthly as facebook is always changing them. Accept everyone as friends….keep a separate “folder” for family. Let people know you are looking for a job…. Get on BRANCHOUT – FB’s version of Linkedin Use LI and FB together to find people that work at companies you want to target Watch your wall comments – everything is public…..
    9. 9. Applying for Company’s online Don’ts Do’s Tailor your resume to job description Don’t send paper  resume or fax resume  Apply online first before trying to get a connection Don’t send to executive  Use your real connections to get a referral unless you know them Complete all fields on application and not or have a reference  “refer to resume” Can do VS. Have done  Include best contact information including Cover Letters unless email and telephone numbers you have something  Include client names or specific projects if unusual to explain doing consulting now No pictures, hobbies,  Include certificates in attachments allowed interests unless related for in uploads. to job  Try and find an employee referral who will refer you to the job. Don’t have cutesy email names  Get some cheap business cards with all contact information on it
    10. 10. Need to be found online! Get on facebook and Twitter, Plaxo and Jigsaw(if employed) Obvious: Monster/Careerbuilder/Niche Associations Full profile with contact information listed at bottom of profile  Need at least 500+ connections to make it work  Accept all invitations; scrutinize more on forwards Google yourself and see if a recruiter would find you?
    11. 11. What to do while not working Volunteer at company you want to work for, non-profit, or niche association – use referrals and ask for introductions Join associations and attend meetings – ask for “transition discount”. Share leads even if you are interviewing for same job…..what goes around comes around….10 fold. Join many, many email distribution lists to receive jobs. Look for small consulting opportunities at smaller companies who are posting jobs….volunteer to do a project in exchange for a reference on LI or letter.
    12. 12. Join my Tribe Follow me on Twitter @cathyhenesey Be my friend at Facebook – Invite me on – or Cathy Henesey Cell: 214-725-0710