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We had to run against each other as political parties running against Robert Mugabe, my teacher said it was the best one but it was too mature for our age!!! (includes animations)

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  1. 1. S O A P eal f frican eace The Only SOAP Which Can Clean Up Zimbabwe
  2. 2. Who’s Who? Alexandra Burchett Housing & Development And Ministry of Defence Alex Davies Party Leader And Chancellor of Exchequer Yasmeen Abusakout Health And Education James Bush Agricultural Minister And Second in Command
  3. 4. Our Seal Of Trust: Make land cheap and fair, and help to start up new farms to solve the starvation crisis. More Hospitals built with improved facilities and more room for patients. We will bring peace to Zimbabwe. Increase the number off other public faculties such as schools, and public transportation. E.g. busses and trains. Increase level of education for people.
  4. 5. We will improve the voting system. We will encourage TNC’s to set up. We will increase world awareness to help solve our problems. We will encourage farmers to farms. We will redistribute land. Our Seal Of Trust:
  5. 6. Facts: Largest City Bulawayo Male Life Expectancy 33.7 4 th highest number of orphans due to Aids in Africa Religion Christian, Traditional Beliefs 3 rd highest number of adult deaths due to aids in Africa Population Density 29 people sq/km Literacy Rate 97.6 Languages English, Shona, Ndebele Population 13,010,000 Female Life Expectancy 32.6 Capital Harare Predicted Population 15,805,000
  6. 7. Housing: House as many people as possible. Make house prices fair so more people can afford to buy. Invest in building new developments. Make urbanisations safe. Survey accommodation to see if it meets regulations.
  7. 8. Education: The quality of education has declined significantly. The highly qualified teachers have left because the wages are too low. The price of bus trips have increased and there is no more furniture or schoolbooks. Unprofessional teachers have taken their place who are not interested in their job. We will supply the schools with whole new sets of schoolbooks so learning is possible again.
  8. 9. Agriculture: Initially subsidise crop farming. Initially subsidise animal farming. Redistribute farmland to farmers fairly. Relocation of accommodation for farmers and their families to old and new farms. Educate farmers how to farm and harvest.
  9. 10. Health: Lack in Hospital supplies. Decreasing number of Doctors due to strike. AIDS/HIV related deaths increasing. Health Sector is badly affected by the financial crisis. Too many untreated patients.
  10. 11. Defence: A Force that is more responsive, versatile, strong, resilient and a source of pride for the nation. Air force: Defend Zimbabwe's Airspace; effective counter strike force; search and rescue and casualty evacuations. Providing close air support to ground forces and vice-a-versa. Keep the policing service and defence services separate. Integrate with other armies from different countries.
  11. 12. Economy: Zimbabwe's economy is basically agricultural. Stop corruption. Decrease inflation to normal rate but slowly to avoid bankruptcy. Zimbabwe's inflation is over 1,000,000%. Make tax fair for everyone.
  12. 13. VOTE FOR The Only SOAP Which Can Clean Up Zimbabwe