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Calcium bromide powder


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Calcium Bromide has chemical formula CaBr2 (H2O) x. All compounds corresponding to this chemical formula are white powders that are soluble in water. The hydrated form of this compound is used in drilling fluids.

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Calcium bromide powder

  1. 1. Calcium Bromide Powder & its Significance as an Oilfield Chemical Chemcon Speciality Chemicals.Pvt.Ltd
  2. 2. Calcium Bromide Powder is used to make drilling fluid and oil and gas exploration operations. It is one of the most significant oilfield chemicals which are widely used to derive Various Benefits by Drilling Fluids Solution. Calcium Bromide Utilize
  3. 3. Growth and Development Petroleum industry is dependent on certain chemicals that are crucial to exploration and extraction of oil and gas. Calcium Bromide is one of the major chemicals which are used as dense aqueous solution for drilling fluids. It also used in photography, fire extinguishers, and neuroses medication, preservatives and freezing mixtures.
  4. 4. Calcium Bromide has chemical formula CaBr2 (H2O) x, white powders that are soluble in water. it absorbs moisture from air, it should be stored in a cool dry place. Chemical Formula
  5. 5. It is a salt solution or a low solid mud used for testing of wells. It also offers lubrication and reduces friction. Completion Fluids are essential to the drilling operation because it minimizes formation damage and controls pressure in the well. Completion Fluid
  6. 6. (1) Completion fluid that is very useful in oil and gas drilling operations (2) Calcium Bromide Powder which is very reactive to water (3) It also prevents damage of completion components (4) Clear brine fluid it can work as a completion fluid when it has proper flow and density (5) Completion dry 14.2™ is highly filtered so that solids are not introduced to the adjacent wellbores (6) Completion dry 14.2™ is combined with calcium chloride, zinc or calcium chloride Calcium Bromide v/s Completion Fluids
  7. 7. Some of the most well-known manufacturers like (CHEMCON) of oilfield chemicals produce high quality calcium bromide which can be used for creating clear brine solution of desired density or mixed with other salts.
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