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Assignment 29


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Assignment 29

  1. 1. Assignment 29: Real Life Ancillary Analysis Chelsea Fashole-Luke
  2. 2. Double Page Magazine Spread
  3. 3. Double page magazine spread Analysis Primary image • Large image • Takes up 2/3 of page • Image of celeb interviewed for article Denotation: • Kesha holding a white kitten Connotation: • Innocence • calmness
  4. 4. Double page magazine spread Analysis Primary image • Visual hierarchy – from main image to title to text • Shallow focus • Large, bold picture in the foreground
  5. 5. Double page magazine spread Analysis Headline • Title in unconventional shape • Eye follows the text downwards • Matches the colour scheme with shades of blue
  6. 6. Double page magazine spread Analysis Body text Simple column down the side Text is in a simple small font Black text
  7. 7. Newspaper Advert ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ ~ The Guardian newspaper
  8. 8. Newspaper advert analysis Main Image Main image: - Large - Takes up whole advert - visual hierarchy, begins with horse, moves to man holding horse - words, then horse, then man, then logo, then date
  9. 9. Newspaper advert analysis Slogan - use of language, caps lock and full stops draw audience in - simple layout with text over large image, yet captivating and punchy - natural colours used, whites and browns - mostly dark colours except for text - text stands out against boldly against image - slogan links to title of show 'big fat gypsy weddings' - slogan is clear and in your face
  10. 10. Newspaper advert analysis Channel logo - logo fits in with colour scheme - logo is larger than slogan, yet placed to the side to avoid overpowering - sponsor in bottom right corner
  11. 11. Newspaper advert analysis Graphics/Scheduling info - graphics appear for display of the date - date is shown against white background text box
  12. 12. Newspaper advert analysis Hashtags etc. - no hash tags or websites - audience are expected to be aware of the show being advertised due to no actual title being shown - emphasises the popularity and knowledge public have of the show
  13. 13. The End.