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Advertising pp internet

  1. 1. BELVEDERE VODKA Marketing Group: Alexander McConnell Josh Pinto Chelsea Rickett
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE • Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) • Sales
  3. 3. TARGET MARKET • Younger target market ranging from 21-40
  4. 4. MESSAGE THEME Belvedere Vodka provides a good time while still maintaining a sense of class and elegance. It is a luxurious vodka.
  5. 5. SUPPORT • Belvedere Vodka has won the 2013 International Spirits Challenge • Is the world’s first Luxurious Vodka • Has won more awards at the annual Vodka masters than any of the other 116 vodkas entered • Uses real fruit in their flavored vodkas • Has a vast variety to choose from
  6. 6. CONSTRAINTS • Expensive • Not as well known as Grey Goose or Taaka • Must be 21 or older to consume • Not everyone drinks vodka, not everyone drinks, can be addictive
  7. 7. MEANS-END CHAIN Product Attributes Consumer Benefits Personal Value Premium and luxurious vodka Smooth and has a great taste Consumers will have a good time Enjoy its smooth and rich flavor Enjoying one of the finer things in life Feel elegant while drinking
  8. 8. VISUAL VS. VERBAL Visual - we want people to see our product in an effort to help raise awareness of it Internet Video
  9. 9. ADVERTISING APPEAL Sex Appeal - People will associate the ad with our product being desirable and classy.
  10. 10. MESSAGE STRATEGY Preemptive Strategy - will be used to show how Belvedere is superior to other vodkas Resonance Strategy – will be used to connect the vodka with having a good time
  11. 11. EXECUTIONAL FRAMEWORK Authoritative Approach - will be used to convince this brand of vodka is better than others
  12. 12. ENDORSER The product endorses itself.
  13. 13. TAGLINE “Classy, smooth, a luxurious vodka– Belvedere”
  15. 15. EXPENDITURE YouTube - $100,000
  16. 16. EVALUATION TECHNIQUES • Check sales before and after the campaign is launched
  17. 17. INTERNET AD - Script
  18. 18. Script (cont’d)
  19. 19. Script (cont’d)