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Assignment 15 finished research


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Assignment 15 finished research

  1. 1. Assignment 15: Research Chelsea Fashole-Luke Laura Cuk Rosie Zein
  2. 2. Chelsea Fashole-Luke – 7357Laura Cuk – 7341Rosie Zein – 7479
  3. 3. Inspiration from real film opening sequences Se7en Montage style opening sequence. Enigmas areCast names flickering on a black presented to thescreen, emphasises the sinister audience, as to whoatmosphere of the sequence. this character is.
  4. 4. Inspiration from real film opening sequencesZombieland Starts with a close up of an American flag and a narrators voice can be heard. Cinema Verite – handheld camera style and direct address towards the camera.
  5. 5. Zombieland Enigmas created – the audience wants to know the country got into the state of being known as ‘Zombieland’. The titles are interactive with the images of the opening sequence. For example, the letters in the names are affected by the movement of the characters.
  6. 6. Inspiration from real film opening sequencesTo Kill A Mocking Bird kill-a-mockingbird/ Close up shot of a box – the audience does not yet know what the contents are.
  7. 7. Creates an enigma because the audience doesn’t know what the film is about, and the childlike imagery of crayons and the lullaby-like music inThe title of the film is the background contrasts withdisplayed as part of the the harsh title of ‘To Kill Adiegesis of the film. The Mocking Bird’.child prints in the wordsonto the paper. Montage style opening sequence, with names and credits displayed over the images. Each shot fades into the next.
  8. 8. Inspiration from real film opening sequences
  9. 9. Inspiration from real film opening sequencesSucker Punch : My thoughts on the opening scene.. I liked it because it was very dark and sinister. It introduces the main character and creates enigmas like what happens to the girl after she is taken away? I liked how the sound combined with the video created an intense atmosphere and the volume control was used really well.
  10. 10. Inspiration from real films Hard CandyStory/plot/theme:- Online social interaction- Control over another character- Emotional manipulation
  11. 11. Inspiration from real films MiseryStory/plot/theme:- Obsessiveness- Captivity- Stalking of a person
  12. 12. Inspiration from real films The Social NetworkStory/plot/theme:- The making of a social network- Life changing invention- Online interaction
  13. 13. Inspiration from real films
  14. 14. Inspiration from real films Phone Booth:This film is very intense and suspenseful as the villain is unknown. In the film the manhas to stay on the phone with the villain, or the villain will kill his loved one however,ultimately the man knows he will die. When a stranger calls:This is a thriller film which also has a villain who’s identity is unknown and this relatesto our opening sequence. In this film a teenaged girl goes over to babysit at somepeoples house and while there she starts getting calls from an unknown number.There turns out to be a masked man in the house, and the girl has to save herselfAnd the children she is babysitting.
  15. 15. Genre and conventions Psychological ThrillerConvention Explanation Example from real film1. Perception of reality The main character is unaware or has Shutter Island no sense of true events that occur in the reality outside their mind.2. Death of a loved one The death of a loved one causes or Memento spurs the main character to go through several actions or events, such as the need for revenge.3. Mystery/enigmas The opening sequence shows an Se7en unknown person going through various unconventional actions, eg. Cutting the skin off their fingers.4. Mental danger – to do with the mind The main character has hallucinations Black Swan or sees things that happened, differently causing them to think certain things have happened, when in fact they have not.5. Identity The main character is seen to have Identity multiple personalities, struggling to make sense of their true identity. This makes it unclear to the audience, presenting enigmas such as what their true personality is.
  16. 16. Genre and conventionsConvention Explanation Example from real film1.2.3.4.
  17. 17. Genre and conventionsConvention Explanation Example from real film1. Incorporates elements of Mystery to keep the film Sevenmystery and drama suspenseful and drama to connect with the characters emotions2. Deep focus on the to be able to understand Phone boothcharacters state of mind the character3. The film is usually Usually first person Momentonarrated. narration to get an idea of what is going through the characters mind.4. The music used within To set the atmosphere of a A woman in blackthe film is usually high typical thriller film.pitched and eerie
  18. 18. Themes/topic mindmap
  19. 19. Research on topic/themesThe dangers of social mediaDangers include:- Fraud- Identity theft- Stolen information- Exposure of personal information (twitter, Facebook etc.)
  20. 20. Research on topic/themes Online relationshipsMany people in onlinerelationships (romantic and These people areplatonic) lie about their real known as ‘Catfish’ –identity. the term used to describe someone who creates fake profiles using other peoples information The TV show ‘Catfish’ which sets out and/or pictures to discover if people in online relationships are genuine or not. Source:
  21. 21. Research on topic/themes Online communitiesMore and more people Some online can However, some onlinenow have access t the be beneficial to communities can be quiteinternet, which means people, harming to people - mostlyonline communities can becoming a mentally. E.g.. Onlinegrow quicker than in the place of support communities for people withpast. and friendship. eating disorders looking for ‘thinsporation’ and ‘support’ from other who share the same disorders. Source:
  22. 22. Research on topic/themesCyber stalking Source:
  23. 23. Research on topic/themes
  24. 24. Research on topic/themes
  25. 25. Research on topic/themes
  26. 26. Research on topic/themes
  27. 27. Research on topic/themesReality/ Real life situations: Our Opening sequence is based around social networking and the ‘bad side’ to it. An example of this in a film is the film ‘Hard Candy’. The reality within these films makes themall the more scary, as it means that the thingsin the film can happen to people in real life.
  28. 28. Research on topic/themesIdentity: Our opening sequence also includes the theme of unknown identity. An example of this is in the films Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th. This theme is used regularly in thriller films as it creates a lot of suspense as the audience doesn’t know who the villain is and creates an enigma
  29. 29. Research on topic/themesMind: Our opening sequence is based on the psychological thriller genre and will include a character who is fixated on another character. The mind plays an important role in psychological thrillers as it is mainly about the villain being mentally unstable and this leads them to become villains and be evil. Some examples of these characters are, Jigsaw (Saw), Scarecrow (Batman), Anton Chigurh (No Country for Old Men)
  30. 30. Research on topic/themesDeath:Characters either fear or are fascinated by death.This can also link to the theme of the mind as being fascinated by death links to the idea of a psychopathic villain.Some examples of these characters are Jigsaw(Saw)
  31. 31. LocationsFirst Location (FLASHBACK):On a bus going towards/ past an area with business buildings.Second Location (FLASHBACK):A busy café, probably in a shopping area like Whiteleys. The character would be sitting in the areaoutside the café.
  32. 32. LocationsThird Location (FLASHBACK):Outside an office building – the character will be coming out of the building in work clothes.Forth Location (FLASHBACK):On a busy normal street where the characters will be crossing the street on opposite sides.
  33. 33. Inspirational charactersCatwoman - She is strong and independent. - Her identity is an enigma - She goes against the stereotype that women are weak - She emphasises that women can be just a strong as men
  34. 34. Inspirational characters
  35. 35. Inspirational charactersLisbeth Salander (The girl with the dragon tattoo)Lisbeth is an inspirational character because: She overcomes her fears She is a strong character She saves the second main character from theVillain
  36. 36. Inspirational CharactersSarah Connor ( terminator 2: Judgement day)Sarah is an inspirational character because: She is a strong character She tries to help protect others She is selfless She fights against evil
  37. 37. ActorsThe people acting in our opening sequence will be Rosie and Laura. They areavailable often and good for the role because....... Strengths Weaknesses Hard working and reliable. May fall behind in work Strengths Weaknesses Hard working and sensible Find it difficult to meet deadlines
  38. 38. Costume and propsFor Laura’s Character we wanted her to look as normal as possible to make more of an impression on the audience.
  39. 39. Titles and credits Paranorman: The title of the film stays within the genre of spooky, yet mild comic horror and gore. The creepy hand and the ‘N’s being bigger than the other letters emphasises this. The fall: The tile appears within the smoke in the movie. It the disappears as it is fanned away by the character, along with the smoke.
  40. 40. Titles and credits Twin Peaks: Very basic, but allows the audience to at least understand that the title is also the name of the setting of the film. Red Lights: also simple, yet affective teamed with the sinister music. The title on a black background creates emphasis on the flickers of red light that momentarily surround the title. The name of the main character is also the name of the film. The presentation of the title fits in with the high school theme of the film, by showing the audience the title on a student ID card.
  41. 41. Music/sounds‘Disembark’ – under category of dark/brooding – Creates mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere- You don’t know where the music is going at first, leads the audience to question what I going to happen next‘City Cranes/ - under category of ‘eerie/ethereal’ – Sounds very eerie- Not knowing what to expect- Creates a chill in the atmosphere
  42. 42. Mainstream or independent• Mainstream films are big budget films whereas independent films have a smaller budget.• Our film would be a mainstream film as it is not a hard hitting film which considers issues within society, it would be a film which appeals to a wider audience and so would need to have a bigger budget to be able to distribute to many places. Some examples of mainstream films are: Avatar Titanic The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Some examples of independent films are: A separation Train spotting
  43. 43. Target audienceOur target audience would be a mass audience as it would be a mainstream film we would it expect it to attract many viewers.Also, our chosen genre (psychological thriller) usually attracts a large audience.
  44. 44. BBFC and film rating• To understand what BBFC and film ratings were we researched it and found the official site.• We found the different types of ratings which are U, PG, 12A, 12, 15, 18 and R18.
  45. 45. Production companiesBefore choosing our production company we researched our genre to see which production companies were most commonly used.BLACK SWAN: Black Swan is a thriller mystery film which used the Fox Searchlight Pictures as their production company and also as it is a conglomerate they used it for their distribution company.
  46. 46. Production CompaniesSE7EN: Se7en is a crime/mystery/thriller film which only has two production companies which are Cecchi Gori Pictures and New Line Cinema.
  47. 47. Production CompaniesMEMENTO: Memento is a mystery thriller film that had four production companies and only the Newmarket company was used as a distributor out of the four.
  48. 48. Production Companies• After doing some research we decided that the would have two production companies which would be Cross Creek Pictures and New Line Cinema.• We decided to use these production companies as they are very successful and well known.Click here to watch the New Line Cinema logoClick here to watch the Cross Creek Pictures logo
  49. 49. Distribution companies• As New Line Cinema is part of the Warner bros. Corporation it also distributes its own films.• For example, New Line Cinema was both the producers and distributers of Se7en.• So for our distribution company we decided to use New Line Cinema asit would mean we would pay less.• Another distribution company we could use would be
  50. 50. Fin.