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Stress management presentation


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Allow me to introduce to you my powerful system for de-stressing aimed at the adult population at large. This system is based on the assumption that if you de-stress more than you accumulate stress on a daily basis, you be become more and more relaxed as time goes by. A unique component of my system is the Stress-measuring system that includes the Chinese acu-points emotional measuring system, the Touch-to-know physical stress measuring system and the vibration-scale mental stress scale.
The process includes four parts:
1. Collecting De-stress ideas
2. Categorizing them (Physical / Mental / Emotional)
3. Putting aside time every day for a de-stressing session
4. Taking 5 minutes every evening to assess your daily progress and improve on the practice
This logical system is available as a self-help book (Currently only in Hebrew) and as a seminar.
It takes an hour to learn and a lifetime to hone. This is a life skill you want to have.

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Stress management presentation

  1. 1. 50 DE-STRESSOR SYSTEM Stress Management
  2. 2. Can you define Stress? Funny enough everyone experiences Stress but… No one I asked could define it !
  3. 3. Question remains: What IS Stress??? Hans Selye described stress as the results of coping with change. There are many planes of stress: 1. Physical 2. Mental 3. Emotional 4. Sexual 5. Spiritual 6. Social 7. Ecological (Etc.)
  4. 4. The 3 Stress definitions • Stress – the biological fact • Dis-stress – our negative translation of Stress • Eu-stress – our positive translation of Stress Stress is a combination of what happens to us, how we relate to it and what we do about it.
  5. 5. What can we do about it? There are many tools out there for stress management. I would like to suggest a methodology to Stress management and tools to cope with Stress.
  6. 6. Stress management method Diagnotics  Questioning  Constitutional Iridology  Diagnostic Touch Treatments  De-stressing, Attitude shifting, supporting therapies Control systems  Self control, Professional Assessing
  7. 7. Assessing Stress Levels Before we can asses we must understand Stress Ask yourself how are you doing. Constitutional Iridology: Will tell you how you are wired to respond to Stress as well as how worn down you are Touch Stress Assessment – Emotional / Physical planes Inner Vibration Mental Stress Assessment
  8. 8. Reducing Stress De-stressing  Take out more Stress than you take in  Attitude Change  Positive thinking, Emotional Intelligence and the rest of the acquirable tools that prevent Stress from collecting in the first place Assisting tools  Touch, Supplements, Herbals, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing exercises, Sports etc.
  9. 9. Assessing our advancement Using the assessing tools daily to manage the stress is one use. Using them to gauge our advancement is another. Knowing how well you did today compared with yesterday enables progress and development of the De-stressing tool
  10. 10. 50 De-stressor system Collect 50 (or more) unique De-stressors Categorize them (Mental, Emotional, Physical) Use De-stressors daily Daily written assessment
  11. 11. Contact info For the complete presentation, more info and to invite Chen to speak:  Email: Thank you for your interest