Assignment 2 group doc analysis


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Assignment 2 group doc analysis

  2. 2. FOOD, UNWRAPPED Series or one off? Part of a TV series Length 23:41 When aired? Monday 3rd June 2013 What time was it aired? 8:30pm What is it rated (in relation to OFCOM) (why?) N/a
  3. 3. TOPIC & PURPOSE The presenters discover whether mouldy bread is safe to eat and how exactly chicken gets into a Kiev.
  4. 4. AUDIENCE • Health freaks • Nutritionists • Health conscious people
  5. 5. ANALYSIS OF INTRODUCTION Structure: - Montage - Previews - Animation - Hooks the audience - Voice over - Range of topics explored
  6. 6. FORMS LIST - Animation - Voice over - Establishing shots - Handheld camera - Extreme close ups - Cheery non diegetic music - Transitions - Sound effects - Narrative enigma - Non-linear narrative structure - Pan/tilt - Time lapse - Close ups - Cut aways
  7. 7. TIME LAPSE Time lapse to show the stages of mould on a piece of bread over the space of two weeks. The time is sped up in order to show the bread moulding at a fast pace, keeping the audience engaged.
  8. 8. HANDHELD CAMERA Handheld camera used in the car More practical as there wouldn’t be much space in a car for a tripod Used to follow the presenter around, meaning can quickly move around Useful to use handheld camera, as this corridor is narrow and steps could be tricky when using a tripod
  9. 9. HANDHELD CAMERA Small/crowded spaces mean the cameraman can navigate the surroundings without worry of a tripod getting in the way Handheld camera is visible as it shakes slightly as the presenter is followed into the building
  10. 10. NARRATIVE ENIGMA At the beginning of the show, there are cutaways to a chicken and eggs. This reinforces the enigma of the chicken and the egg theory. The narrator makes mention of this, by making reference to where our food comes from. There is linear editing that shows three stages of how chicken is produced in our supermarkets.
  11. 11. ACTIVE PRESENTER One of the presenters goes out and interviews people to do with food, if they know what exactly it is they’re eating, and the people that work in the factories. This is another one of the presenters researching and experimenting on the foods.
  12. 12. MONTAGE This is an example of montage editing. When the presenters are being introduced, they use montage editing to show the different places where they are.
  13. 13. ANIMATION Animation is used to show the presenter travelling Cutaway to keep viewers interested The animation notifies the viewer who the presenter is calling The animations used gives the documentary a less serious outlook
  14. 14. CONVENTIONS LIST - Active presenter - Professional interviews - Hash tags - Credits - Expert interviews - Public interviews - Previews
  15. 15. CREDITS All credits shown at the end Presenters names first as they are most important None of the professional credits are shown throughout the documentary Images in the background relate to the topic Barcode image goes with the theme of supermarket foods etc
  16. 16. END CREDITS Production/distribution companies shown last: Most importantLonger time on screen than previous credits that roll upwards quickly Producers names shown towards the end
  17. 17. ESTABLISHING SHOTS Establishing shots shown before each change in location to orientate the audience Allows the audience to know where the presenters are in each scene Apple farm
  18. 18. EXTREME CLOSE UP SHOTS Extreme close up shots of the mould on bread to give the audience a detailed view of it
  19. 19. EXPERT INTERVIEWS Inter-titles aren’t used, but the narrator introduces Dr Hickey, and his role/ profession Two shot as the doctor explains the development of moulds that grows on the bread Other people the presenter interviewed one on the preservation of apples and the other is the cheese fermentation
  20. 20. LIST Rianne: - Narrative enigma - Active presenter - Montage - Preview Russ: - Animation - Transition - Interviews Chelsea: - Time lapse - Handheld camera - Credits Michaela: - Presenter - Voice over - Score music - Volume control