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Presentation guidelines for non designers


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If you are not a designer but would like to create nice looking PowerPoints, it is possible. Take it from a medical marketer (who is a designer wanna be) like me.

Presentation guidelines for non designers

  1. 1. Not adesigner?You can stillmake greatpresentations
  2. 2. Warning:This presentationprepared by a designer(But a medical marketer named Chen)WAS NOT
  3. 3. have one purposePRESENTATIONS
  4. 4. The Objective• Move People from point A to Point BTo move anaudiencePoint BPicture by Stig NygaardPoint A
  5. 5. they can helpdrive ideas
  6. 6. “ There is nothingmore powerful thanan idea whosetime has come.”Victor Hugo
  7. 7. changethat may even
  8. 8. Picture by 51035816082@N01
  9. 9. Here’s whyBut Most Presentations Fail!
  10. 10. A complicated story(what the hell is the presenter going on about??)Picture by brewbooks
  11. 11. Insufficient preparationOnly 25% of executives prepare more than2 hours for an important presentationPicture by michael_swan
  12. 12. Busy unfocused slides(with too much text & too few visuals)
  13. 13. Zero credibility(Are these real people? Seriously?)
  14. 14. the result?
  15. 15. Audienceboredom!Picture by 35066966@N07
  16. 16. Audiencehostility!Picture by 38209299@N08
  17. 17. So how can yousurvive your nextpresentation?Picture by John Hynes Photography
  18. 18. 1the right ingredientsPrepare
  19. 19. The single most important thing you can doto dramatically improve your presentationsis to have a story to tell before you workon your PowerPoint file.Cliff Atkinson, Beyond Bullet Points
  20. 20. Know your storyPicture by Express monorail
  21. 21. Make yourstory DEADsimple
  22. 22. “If you cant explainit simply, you dontunderstand it wellenough.” Albert EinsteinPicture by eff-kay
  23. 23. Picture by 15527575@N03Hemingway wrote a 6-word story,saying it is one of his best:
  24. 24. For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn.Picture by 15527575@N03
  25. 25. Yup, that’s a story
  26. 26. Once upon a time____________. Every day____________. One day____________. Because of that,____________. Because of that,_____________. Untilfinally___________.Pixar films follow the same story line*:From an article by Carmine Gallo in Forbes
  27. 27. The pitch for “Finding Nemo”:Picture by JD HancockOnce upon a time there was a widowed fishnamed Marlin who was extremely protective of hisonly son, Nemo.Every day, Marlin warned Nemo of the ocean’sdangers and implored him not to swim far away.One day in an act of defiance, Nemo ignores hisfather’s warnings and swims into open water.Because of that, he is captured by a diver andends up as a pet in the fish tank of a dentist.Because of that, Marlin sets off on a journey torecover Nemo….Until finally Marlin and Nemo find each other,reunite, and learn that love depends on trust.From an article by Carmine Gallo in Forbes
  28. 28. Picture by RayhegoTell the storyto a friend(even a young one)
  29. 29. If you can’t tell itfluently & interestingly,it is still not good enoughPicture by Jd Hanck
  30. 30. Go back to thedrawing boarduntil you get it right
  31. 31. that are your strongest pointsPicture by Pilippe Put
  32. 32. because studies have shownthat adding mildly favorableinformation dilutes the impactof highly favorable informationFocus only on themain messagesPicture by visualpanic
  33. 33. the number of slidesDon’t be too concerned over
  34. 34. It isn’t that important
  35. 35. as long as you paceyourself correctlyyPicture by Dance Photographer - Brendan Lallys
  36. 36. One IDEAper slide(If possible, have)
  37. 37. an extra slide is FREEThe best part?Picture by Camdiluv ♥
  38. 38. 2Picture by nemuneko.jcText on slidesFollow the recipe diligently
  39. 39. Keep words to a minimumBe silent, or say somethingbetter than silence
  40. 40. Use bullet points sparselyPicture by Sean MacEntee
  41. 41. No buzzwords pleaseEveryone is tired ofthis overused jargonPicture by whiz-ka
  42. 42. Play: Find the buzzword!
  43. 43. Have you found them?
  44. 44. ReadDesign: Can theywhat’s on screen?Are you sure?
  45. 45. Size ContrastType
  46. 46. CalibriArielCentury GothicGil SansUse a standard(boring) font?Go for a fresh(free) font?Type
  47. 47. If you are using a non-standard fontit may look different on a differentcomputer. Save it as a PDF ormake sure all recipients have thesame font installed.Type
  48. 48. 3 methods to ensure fontscan be seen at a distance*SizeView monitorfrom the samedistance in feetas the inch-sizeof the monitor(13.3’’ should beviewed at 13.3ft.)* from slide:ology by Nancy DuartePut the slidesorter view at66%(It is located onthe bottom rightof PowerPoint)Divide the age ofthe oldest personin the room bytwo1 2 3
  49. 49. ContrastPhoto Credit: <ahref="">unleashingmephotography</a> via <ahref="">Compfight</a><ahref="">cc</a>Colors onopposite sidesof the colorwheel will giveyour text thebest contrastagainst thebackgroundContrast
  50. 50. 3The power of imagesPicture by ShironekoEuroVisuals
  51. 51. Picture by ShironekoEuroIn color they look much better
  52. 52. Reading isinefficientPictures beat textbecausefor us
  53. 53. “I heard it” 10%remembered“I saw it” 35%remembered65%remembered“I heard & saw it”Memory after 3 days
  54. 54. Which is faster to comprehend?Which of the followingis faster to understand?
  55. 55. & by 21064423@N08Pictures by 25901680@N00
  56. 56. & by 21064423@N08Pictures by 25901680@N00Coined as:The Picture Superiority EffectCalled The Picture Superiority Effect
  57. 57. Picture by orangeacid
  58. 58. Images influence your credibilityPicture by edenpictures
  59. 59. Picture by edenpicturesYup!No way If you mustWe relate to real & authentic(people and situations)
  60. 60. No clip-art or faceless people
  61. 61. Avoid “plastic pictures” on image banks(unless you must of course)
  62. 62. True StoryI saw this(stunning) image-bank model in thematerials ofseveral companiesANDon a bus stop nearmy home town
  63. 63. Click for a 2-minutevideo about stockphotography(It’s funny & sad)
  64. 64. Who’s your daddy?So…use your own(Friends and Family)Picture by Shir Eshel
  65. 65. Use Creative CommonsSelecte comercial and check creativecomoon rights"">KalexandersonThere are thousands ofAUTHENTIC & FREEimages you can useunder the creativecommons (cc) licensePicture by Kalexanderson
  66. 66. is a great source forimages (select the commercial option)Don’t forget to check the license and give attribution
  67. 67. lets you embedimages directly into a presentation
  68. 68. 4DesignAdd the Midas touch
  69. 69. Empty space has meaning. Use it.Picture by The U.S. Army
  70. 70. Do not stretch. Go high res.Picture by Randy Son Of RobertA pixelated picture makes you look bad
  71. 71. Create unityUse repetitive themes between slides(such as color, text, elements)Picture by pasukaru76
  72. 72. Use Colorloversfor great colorcombinations
  73. 73.  
  74. 74. Recap
  75. 75. Ingredients Visible TextRight Image Touch ups
  76. 76. Thank you!Chen SirkisWould you like to join ourmedical marketing blogand receive a FREE copy of anebook with more presentation tips?click