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Taking College Relationships Seriously


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college break-up slideshow

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Taking College Relationships Seriously

  1. 1. 44 percent of college students report having symptoms of depression. The majority of college relationships end in break-ups.
  2. 2. “The hard part about breaking up was that my friends wouldn’t help me out. They told me to just throw away everything he gave me and move on. But it wasn’t that easy.” –Kalie Ray
  3. 3. 63 percent of college women hope to meet their spouse in college But only about 28 percent of college relationships end in marriage.
  4. 4. Gifts that were given by a significant other are more likely to bring back memories after a break up. Thus, keeping them around your home will cause people to miss them.
  5. 5. ”For the first couple of months, I tried avoiding places that we would hang out together because it made the process of moving on much more difficult. I even had to drop a class in college because he was in that class with me.”- ’Abigail Smith’
  6. 6. Many people have a difficult time moving on from a relationship because they are scared of being alone. Committed relationships that have lasted years and end in a break-up typically have one party that is worried about being independent. ”We dated for over 3 years and I forgot what it was like to only rely on myself. He did a lot for me, probably more than he should have done and that’s what made it so hard.”-Kalie Ray Soph. Pickens Technical College
  7. 7. Heartbreaks negatively impact a student’s ability to participate in class, sports, and other extra curricular activities. Many students fear their professors will not take them seriously and stress themselves out even more.
  8. 8. It has been proven that burning things an ex lover has given you will help you move on faster. However, for some people, they can be regretful. ”There are some things I regret tossing out. But some things, I’m really happy that I did because otherwise, I would still look at them any chance that I got.” –Abigail Smith
  9. 9. About 17 percent of college students, 20 percent of women and 14 percent of men, have reported that they have cut, burned, carved or harmed themselves in other ways, says a new survey by Cornell and Princeton University researchers. Fewer than 7 percent of the students studied had ever sought medical help for their self- inflicted physical injuries. Break-ups are one of the leading causes of self harm.
  10. 10. It is harder to move on from a break-up for students that attend the same college or university as their ex lover. They are more likely to run into their ex lover more frequently than those who do not have the same school affiliation.
  11. 11. Only about 5 percent of high school relationships last through freshmen year of college. The first semester of college can typically be the hardest because new friendships are made, people are getting settled in, and communication is lost along the way. “We hardly spoke because we were doing our own thing at separate schools.” –Mark Martinez Jr. Colorado State University
  12. 12. College student say the most common way to cope with a break-up is to be constantly surrounded by friends and to be alone as little as possible. This way, you are distracted and you are not constantly thinking about your emotions.