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EUGM 2013 - Eufrozina Hoffmann (ChemAxon): Marvin extending the scope of usability


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The Marvin package consists of applications for drawing and visualization of chemical structures and reactions. We will focus on the main features of MarvinSketch version 6.0 giving special attention to structure drawing, displaying and usability improvements. To finish we will be looking at the new member of the package: Marvin for JavaScript, which we will introduce as an easily integrable web component for 2D sketching and basic rendering.

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EUGM 2013 - Eufrozina Hoffmann (ChemAxon): Marvin extending the scope of usability

  1. 1. Marvin: extending thescope of usabilityEfi Hoffmann
  2. 2. • Sketching structures/queries• Smart (2D clean, 3D clean,mapping)• Displaying thousands ofstructures (MView)• Built in calculations/naming• Customization• Integration• No publication quality drawing• Image handling• Textbox• It uses Java• Applet loading is slow
  3. 3. What is new in Marvin?
  4. 4. Marvin for JavaScript• lightweight web component• only a browser is needed to run• easy to integrate• fast startup• ready for tablets (soon)
  5. 5. ArchitectureClient ServerMRVWeb ServiceMarvin4JS
  6. 6. Marvin for JS ˗ Future PlansReactionReaction queryLone pairRadicalElectron flowR-groupQuery featuresServer side customizationCustom templatesDisplay options3DSupport for Touch Devices2014v6.0 v6.1 v6.2
  7. 7. What is new in MarvinSketch?
  8. 8. Improved bond fitting
  9. 9. New display options
  10. 10. Bond Scaling
  11. 11. Unlimited number of S-groupattachment points
  12. 12. Server Side Image import
  13. 13. 6.0 GUI is refreshed
  14. 14. MSketch - Future plansPublicationQualityDrawing
  15. 15. Thank you for your attention!