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Assignment 19


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Published in: Technology
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Assignment 19

  1. 1. Assignment 19: Audience Chelsea Fashole – Luke Rosalin Zein Russ Monocillo Marisha Inoke
  2. 2. Purpose of our documentary • • • • Educate Entertain Inform Cause people to question themselves
  3. 3. Niche or Mass? Niche or Mass? Explanation Comparison to similar documentary Mass Topic aimed at all individuals who use the web and social networking sites Catfish – aimed at people of all ages
  4. 4. Target audience Category Details Explanation Age 14-25 Statistics show that these are the main ages that use social media. Gender All Statistics show females use social networking more often. Ethnicity They will most likely use social media more and so will be interested on how it impacts them. Social class Middle- upper class Location Cities Values/attitudes/lifestyle Computing, technology, staying connected, social Social group/hobbies Being social – going to events, messaging, keeping up to date
  5. 5. Secondary audience Category Details Age Explanation Those who are older are now adapting to new technology Gender All Ethnicity Eastern society Social class Lower class Less able to afford new technology but still part of social media Location Rural areas They are stereotyped as being community centred which is a reason why someone may use social media Values/attitudes/lifestyle People who want to gain a better insight into themselves. They will want to learn how social media has impacted on their idetity Social group/hobbies Males less likely to watch as they spend less time on social media and so believe it wouldn’t impact them.
  6. 6. Audience relation to topic How will your audience relate to your topic? • Will be able to identify if they share similar issues with others • Our audience will most likely be social network users Why will they enjoy your topic? • It is relevant to todays society • Will learn about how social media affects themselves and others • Our documentary will contain elements that will hold their attention (music, transitions etc.) To put into todays context our topic is relevant/important to our audience because: it is based around a subject which most audiences have access to and will want to gain more insight into how it really affects them.
  7. 7. Channel choice & audience • We might put our documentary on Channel 4 because channel 4 mainly show documentaries that are expository, participatory and reflexive. • Similar documentaries on this channel that we were inspired by were ‘Don’t Blame Facebook’, ‘Food Unwrapped’, ‘Human Swarm'. They were appropriate for this channel because they are exploring events that are current and on going in society. • This connects to our target audience because they like to keep up to date with current events and affairs in society.
  8. 8. Time on TV & audience On terrestrial TV our documentary would be played at 8:00 – 9:00 pm because it is convenient for most people who aren’t really interested in watching entertainment shows such as Xfactor.
  9. 9. Platform and audience In addition to terrestrial TV we would also make our documentary available on : Additional Platforms Connection to target audience 4oD Our target audience will most likely be online and so will be able to access 4od Youtube YouTube is a form of social media so they will most likely have a YouTube account Netflix/Lovefilm Younger audiences will know how to utilise these facilities. iTunes Technological convergence is relevant to everyone
  10. 10. Attracting your audience How will you attract your audience through construction aspects? Construction aspects How will this attract your audience Comparison to inspirational documentaries Music It will current and relevant and appropriate to our topic. Catfish Transitions They will have a contemporary edge. The Gadget Show Mid shot when interviewing experts The culture show: is youtube the future of tv? Shallow focus To focus on the main objects in the frame. Isolates the foreground to allow the audience to pay attention. Tiger: spy in the jungle Available/natural lighting To make the documentary more realistic and natural looking, causing a sense of realism. The woman who woke up Chinese
  11. 11. Uses & Gratifications (McQuail) Information Personal identity Integration & social Entertainment interaction • Satisfying curiosity and general interest • Gaining insight into ones self. • Finding models of behaviour • Identifying with others. • Finding a bases for conversation and interaction. • Filling time. • Being diverted from problems
  12. 12. Reception theory • Explain how this does/does not apply to your documentary The reception theory does apply to our documentary because the audience use different social networking sites which will impact on each individual in various ways, causing them to perceive things differently. • How will your audience read your documentary ? Negotiated reading: - The reader partly shares the programmes code but modifies it in a way that reflects their position and interests. - Our audience will have a negotiated reading because they will take what relates to their views and values, as well as learn new things that may impact them.
  13. 13. The end.