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Draft 4 planning


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Draft 4 planning

  1. 1. Draft 4: Assignment 15PlanningChelsea Fashole-LukeLaura CukRosalin Zein
  2. 2. Rosie Zein – 7479Chelsea Fashole-Luke – 7357Laura Cuk – 7341
  3. 3. Genre and PurposeThrillerPsychological thrillerThe purpose is to excite and thrill the audiencewhile presenting enigmas that they could try tosolve as the film progresses.
  4. 4. Timeline1. Desk – longshot. Stuff aroundthe desk (folders,papers, photosetc).2. Rosie coming intothe room (door opensfrom inside). Walksin, sits down.3. Camera connecting tocomputer – all photosuploading to computer(around 100)4. Close ups ofsome images(shot reverse shotof Rosie’s face)5. First set ofphotos – Laurawalking down thestreet6. Back to photoson computer –scrolling – Rosie’sface – photos.7. Laura gettinginto car – lookingrough8. Back to photos– scroll down –Rosie’s face9. Laura shopping –glamorous – reverseshot of Rosie, cameralens
  5. 5. Timeline10. Back tophotos – scrolldown11. Scrolling to4th set – extremeclose ups – Rosie‘sly face’12. Open new email– paste photo –extreme close ups13. Camera movesaround photo – fullpicture not shown14. Sly face –typing email15. Keyboard, onscreenwords, keyboard – closershot of words, keyboard,extreme close up of oneword16. Send button –extreme close up
  6. 6. Storyboard
  7. 7. Storyboard
  8. 8. Storyboard
  9. 9. Script
  10. 10. Shotlist1. Mid shot of Rosie entering room - pan of her sitting down at desk2. Close up of Rosie plugging in camera3. Pan of table4. Close up of loading bar on screen5. Mid shot of Rosie waiting for Laura (rule of 3rds)6. Wide shot - pan of Laura walking down street7. Wide shot of Rosie taking pictures8. Wide shot - pan of Laura walking down street9. Close up of photo album on screen10. Over shoulder shot of Rosie on computer11. Close up of pictures on screen12. Over the shoulder shot of Rosie hiding behind pillar13. Pan from Laura coming out of shop, to Rosie taking pictures near pillar14. Mid shot from behind - Rosie taking pictures of Laura15. Wide shot of Laura walking away16. Close up of pictures on computer screen17. High angle of Rosie taking pictures18. Wide shot - pan of Laura running towards car19. High angle - OTS shot of Rosie taking pictures of Laura running20. Mid shot of Rosie taking pictures21. Wide shot of Laura getting into car22. Close up of photo albums on screen23. Mid shot of Rosie at computer24. Mid shot of top of computer screen and bottom of Rosies face25. Extreme close up of screen - camera moves around screen26. Extreme close up of copy button27. High angle of Rosie on computer28. Close up of mail button on screen29. High angle - OTS shot of Rosie on computer30. Close up of compose new message31. Blur - extreme close up of screen32. Extreme close up if paste button33. Close up of writing being typed on screen - blurs out
  11. 11. Inspirational filmsWe gained inspiration from films such as:- Hard Candy- Se7en- Memento
  12. 12. Genre and conventionsConventions you are applyingin opening sequenceUse/develop or challenge?HOW?WHY?Similarities/differences to realfilms(annotated pictures)1. Mystery Use – identity of ‘stalker’ washiddenSe7en – opening sequencedoesn’t show identity of personat the beginning2. Stalking Use – one of the maincharacters is being stalked3. Incorporates elements ofmystery and dramaUse – There is mysteriouscharacter who’s identity ishidden.Why? To create suspensewithin the audience.Seven4. The music used within thefilm is usually high pitched andeerieUse – To create a suspensefuland dark atmosphere.How? We will find backgroundmusic which fits thedescription.A woman in black
  13. 13. Target AudienceFor our opening sequence our target audience is rated 15.How will we attract the audience ?- Creating enigmas from the beginning of the opening sequence• Forms- Social networking- Word of mouth- Below the line marketing- Above the line marketing• Conventions- With the use of well known conventions in the thriller genre (as seen in previous slide)• Marketing strategies- Focus groups- Previews- Reviewers
  14. 14. Target Audience (A)Primary Secondary ExplanationAge 15+ 25+ The main characters are teenagers.Adults will be able to educateyoung people on the dangers ofsocial media.Gender Female Male Typically aimed at females,although males could benefit fromthe message of the sequence.Race/ethnicity Western culture Eastern Europeans Issues typically represented in thewestern culture.To buy into the western culture.Social class Working class Middle class It is part of the leisure activities,whereas middle class wouldattempt to take part in theactivities of the upper class.
  15. 15. Target Audience (A): continuedPrimary Secondary ExplanationInterests/hobbies Social networking,computing, socialising,technologyStalking, The main interestspresented in theopening sequence arerelated to the socialnetwork generation.Social group Internet junkies, socialnetworkers,These people will beattracted to theconventions of thefilm, including thepresence of digitaltechnology.Sexuality heterosexual Homosexual The sexuality of thecharacters arehidden/ambiguousProfession/role Students, Parents, teachers,mentors, studentguidance counsellors,These people will beable to benefit andlearn from themessage.
  16. 16. Target Audience (B)• Why would your target audience be interested in you film because of the idea/plot?Our target audience will be interested in our film because it would relate to their daily lives (e.gand the character going about her life) and this would make it more thrilling/suspenseful.Also, the plot creates a lot of enigmas.• Why would your target audience be interested in your film because of the form (how thefilm is constructed= editing, transitions, music, etc)?Our target audience would be interested in the music as it would create another level to thesuspenseful atmosphere already constructed by the film itself.• Why would your target audience be interested in your film because of the genre &conventions?Our target audience would be interested because the film does reinforce some conventionshowever it also develops them – so they might like to see how we have changed the genresconventions to make the film more exciting for them to watch.
  17. 17. LocationsWe thought this would be good place tofilm because the location connotessomeone of wealth. It is a very clean andnice area.Also, it would allow Rosie (Thephotographer) to be close enough to Laurato take pictures but hidden enough thatLaura would be unable to see her.This is the opposite road from abovewhere Laura was standing in front of thesecond building.We thought it would be a good place tofilm as it would show Laura walking in anice area and her build her character.
  18. 18. LocationsIn our other drafts the lightingin the rooms where bad so inthis draft we decided to filminside Chelsea house and asyou can see from the picturethe lighting is very good.We brought papers, magazinesand a MacBook and put themon the desk as they wouldconnote the type of job outcharacter has.
  19. 19. Actors/charactersBeforeAfter
  20. 20. Actors/Charactersbeforeafter
  21. 21. Costume/propsCostume:JeansPrinted T-shirtLeather JacketBlack VansProps:SunglassesPhoneShopping bagsHand bagCostume:Grey tracksuit bottomsPlain white t-shirtBlack vansProps:Car KeysSunglassesCostume :Black jeansHeeled bootsRed coatProps:PhoneHandbagStarbucks cupSunglassesCostume:Grey blazerWhiteblouseBlack jeansBlack shoesGlassesProps:DSLRcameraCamera bag
  22. 22. BBFC and film rating• To understand what BBFC and film ratings were we researched it and found the official site.• We found the different types of ratings which are U, PG, 12A, 12, 15, 18 and R18.
  23. 23. BBFC Rating• For our opening sequence we decided to gofor the BBFC rating of a 15.• We chose this rating as it fits in with our targetaudience as they would be around the age of16 and above.
  24. 24. Fin.