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Middle ages summary


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Midle ages in Spain.

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Middle ages summary

  2. 2. The Visigoths.  They came to Roman Hispania to conquer it.  They learned to speak latin and they adopted the Roman laws.  The capital was Toledo.  Society was divided into kings,nobles, bishops and farmers.  King Recaredo converted the Visigoths into Catholicism.
  3. 3. Al Andalus.  Muslims came from the North of Africa.  The prophet is called Mohammed.  They believe ind a god name Allah.  They had a sacred book called The Koran.  Muslims conquered part of the Iberian Peninsula at Guadalete´s battle.  They were ruled by the caliph.  The capital was Cordoba
  4. 4. Al Andalu´s life.  Society was divided into merchants, peasants , the emir and the governor.  The governor lived in the alcazaba.  They traded in the souk but lived in the medina.  They prayed in the mosque.  They used irrigation and the raised animals.  People spoke Arabic.  Important buildings (Alhambra, Mezquita de Cordoba…)
  5. 5. Christian kingdoms  Most people lived in the countryside.  Society was divided into : nobles, clergy, and peasants.  They spoke Spanish, Portuguese. Catalán and Galician.  They defeated the Muslims in 722 during Covadonga´s battle.  There were artisans such us millers, blacksmiths and soldiers
  6. 6. The Reconquista.  That was a process in which Christians re-conquered Al Andalus lands.  The last muslim kingdom was the Kingdom of Granada.  The King Don Pelayo of Asturias was the leader of the first attacks the muslims.  The Catholic Kings conquered Granada from the Muslims in 1492
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