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Corporate Presentation 2018-19 from Chembond Chemicals Limited


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Chembond Chemicals Limited (BSE: CHEMBOND) is a 40 year old known name in India, manufacturing a diverse range of specialty chemicals like water treatment, polymers, construction chemicals, high performance coatings, animal nutrition’s and industrial biotech products. The company has excellent infrastructure facilities like a well equipped R & D laboratory, multiple regional offices and production plants, well trained personnel and references across several business segments from the best known companies in the field. Our presence through the various product lines allows us to serve industries across most segments of manufacturing in India.

Chembond has believed in delivering to customer expectations through continuous investments in innovation and technical services. We strive to deliver value and delight our customers for the money invested by them.

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Corporate Presentation 2018-19 from Chembond Chemicals Limited

  1. 1. Chembond Chemicals Limited Quicker ∞ Stronger ∞ Innovative
  2. 2. Overview • Established in 1975, listed on BSE since 1995 • Founder and Promoter - Dr. Vinod D Shah • 750+ group employees • Group revenue ₹ 340 crores • Pan-India manufacturing, sales and service footprint • R&D and Head Office in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra • Diversified specialty performance chemicals portfolio
  3. 3. Milestones
  4. 4. Milestones
  5. 5. Vision To be the best known company in India in each of our business sectors.
  6. 6. Mission Our mission is to attain and maintain market leadership in each of our business areas by creating customer delight through Value, Innovation and Service.
  7. 7. Certifications • Quality Certifications - ISO 9001:2015 - IATF 16949:2016 - Environmental Standards - ISO 14001:2015 - Occupational Health & Safety - OHSAS 18001:2007
  8. 8. Board of Directors • Mr. Ashwin R. Nagarwadia • Mr. Mahendra K. Ghelani • Mr. Sushil U. Lakhani • Mrs. Saraswati Sankar • Dr. Prakash Trivedi • Mr. Sameer V. Shah, Chairman and Managing Director • Mr. Nirmal V. Shah, Vice Chairman and Managing Director
  9. 9. Infrastructure : National Presence Head Office and R&D Centre Manufacturing Plant Branch
  10. 10. Infrastructure : Manufacturing
  11. 11. Infrastructure : Training and R&D
  12. 12. • Core segments we operate in: - Water Treatment - Surface Treatment - Construction - Animal Nutrition - Polymers - Adhesives and Sealants • Family driven, professionally managed agile organization • Senior leadership and field team work along with customers • Fair risk appetite as new business lines are evaluated and incubated continuously
  13. 13. Activities and Businesses Protective Coatings Material Technologies Hygiene Chemicals Water Technologies Biotech Solutions Construction Chemicals
  14. 14. Water Technologies With you for your water treatment needs
  15. 15. Water Technologies - Chemicals • Pioneer of non-chromate cooling water treatment chemicals in India • Offer entire range of chemicals from raw water to cooling water to boiler water to effluent water treatment • Technical services and lab back-up • Dosing, Monitoring and Controlling instruments
  16. 16. Water Technologies - Equipments • Demineralization Plant • Reverse Osmosis Plant • Effluent Treatment Plant • Raw Water Treatment • Process Water Treatment • Utility Water Treatment • Waste Water Treatment • Recycle & Reuse Water • ZLD solutions • O&M Services
  17. 17. Water Technologies - Bioremediation • Bio-degradation of BOD /COD from effluent • Biological Removal of Ammonical Nitrogen from effluent • Bio-degradation of Fat, Oil and Grease
  18. 18. Complete Water Treatment solutions Equipment Bio- remediation Chemicals Complete Water Treatment solutions Chembond Clean Water Technologies Ltd Chembond Water Technologies Ltd
  19. 19. Construction Chemicals • Building, Construction and Infrastructure • Applications in: • Roads and Bridges • Airports and Metro transit • Infrastructure building • Industrial, Commercial and Residential construction • Repair and Rehabilitation projects
  20. 20. Construction Chemicals • Entire Range of products • Concrete Admixtures • Waterproofing • Concrete Repair • Joint & Sealants • Surface Treatment • Grouts • Tiling Adhesives • Tile Grouts and Cleaners • Cementitious Flooring
  21. 21. Biotech Solutions • Animal Health and Nutrition • Textile Processing • Distillery
  22. 22. Animal Health and Nutrition • Chembond entered this segment in 2010 • Produce nutritional supplements for animal health industry • Catering mainly to the poultry and dairy industry • Presence across India with manufacturing and storage locations at Tarapur, Baddi, Ranipet, Jamshedpur • We offer quality products at excellent value • Experienced yet young team
  23. 23. Animal Health and Nutrition • Poultry Products • Feed Supplements • Perfect enzyme complex for poultry feed • Perfect blend of vitamins • Dairy Products • Nutritionally balanced bypass fat and proteins, probiotics and vitamins • Companion Animal Products • Nutritionally daily supplement enriched with DHA Enzymes, Probiotics, Prebiotics α D3 and other Vitamin Concentrates, Premixes Minerals, incl. Chelated Minerals Disinfectants, Water Purification, Sanitizers
  24. 24. Textile Processing • Environmentally friendly fabric preservation • Pretreatment, Dyeing and Finishing agents • De-sizers • Bio-scouring • Peroxide Killer • Bio-polishing and Bio-fading Enzymes
  25. 25. Distillery • Enzymes for improving efficiency of the fermentation process resulting into higher yields, reduced water and lowers raw material cost.
  26. 26. Protective Coatings • Floor Coatings: • Decorative • Epoxy / PU • Cool Roof • Anti-carbonation • Car Park • Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial • Sport flooring • Swimming Pool
  27. 27. Protective Coatings • Structural Coatings • Epoxy and PU Coatings • Food Grade Coatings • Polyurea Coatings • Corrosion Protection Coatings • Glass Flake Coatings • Intumescent Coatings
  28. 28. Polymers • Acrylic Emulsions • Plasticizers • Compatibilizers • Performance Polyamides • Adhesion Promoter
  29. 29. Material Technologies • Surface Treatment Chemicals • Industrial Coatings • Tak Rags, Paint booth chemicals • Automotive Sealants • Industrial Adhesives • MRO products
  30. 30. Surface Treatment Chemicals • Trication zinc phosphate, with Ti based activation @ low temperature • Zinc, iron, manganese phosphate and nano ceramic conversion coatings • Cr containing and Cr free treatments for steel and coil coating • Neutral cleaners, specialty lubricants, rust preventive oils • Paint Booth Additives
  31. 31. Industrial Coatings • Solvent Borne Products  Anti Rust Primers  One Component Base Coats  Two Component Top Coats  Direct to Metal Applications • Water Based Paints  Anti Rust Primers  One Component Base Coats  Two Component Top Coats  Direct to Metal Applications • Peelable Coatings (Used in Agricultural and Construction equipments, drums and containers, Automotive components, Furniture, Machines and tools, General Industries, White goods, Appliances, etc.)
  32. 32. Industrial Adhesives and Sealants • Thread Lockers • Thread Sealants • Retaining Compounds • Liquid Gasketing • Cyanoacrylates • Anti-Seize Componds • UV Curables • Epoxies • Polyurethane Sealants • Pre-applied Adhesives
  33. 33. Automotive Sealants - Phirol • PVC Sealants • Plastisols • Thumb Sealer • Air Draying Sealers • Mastic Sealers • Hemming sealers
  34. 34. Tak Rags - Gammos • Dust Control • Tack Cloth / Takrag • Knitted Polyester • Polyester Non Woven
  35. 35. MRO Product Range of Aerosol products for Maintenance and Repair in Industrial usage. • Flaw Check Developer /Cleaner/ Penetrant • Plastic & Rubber Care • Silicone Mold Release • Anti Weld Spatter Silicone Based and many more items.
  36. 36. Industrial Hygiene Systems A joint venture between Chembond Chemicals Limited, India and Calvatis GmbH, Germany which offers industrial hygiene and cleaning products and solutions.
  37. 37. Trading • Water Treatment Additives • Construction Chemicals Additives • Additives for Paint Industry • Polyurethane Primers, Sealants and Waterproof Coatings
  38. 38. Solutions Offered Industries Water Treatment Biotech Solutions Protective Coatings Construction Chemicals Adhesives and Sealants Material Technologies Specialty Chemicals Animal Health p p Appliances p p p p Auto Suppliers p p p p Automotive OEM’s p p p p p p Aviation p p p p p Inst. & Inf. p p p Effluent Treatment Plants p p p p p p Dairy p p p p Defence p p p p Distillery p p p p Electricals & Electronics p p p p p Fertilizers p p p p Food & Beverages p p p p
  39. 39. Solutions Offered Industries Water Treatment Biotech Solutions Protective Coatings Construction Chemicals Adhesives and Sealants Material Technologies Specialty Chemicals Hotels & Hospitals p p p p Leather p p p Paint p p p p p p p Papers p p p p p Petro-chemicals p p p p p Pharmaceuticals p p p p p Power Sector p p p Railways / Mono Rails/ Metro p p p p p Refining p p p p Resi & Com. p p p Steel p p p p p Sugar p p p p Textile p p p p
  40. 40. Customers
  41. 41. Contact Us Chembond Chemicals Limited Chembond Centre, EL-71 Mahape MIDC Navi Mumbai 400710. INDIA. Phone : (+91 22) 62643000 / 3001 / 3002 E-mail : Website : eStore :