EUGM 2013 - Jon Patterson (ChemAxon) ChemAxon Platform for Scientists


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As scientists we need to deal with inordinate amounts of data every day: we generate, retrieve and manipulate new data as part of our job. Simple excel worksheets are not the solution in the modern era of drug discovery, development and beyond. In this session learn how you can use and integrate ChemAxon’s tools to solve your day-by-day tasks more quickly and efficiently. Whether you prefer a desktop, web-based or touch screen application, we have a solution. Learn how to manipulate your data using Instant JChem (on your desktop or via Web layer) or draw sophisticated queries using Marvin or our new addition Marvin for Java Script (Marvin JS) to reduce the search times, visualize your data in 3D using Marvin Space, export and explore chemistry with the Ubiquitous Excel using the JChem for Excel plugin and share ideas and data with you colleagues and/or collaborators using Crais Board. Integrate our tools in Pipeline Pilot and Knime protocols and generate new data to expedite your processes. Analyze your data using Spotfire through Instant JChem. Also learn how our newest addition, Plexus, will help you do you tasks on desktop using web technology.

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EUGM 2013 - Jon Patterson (ChemAxon) ChemAxon Platform for Scientists

  1. 1. ChemAxon Platform forScientistsJon Patterson
  2. 2. 0246810121 2 3High Medium LowEnd UsersChemistryBiologyPreclinicalComputationalScientistsScientificManagersProjectLeadersProgramHeadsScientificExecutivesVicePresidentsC-LevelScientificSoftwareUsageWho are the scientists we’redeveloping applications for?The Scientists: Who uses scientific applications?
  3. 3. FunctionalityAffordabilityUsabilityFunctionalityAffordabilityUsability• Functionality– Does the software do what Ineed it to do?• Data management• Data analysis• Informed decisionmaking…not just making adecision, but making the rightdecision• Continuous improvement…willthe software do what I need itto do tomorrow?What factors influence software selection?
  4. 4. FunctionalityAffordabilityUsabilityFunctionalityAffordabilityUsability• Affordability– Can the cost of an applicationbe justified?• Increasing importance upthe chain of command• Develop what scientistsneed at a reasonablepriceWhat factors influence software selection?
  5. 5. FunctionalityAffordabilityUsabilityFunctionalityAffordabilityUsabilityWhat factors influence software selection?• Usability– Is the software interfaceintuitive and easy to use?• Inviting interface… “a littleshine to the application”• Presentation quality output• Interoperable with otherapplications, including othervendors• Easy to operate….lower thebarrier to adoption
  6. 6. FunctionalityAffordabilityUsabilityFunctionalityAffordabilityUsabilityKey to finding balance:• Active listening…let customerfeedback drive developmentAre we listening????The Challenge: Hitting the sweet spot
  7. 7. ChemAxonScientificApplicationsWeb EnabledApplicationIntegrationEnhancedFeaturesBetterUsabilityCollaborationTouchscreenSupportHostedSolutionsYes, we’re listening…
  8. 8. What you should get from this sessionFunctionalityAffordabilityUsabilityFunctionalityAffordabilityUsabilityThink about where these products were whenyou first were introduced to ChemAxon, wherethey are now, and where they are goingThink about where these products fit into youreveryday workflows and how we can improvethem to meet your needsCommunicate these thoughts to your salesrepresentative or product developersOur greatest asset in product development is your feedback!
  9. 9. Agenda9:40 am: Marvin: extending the scope of usabilityEufrozina Hoffmann (ChemAxon)10:05 am: Instant JChem - web vs desktop clientPetr Hamernik (ChemAxon)10:30 am: JChem for Excel: A better fit for my needsAnna Gulyás-Forró (ChemAxon)10:50 am: REFRESHMENT BREAK and EXHIBITION11:20 am: 3D visualization for medicinal chemistsTímea Polgár, Miklós Szabó (ChemAxon)11:30 am: ChemAxon Plexus: A desktop application using web technologyAndrás Strácz (ChemAxon)11:55 am: CRAIS Board - The virtual white board for scientific discussionsYoshiko Matsumoto (Patcore)12:05 pm: The Lilly Open Innovation Drug Discovery Program (OIDD)Derek Marren (Eli Lilly and Co.)12:35 pm: Instant JChem (IJC) in the wider enterpriseKaren Worsfold (GlaxoSmithKline)