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Assignment 5 final draft2


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Assignment 5 final draft2

  1. 1. Target Level: Green Assignment 5:Film Study & Conventions In A Film By: Chelsea and Abigail
  2. 2. Target Level: Green• By choosing the green target we can achieve a grade C-B to accomplish this we will have to complete all categories in the yellow section and possibly the extension.The green target includes discussing: Genre Sub genre Hybrid Stam’s theory Mittel’s theory Fuerer’s theory Semantics Syntax Iconography & Tone At least 8 conventions and the analysis and each convention Dominant Ideology Audience Audience Theory
  3. 3. Genre exploration
  4. 4. Film of choice and reasoning• We chose The Dark Knight because it is a good representation of the thriller genre. We are both familiar with the film and we also felt we could talk a lot about this movie as it contains many conventions of the main genre and sub genres.
  5. 5. GenreThe Dark Knight falls under the genre of action.As a thriller movie, it is aimed to thrill and excite the audience byputting them on the edge of their seats with fast paced actionand hard core blasts of energy.
  6. 6. SubgenreThe Dark Knight contains a range of sub genres, including:•Superhero•Crime•Thriller•Mystery•Spy
  7. 7. HybridsThe Dark Knight contains a range of hybrid genres, including:• Superhero Drama• Action-Superhero• Superhero Thriller• Crime superhero drama• Fantasy• Action Thriller
  8. 8. Stam Theory Stam’s theory is that genre cannot be easily defined under the ‘main genre’s but under other ways. The Dark Knight can be classified other ways than under its main genre. For example its a high budget film, its a Christian Bale film and the plot of the film is borrowed from the comic series of Batman. Source: Wikipedia Christian Bale
  9. 9. Added notes“Stam’s theory says that genre is not so easily defined under the ‘main genres’ but can beclassified in other ways such as budget, Ethnicity focus or Performer based. ”Another way to classify The Dark Knight without relation to it’s main genre is to classify it underthe comic book genre, as the Batman franchise started in 1940 with the ‘Batman’ comics,although the character first appeared in the ‘Detective Comics’ in 1939. ‘Batman’ was later madeinto a television program in the 1960’s which was followed by various movies throughout thedecades, including the most recent ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.The film can also be classified under ‘performer based’ as it contains many big named actors whohave starred in lots of big films. For example: Christian Bale, who has starred as Batmanthroughout the trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises), Heath Ledger(who died six months before the movie was released) as The Joker and Michael Caine as Alfredthe butler, as well as Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman as James Gordon and Aaron Eckhart.
  10. 10. Mittel Theory‘Mittel’s theory is that genre is used to sell products.’It is easy to relate this theory to the film because we live in a society wheresuperheroes are seen nearly everyday – maybe not in everyday life, but the productsare all around us.‘The Dark Knight’ sells products as the main character ‘batman’ is from the superherofanatic.Recently there has been a superhero craze with movies such as ‘The Dark KnightRises’, ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ and ‘The Avengers’ gaining millions in the box office,thus accenting the return of superheroes.The Dark Knight especially led to the creation of many products including children’stoys, action figures, clothing and of course DVDs/Blu-rays etc. of the film.
  11. 11. Fuerer TheoryFuerer’s theory that “genre is abstract and isn’t easily defined as everyone has different ideas, life experience etc therefore they interpret codes and conventions differently”• Fuerer’s theory can relate to The Dark Knight as some people may recognize the thriller elements within the film and agree that The Dark Knight is a thriller whereas other people within the audience such as children may see these elements as part of the horror genre as they have little knowledge of the different types of genres and they may find some of the characters within the film intimidating and gruesome so this is why they might class The Dark Knight under the horror category. Younger viewers may find characters like ‘Two face’ horrific and gruesome
  12. 12. Added notes“Fuerer’s theory is that genre is abstract, meaning that it is not easily defined becauseeveryone has different ideas, ideals, life experience, culture etc and thereforeinterpret codes and conventions differently. (what is recognisable and familiar to one,may not be recognisable or familiar to someone else in the same way). ”This theory can be related to The Dark Knight because where some people might see itas another superhero film, others might interpret it as being a crime drama, action-thriller, a comic book adaptation or even a thriller fantasy film. Some people mighteven define it as a light psychological-action-drama-romantic-thriller.
  13. 13. SemanticsSemantics Evidence in film?Characters Hero (Batman), Villain (Joker)Locations Set in Gotham City – a city riddled with crime and a constant battle between good and evil. • Streets of Gotham • A hospital (which is later blown up)Story Traits Death of a loved one, Revenge, Good vs Evil, Escalation of violenceCostumes Capes, MasksProps Guns, Knives,Ritual Death of the villain
  14. 14. SyntaxWhat is the syntax (overall message/purpose) of the film? When a society has no leaders they become unethical and uncivilised Theres corruption within the government The government lies to the society to make things seem okay when they’re not Good vs. Evil
  15. 15. IconographyIconographyCostume Masks Capes police uniforms Suits facial disguisesSetting Big cities, i.e.. New York, San Francisco, London etc. The Dark Knight is set in the fictional city of ‘Gotham’Staging Prison cells Tall buildings Chaotic streets RooftopsStar/Celebrity Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine (the Dark Knight) Others known for their roles in thrillers are: George Clooney, Liam Neeson and Robert DeNiro
  16. 16. Tone Only source of lighting The lack of lighting in this scene creates suspense and anticipation as the audience is unable see the full setting of the scene. Only the face of the characters is visible in this scene so that the audience can focus on the facial expressions of the characters.This escalating sound effect adds tension to the scenebecause as the tone gets more intense the audience learnsmore information about where the victims are.
  17. 17. Convention listConventions of Thriller Examples from range of Used, developed or challenged? real films1. Villain driven plot X-Men First Class, Kill Used- the Joker initiates the chaos that occurs Bill throughout the film as a result of his actions.2. Revenge Salt, Memento, Taken 2 Developed- the character out for revenge starts as an innocent character who is dragged into the fight between justice and evil. He is out avenge the death of his fiancé but dies at the end.3. Kidnapping Taken Used- The joker kidnaps and keeps innocent people hostage.4. Deaths of innocent people Used5. Involves a quest or mission Memento, Abduction, Usedthat only the main character The Girl With A Dragoncan solve/reveal the truth Tattoo, Kill Bill, Salt6. The main character works Abduction, Salt, The Girl Usedwith a particular institution With The Dragone.g. Police, army, government Tattoo, I Robot, Casino Royale7.Includes the lost/death of a Memento, Abduction, Usedloved one Taken8. The hero is often an Dark Knight, Black Used-outsider or secretive Swan, I Robot
  18. 18. Conventions analysisConventions of Examples from film Comparison to Is it used, developedThriller other films or challenged?1. Villain driven plot • The joker is the Silence of the Used cause of the whole Lambs plot • Killing innocent people and causing havoc within the city • He is the main cause of the events that take place during the movie
  19. 19. Conventions analysisConventions of Examples from film Comparison to Is it used,Thriller other films developed or challenged?2. Revenge • Harvey Dent is out The Punisher Used to get revenge on all those who helped cause the death of his fiancé
  20. 20. Conventions analysisConventions of Examples from Comparison to Is it used,Thriller films other films developed or challenged?3. Kidnapping • Many people are Taken Used kidnapped throughout the film
  21. 21. Conventions of Examples from Comparison to Is it used,genre/sub/hybrid your film (bullet other films in the developed or points and screen same challenged? grab) genre/sub/hybrid4. Deaths of innocent • The villain, the The Kingdom Usedpeople Joker, blows up a hospital containing innocent defenceless victims. • He is also the cause of Bruce Wayne’s childhood friends’ death.
  22. 22. Conventions analysisConvention of Examples from Comparison to Is it used,Thriller film other films developed or challenged?Involves a quest or •Only the Batman is Sinbad Usedmission and only the able to defeat themain character is able Joker as the Jokerto solve/reveal the won’t give up untiltruth the Batman gives in
  23. 23. Conventions analysisConvention of Examples from Comparison to Is it used,Thriller film other films developed or challenged?The main character •Batman works with Linewatch Usedworks with a particular the police to try andinstitution e.g. Police, get rid of the mobarmy, government gangsters and the Joker
  24. 24. Conventions analysisConvention of Examples from film Comparison to Is it used,Thriller other films developed or challenged?The hero is often an •Bruce lives a secretive • Superman – Usedoutsider or secretive life as Batman and keeps his identity when he does show his a secret from the true identity as Bruce, he is an outsider public. •He is easily misunderstood by the general public due to his dark and mysterious personality.
  25. 25. Conventions analysisConvention of Examples from Comparison to Is it used,Thriller film other films developed or challenged?7.The main character •Batman’s childhood Spiderman Usedsuffers the lost/death friend dies in anof a loved one explosion
  26. 26. Dominant IdeologyDominant Ideology Evidence from film Why this dominant ideology is present?Masculinity/Dominance of The main character is a heroic male This dominant ideology is present tomale characters reinforce the idea that men are suppose to strong and heroic and to create a role model for the younger male viewersJustice prevails all the bad guy always dies/is defeated at It is present to reinforce the idea that in the the end battle between good and evil, good always triumphs
  27. 27. Audience• This film is for a mass audience as Dark Knight is a blockbuster and is based on the comic book characters Batman and The Joker and many people may be familiar with these characters.Details of Target audience Secondary Why would they be attracted to the film?audience AudienceAge 15-20 21+ Because the older generation may be familiar with the Batman and joker Characters from their childhood daysGender Predominantly Females The stereotype is that action movies are for males male and most people tend to follow this idea.Ethnicity Western cultures Eastern Asians It is stereotypical of the western culture action movie, many people would be familiar with the conventions so would go to watch it almost knowing what to expect.Social Middle Class Upper Class Upper class may be attracted to the film as theyClass may be familiar with the directorSocial ‘comic/superhero Collectors and Comic/superhero geeks would be attracted to theGroup geeks’ fans of the actors film because it relates to their hobbies and interestsSexual All - The film is targeted at a world wide audienceOrientation therefore there is no specific sexual orientationProfession/ Students Carers, Teachers, They may hear this film being the main topic ofrole Parents conversation between their students and children
  28. 28. The Trailer• The trailer attracts the target audience as it shows all the elements of an action and thriller film without giving away the full plot of the film.• The trailer will attract the target audience of teenager males as the trailers includes many elements of the action genre. This will get the attention of the young male audience as they are fascinated by explosions, car chases and violence• (link to trailer) Gun to denote violence Explosion scenes are used to attract the young male audience
  29. 29. Audience TheoryReasons why people Explanationwatch the film?Entertainment •People will watch ‘The Dark Knight’ to be thrilled, as well as entertained •Some people take pleasure in watching movies full of suspense, bringing out their ‘inner detective’ and transporting them into new worlds •To escape everyday lifeInformation •People may watch ‘The Dark Knight’ through general curiosity as it may be the main topic everywhere and is being advertised everywherePersonal Identity •People will watch ‘The Dark Knight’ to give themselves a heroic character to idolize and to find a model of behaviour. •Identifying ones self as part of popular western cultureIntegration and •People will watch ‘The Dark Knight’ to find a basis for conversation and to able tosocial interaction socialise with friends and family when discussing this film. •Buying into the mainstream culture of super heroism
  30. 30. By Abigail and Chelsea