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Against Best Practices - Embracing the Avant Garde for a Weirder Web


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Best practices serve a purpose. Building sites in a standard way presents users with a format they're familiar with and lets them know what to expect. However, after decades of being an exploratory wilderness -- where you'd never know what you'd find traveling from link to link -- the Internet has settled into a comfortable homogeneity. The increase in ease of use has come at the cost of excitement, curiosity, and delight. Let's see what we can do to shake things up. I'll be talking about: - What it means to be avant-garde in regards to the web - How the mental models users have of the internet are formed, and thus can be explored and changed - When is the right time to try something unusual - Why you still need to make sites accessible even when you're building outside the box - Where to find inspiration for weirder web patterns

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Against Best Practices - Embracing the Avant Garde for a Weirder Web

  1. 1. Embracing the Avant Garde for a Weirder Web AGAINST BEST PRACTICES Chelsea Maxwell That Conference 2016 #ThatConference@catm0ther
  2. 2. Remember when the internet was fun? Hey. @catm0ther #ThatConference
  3. 3. check out & Olia Lialina
  4. 4. I’m Chelsea Maxwell. Hey. @catm0ther #ThatConference
  5. 5. @catm0ther
  6. 6. You may have noticed something @catm0ther #ThatConference
  7. 7. @catm0ther #ThatConference
  8. 8. @catm0ther #ThatConference
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Is this a problem? @catm0ther #ThatConference
  11. 11. @catm0ther #ThatConference
  12. 12. boredI’m
  13. 13. engagingNovelty is
  14. 14. different Innovation happens when we do something
  15. 15. Nothing is (when it comes to technology) @catm0ther Everything is Innate. learned. #ThatConference
  16. 16. taughtWe them
  17. 17. @catm0ther #ThatConference
  18. 18. Users build a mental model @catm0ther based on what we provide them. #ThatConference
  19. 19. orworse @catm0ther Better #ThatConference
  20. 20.
  21. 21. User research tells us (and by “how” I mean “how weird can we get?”) @catm0ther in addition to how what. #ThatConference
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Spend time with your @catm0ther users. #ThatConference
  24. 24. @catm0ther
  25. 25. be empathetic
  26. 26. To get to a better tomorrow, some things are going to have to fail. @catm0ther (or at least make people uncomfortable first) #ThatConference
  27. 27. @catm0ther #ThatConference
  28. 28. @catm0ther #ThatConference
  29. 29. @catm0ther #ThatConference
  30. 30. side projects
  31. 31. @catm0ther Let’s build somethingweirder. #ThatConference
  32. 32. thanks! @catm0ther