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10 Energy Saving Tips

Here are 10 great energy saving tips for your home that can help you and the planet!

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10 Energy Saving Tips

  1. 1. 10 Energy Saving Tips
  2. 2. Lower your thermostat •Stay warm for cheaper this year with this simple tip. Turning down your thermostat by as little as 1 degree, can save you up to £60 per year! •Keeping your heating on a constant low heat is also more economical than turning it up to a high degree in short blasts.
  3. 3. Wrap up warm •Save energy so simply by wrapping yourself up with warm with garments such as sweatshirts, woolly jumpers, bed socks and slippers. •Keeping a folded up blanket near sitting area’s is also a great idea to keep you warm and resist turning the heating on or up higher.
  4. 4. Hang out your washing •Any day without rain is a great day to hang your wet washing up outside rather than using a tumble dryer. •Sunny or windy days are just as good as drying your laundry and will save you a ton of money – tumble drying is very expensive.
  5. 5. Switch off •Not turning off unused appliances is a huge contributor to high energy bills. If you’re not watching the TV – turn it off at the plug. •Finished charging your phone? laptop? tablet? Turn it off at the plug! •Kitchen appliances like toasters or microwaves which aren’t used on a daily basis can also be turned off and turned back on when you require them.
  6. 6. Water saver •Think water! Water bills can increase in price much faster than you’d think. • Save money on water by using a lower pressure on your power shower – you wouldn’t think it, but the different can be enormous. Limiting the number of bath’s you have is also a good idea if your trying to save the pennies.
  7. 7. Stock up your fridge •Keeping your fridge full means that you’re getting the most out of the energy the fridge is using. •Studies also claim, that the more that’s in your fridge, the less energy it uses because it doesn’t have to work as hard.
  8. 8. Measure your cuppa’s • Filling your kettle with the amount of water that you need at the time is a great money saver! •If it has less water to boil – it will use less energy. •Filling your kettle to the top is pointless – your using energy to continuously boil water which you won’t need until later.
  9. 9. Lights out •If you’re not in a room – turn off the lights! Keeping light’s on is a repeatedly made mistake by many residents. • Light’s use a lot of energy – if you are guilty at keeping lights on, you should invest in energy saving light bulbs.
  10. 10. Minimise washes •Cut-back on your washing! Try and keep to 1 or 2 cycles a week. •Rather than doing your washing every-time something goes into the laundry basket – do your washing when it’s full. Washing machine’s are energy sponges! Use them when you have too.
  11. 11. Windows open •In the summer time, save energy by opening windows and keeping light out of your home rather than using energy up on air conditioning. •Air conditioning can be very expensive and so can electrical fans.
  12. 12. We hope you enjoyed our blog: Energy Saver Tips If you have any questions or require further advice, don't hesitate to contact us: Twitter: @GlocalR Facebook: Glocal Residential Or, Call us today: 0121 655 5188

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Here are 10 great energy saving tips for your home that can help you and the planet! Visit out blog: Visit our website:


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