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Assignment 6


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Assignment 6

  1. 1. Assignment 6: TV Channel Research Chelsea Fashole-Luke
  2. 2. TV Channels • ITV • BBC • Four • Five
  3. 3. ITV Independent Television (ITV) is a public broadcasting service in the UK. It was set up in 1955 as competition for the BBC. Was originally set up as one network of TV stations but was split into ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 & ITV4 in 2002. Current ITV logos as of 2013 Viewers can ‘catch-up’ with previous shows online. This is known as the ‘iTVplayer’. Is also known as Channel 3
  4. 4. ITV Sister Channels • ITV 2 • ITV 3 • ITV 4 • ITV HD • CITV
  5. 5. Channel Programmes The X Factor Britain's Got Talent Loose Women The Jeremy Kyle Day Break Coronation Street
  6. 6. Channel Programmes The Xtra Factor Celebrity Juice Take Me Out: The Gossip The Only Way Is Essex Peter Andre: My Life
  7. 7. Channel Programmes Sherlock Holmes Dickinson's Real Deal Wire In The Blood Love Your Garden Heartbeat
  8. 8. Channel Programmes Batman Police Camera Action! The Professionals Minder Kojak
  9. 9. Channel Programmes My goldfish is evil Horrid henry Pokémon Babar and the adventures of Badou Sooty My parents are aliens
  10. 10. Target Audience (With Evidence) Channel Target Audience Evidence ITV Families Has a wide variety of family shows. Eg. X factor, BGT etc. ITV2 Young adults, females 18-23 Shows programmes such as TOWIE & Take Me Out which would appeal more to an audience of young adults. ITV3 Older generations, females 40-59 Includes shows that wouldn’t normally appeal to a young audience. Shows antique shows, gardening shows etc. hobbies usually related to older people. ITV4 Males, 40-50(+) Lots of detective shows, usually aimed at an older male audience. Most of the shows are from previous decades. I.e.. Batman from the 1960s. CiTV Children , all genders 8-12 A wide variety of TV shows, mostly cartoons aimed to entertain young children.
  11. 11. Type of documentaries Peter Andre: my life TOWIE William & Kate - The First Year Prince William's Passion: New Father, New Hope
  12. 12. Comparison to Other Channel Documentaries • Entertainment documentaries that often follow the lives of celebrities. • Shows more of the ‘glitz and glam’ lifestyles (TOWIE, Katie Price etc.) of others. • More aimed to entertain than inform.
  13. 13. BBC The British Broadcasting Corporation, aka the ‘BBC’, is a UK organisation. It broadcasts in the United Kingdom as well as other countries on TV, radio and the Internet. The BBC also sells its programmes to other broadcasting companies in the world. The BBC iPlayer allows viewers to catch up on their favourite tv shows just as the iTVplayer does.
  14. 14. BBC Sister Channels • BBC 1 • BBC 2 • BBC 3 • BBC 4 • BBC HD • CBBC • Cbeebies • BBC Radio
  15. 15. Channel Programmes BBC News Panorama Question Time The One Show EastEnders
  16. 16. Channel Programmes The Culture Show The Great British Bake- Off
  17. 17. Channel Programmes Some Girls Bad Education Family Guy
  18. 18. Channel Programmes Tracey Beaker Returns Horrible Histories Arthur Blue PeterFriday Download
  19. 19. Channel Programmes Tikkabilla Story Makers The Tweenies Little Robots Postman Pat Fireman Sam
  20. 20. Channel Programmes
  21. 21. Target Audience (With Evidence) Channel Target Audience Evidence BBC1 All audiences All types of programmes that cater to all audiences throughout the day. BBC2 Females, 35-50 Shows such as the culture show and the great british bake-off, often aimed at an older female audience to cater to their hobbies and lifestyles. BBC3 All genders, mostly females 17-22 Mostly shows programmes that aim to entertain a young adult audience. BBC4 CBBC All genders, 9-15 TV shows aimed at a young audience from late childhood to tweens/early teens. CBeebies All genders, 3-8 Cartoons and fun educational shows that aim to help in the social development of young infants and children.
  22. 22. Comparison to Other Channels Great Movie Mistakes In the footsteps of the ice bear Pop goes the soundtrack Street patrol UK
  23. 23. Type of documentaries Tiger: spy in the jungle Americas stoned kids
  24. 24. Comparison to Other Channel Documentaries • Factual, educational documentaries about the world. • Focuses on the real world. • Gives most sides of an issue. • Focuses on issues that could be relatable to a wider audience.
  25. 25. Channel Four Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster which began transmission on 2 November 1982 4OD (On Demand) also allows channel 4 viewers to catch up on missed shows online. Originally a subsidiary of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA). The station is now owned and operated by the Channel Four Television Corporation
  26. 26. Channel 4 Sister Channels • 4seven • Film4 • E4 • More4 • 4Music • Heat • Kerrang! • Kiss • Magic • Smash Hits! • The Box
  27. 27. Channel Programmes Alan Carr: Chatty Man Come Dine With Me Countdown Deal Or No Deal The Simpsons
  28. 28. Channel Programmes New Girl 2 Broke Girls Big Bang Theory The Inbetweeners How I Met Your Mother
  29. 29. Channel Programmes Best Of The Word Chasing Rainbows InputOutput What About Me? The Voice (not bbc show) McFlurry Music Mix Up
  30. 30. Channel Programmes Whats My Body Worth? The Big C Hughs 3 Good Things
  31. 31. Target Audience (With Evidence) Channel Target Audience Evidence 4 All audiences Range of different shows, mostly aimed at families More 4 Females, 20-35 Shows on body image and cooking, stereotypically aimed at working women/women with families 4Music Females, 15-19 Music channel that typically caters to a female audience. Contains lots of shows about what’s current in the young music industry E4 Females, 16-23 TV shows that entertain, mostly comedy shows, often with female lead characters
  32. 32. Types of documentaries My big fat gypsy wedding Goks fashion fix Crazy about one direction
  33. 33. Comparison to Other Channel Documentaries • Lifestyle documentaries that focus on the lives of others, especially those in other cultures. • Focuses on the light-hearted side of lives, or dresses up the darker side of peoples lives Ie. ‘my big fat gypsy weddings’ even when serious events occur on the how, they are seen to be made out as entertaining.
  34. 34. Channel Five Channel 5 was launched in 1997 as the fifth and final national terrestrial network after BBC One, ITV, BBC Two and Channel 4. 5OnDemand is another iplayer that allows viewers to catch up on tv programmes from channel 5 and its sister channels
  35. 35. 5 Sister Channels • 5* • 5USA
  36. 36. Channel Programmes Big Brother CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The Gadget ShowFifth Gear Flash Forward
  37. 37. Channel Programmes Home And AwayThe Walking Dead Neighbours Emergency Bikers Police Interceptors
  38. 38. Channel Programmes The Mentalist Law & Order Person Of InterestUnder The Dome Inside Hollywood
  39. 39. Target Audience (With Evidence) Channel Target Audience Evidence 5* All genders, 25-40 Shows that would appeal to a mid aged audiece 5USA All genders, mostly males, 25-35 Shows that require an understanding of various topics and issues.
  40. 40. Type of documentaries Extraordinary people The hotel inspector The ‘nature shock’ series
  41. 41. Comparison to Other Channel Documentaries • Hard hitting documentaries that often show the real lives of others. • Documentaries include those that we would not necessarily see everyday. - i.e.. The ‘nature shock’ series can be upsetting for some viewers
  42. 42. Channel Comparisons Channel Audience Purpose BBC Older demographic (30-60) Inform - i.e. News ITV Early adults (18-30) Entertain - i.e. Celebrity Juice Channel 4 Young adults/early adults () Entertain/inform - i.e. Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix Channel 5 Mid adulthood (25-50) Inform/entertain - The Gadget Show
  43. 43. thanks.