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Planet earth teresa and marta


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Social Sciences

Published in: Education
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Planet earth teresa and marta

  1. 1. SCIENCES(social)
  2. 2. Longitude and latitude ●The girds of intersecting lives on a globe enables us to identify every location on Earth whith a set of numbers or leters . The symbol for degrees is º.Ptolemy wrote that the furtest point at the right or left side of a circle or a sphere is 90 degrees from the top .There are 180º between any two sides of a circle or sphere. ●This means that the north and south poles are 180º apart from one another , and both poles are 90º from the Equator ●
  3. 3. Parallels ● All east – west lines are equidistants from each other .Every point on a given east west line, therefore ,in the same distance from the equator , the same distance from the North Pole ,and the same distance from the South Pole. For this reason east west lines , or lines of latitude are comonly to as parallels of latitude , or simply parallels.
  4. 4. Meridians ● They are north – south lines,or lines of longitude .They are commonly refered to as meridians of longitude , or simply meridians . The zero , or base line for numbering the north – south lines , is called the prime meridian or Greenweech Meridian . Each meridian goes only halfway around the Earth from Pole to ● Pole . Each has a twin on the other side of the other side of the Earth.Like the Prime Meridian and the 180th Meridian , all such pairs of Meridians form circles that cut the Earth into
  5. 5. BY ….......... ● TERESA AND MARTA