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  1. 1. Political Blog Political Blog
  2. 2. Political Blog
  3. 3. Political blog A weblog whose main objective, but not necessarily sole interest, is to examine and discuss politics • What Nearly anyone • Who in the bloggers‘ own domains, interest-5Ws • Where specific blogging platforms, online • When mianstream • Why after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks blogs are of increasing importance to the public understanding of politics
  4. 4. Why Blogging
  5. 5. Why blogging ?Intrinsic: articulating ideas• To formulate new ideas• To keep track of your thoughtsIntrinsic: catharsis• To let off steam MrPoliticsGeek the Independent Voice of the Next Generation v=geuccYHOeu0&list=PL0583CEF9E0CB4E59&index=2&f eature=plpp_video
  6. 6. Why blogging ?Extrinsic• To provide an alternative perspective to the mainstream media• To help society• To inform people about the most relevant information on topics of interest• To influence public opinion• To help your political party or cause• To influence mainstream media• To serve as a political watchdog• To inform people about the most recent information on topics of interest• To critique mainstream media• To critique your political opponents
  7. 7. Why blogging ?My name is CatherineMorgan, Im a writer,nurse, mother, andfounder of “ThePolitical Voice ofWomen”“. This is ablog dedicated toinform and educatethe voting publicthrough articles,ideas, and links. Itsalso a way of givingmyself a voice, ratherthan just sitting backand watching politicsand my opinion go by.
  8. 8. Why blogging ?promote and help finance candidates • Bloggers • Moneybomb • $10 million Scott Brown
  9. 9. Why blogging ?• The initial motivation for blogging is intrinsic motivations.• As they continued to blog and their blog posts reached wider audiences, they realized they could extend influence out to their audience, the media and political parties. This newfound influence provided additional motivation, leading these bloggers to be even more enthusiastic about what they do.• But their intrinsic motivations for blogging never fade away and continue to be important motivators for blogging.• They are more motivated to blog now than when they first started blogging.
  10. 10. Bias & Objectivity
  11. 11. Bias & ObjectivityBias
  12. 12. Bias & Objectivity BiasBias
  13. 13. Why blogging ? Bias & ObjectivityHowever… “people who closely follow both political blogs and traditional news media tend to believe the content on blogs is more accurate”
  14. 14. Bias & Objectivity Truth VS
  15. 15. Activity:Compare the following articles and share your answers inmy blog:As an ordinary reader, which one would you like? Why?As a professional journalist, any different answer? Why?Stuck In Place is-stuck-in-place.html?_r=1&partner=rssnyt&emc=rssJobs Continue To Trickle In In July Or The Lack Thereof
  16. 16. Thank you ^^