Assignment 10


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Assignment 10

  1. 1. Assignment 10: Purpose & Inspiration & Mode Theory Chelsea Fashole-Luke
  2. 2. Purpose A) What is the purpose of the documentary? (consider your target audience) To inform and educate people (mostly young people) on the effects of education on their futures. B) What would people learn about this topic from your documentary? (consider your target audience) People would learn about: - What it takes to become part of the working world - What qualifications – if any – are needed in certain lines of work - Whether or not having a degree dramatically impacts your chances of having a good job.
  3. 3. Inspiration: Food Unwrapped Food Unwrapped: Interviews with professionals Presenters are active, getting involved in the activities presented to them
  4. 4. Interviewees speak directly to the camera Inspiration: My Tattoo Addiction Titles match the theme of the documentary. In this case, a tattoo documentary has a tattoo style title
  5. 5. Inspiration: Thelma’s Gypsy Girls Montage editing used as an introduction Close ups used to emphasise the theme of the documentary
  6. 6. Mode Mode Conventions & Examples Explanation of how it applies to your documentary Expository mode (voice of god) - A presenter is not present, instead there is a narrator who guides the documentary along n/a Observational mode (window of the world) - Subjects are observed rather than directly addressed n/a Participatory mode (filmmaker and subject together) - Filmmaker interviews subjects - Expert interviews - Interviews with strangers Reflexive (aware of process) - Filmmakers do not hide other cameras etc. that are used to make documentary n/a Performer mode (filmmaker as participant) - Filmmaker is involved in activities n/a
  7. 7. The end.