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Cooper's hill cheese rolling and wake


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Cooper's hill cheese rolling and wake

  1. 1. It is celebrated on the Spring Bank Holiday, the last Monday of May.  At Cooper's Hill, in Brockworth, a village of Gloucester (England).  It is traditionally for the people who live in Brockworth. 
  2. 2. The origins of this holiday are unknown.  Two possible origins have been proposed for the ceremony.  Since the fifteenth century the cheese has been hurled down the hill and people have competed to catch it. 
  3. 3.  Due to the number of people involved and the speeds reached by the slope of the hill, falls, injuries and other accidents are extremely common.
  4. 4. The cheese can reach speeds up to 112 km/h.  In the 2013 competition, a foam replica replaced the actual cheese for reasons of safety. The winner were given the prize after the competition. 
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