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Duties and responsibilities


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Basic Information of the duties and responsibilities of the personnel behind every successful print media

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Duties and responsibilities

  2. 2. I. EDITOR-IN-CHEIF  Editors-in-chief can work for any type of publication, such as newspapers or magazines: 1. In charge of creating editorial boards and overseeing all department editors. 2. Has the final say on what gets published 3. Serves as the publication's representative at social functions. 4. In charge of developing budgets for the departments they oversee.  Most editors-in-chief started their careers as writers. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  3. 3. JOB DESCRIPTION  The editor-in-chief is also known as the executive editor, and manages all the day-to-day operations of a publication, such as a newspaper, magazine, trade publication or academic journal. The editor-in-chief oversees all of the assistant, or department, editors of a publication and ensures that each issue is released on time. Most editors-in-chief worked up to this top position by starting out as writers, then working as assistant or managing editors. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  4. 4. JOB DUTIES  THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF : 1. Creates the editorial board, or outline, for each of the publications' editions or issues. 2. Reviews all articles and photographs for accuracy as well as potential libel or slander. 3. Provides suggestions, if needed, about any changes to make before the publication goes to press or is released digitally. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  5. 5. JOB DUTIES 4. Layouts and design need approval by the editor-in-chief. 5. In the end, the editor-in-chief has the final word about which stories and photos get published.CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  6. 6. JOB DESCRIPTION AND DUTIES 6. Meets regularly with the publisher or publication board to discuss issues, plans and other business relating to the publication. The editor-in-chief has the responsibility of drawing up budget proposals and any other information requested by the publisher.CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  7. 7. JOB DESCRIPTION AND DUTIES 7. Generates ideas for new ways of doing things, such as using new technology, implementing ways to increase readership and how to utilize new media. Tough problems are often handled by the editor-in-chief, and advice about editorial issues is also provided. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  8. 8. JOB DESCRIPTION AND DUTIES 8. Whenever a social function happens, the editor-in-chief is the publication's representative, and some travel can be required. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  9. 9. II. ASSISTANT AND ASSOCIATE EDITORS  The titles assistant editor and associate editor sometimes refer to a LOWER-LEVEL EDITOR who supports a senior person or group of editors. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  10. 10. ASSISTANT AND ASSOCIATE EDITORS  Might be allowed to write print articles or file broadcast pieces, but often help senior editors in their responsibilities. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  11. 11. 1. This might include researching information a writer can use for a story she’s working on. 2. The job might include fact-checking information after an article is written and before it goes to print or airs. 3. These editors often write headlines, run spell checks and do simple edits to remove typos or grammatical errors. JOB DESCRIPTION CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  12. 12. ASSISTANT AND ASSOCIATE EDITORS  At larger media outlets, an assistant editor can have a more substantive role, including handling the duties of higher-ranked editors when they are away, planning editorial calendars, assigning stories and managing and evaluating other editors, reporters and writers CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  13. 13. III. NEWS EDITOR  Takes many different roles in publishing and broadcasting such as: 1. They may be copy editors or acquisitions editors in a book publishing company, news editors at a television or radio station, or features editor at a magazine or newspaper. 2. They may also be dealing with conference papers or contributions to journals. Whatever their role, editors share many of the same duties and responsibilities. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  14. 14. A. COPY EDITING  Copy editing is one of the most important duties for an editor.  THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR: 1. the clarity and accuracy of content that is published or broadcast. 2. Check copy from journalists, authors and writers to ensure that it is factually accurate and conveys its meaning clearly. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  15. 15. COPY EDITING 3. If they have queries on the copy, editors check references or discuss the issues with contributors. 4. Copy editors also check grammar, spelling and punctuation, using style guides, such as the Associated Press Stylebook, or their own in-house style rules as reference. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  16. 16. B. MANAGEMENT  Editors in senior positions take responsibility for: 1. Editorial standards and the commercial success of their publishing organization. 2. IN BOOK PUBLISHING COMPANIES, FOR EXAMPLE: they make decisions about the types of books they will publish and the markets they will sell to. 3. They also offer publishing rights to other companies that market the book in their own territories. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  17. 17. C. NEWS  EDITORS RESPONSIBLE FOR: 1. The news output of newspapers, radio and television have a dual role. 2. To cover event news stories. 3. They assign staff journalists or freelance writers.CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  18. 18. MANAGEMENT 4. They review the stories and edit them for factual accuracy. 5. May also take responsibility for copy editing stories. 6. They must make judgments about the relative importance of different stories and ensure that they fit the available space or time slot. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  19. 19. IV. FEATURE EDITOR  work in the print broadcast and online worlds.  THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR: 1. Assigning stories to reporters and for generating ideas for features.  Some features editors work their way up to the position by first working as reporters or copy editors. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  20. 20. JOB DUTIES OF A FEATURE EDITOR  THE MAIN FUNCTION OF A FEATURES EDITOR IS: 1. To help guide feature length pieces, which generally run between 500 and 2,000 words, from inception to publication. These stories may run in the publication's feature sections, which may be labelled Family, Style or Arts and Entertainment. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  21. 21. JOB DUTIES OF A FEATURE EDITOR 2. The features editor picks a story she wants to see covered and assigns it to a reporter and, perhaps a photographer or graphic artist. 3. Or, reporters may pitch their own story ideas, which the features editor approves or rejects. 4. AS THE ARTICLE IS WRITTEN, the features editor will help shape the article, providing a different direction, if needed, or locating additional sources she wants the reporter to contact. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  22. 22. JOB DUTIES OF A FEATURE EDITOR 4. When the article is finished, the features editor copyedits the article for proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure. 5. The editor also has a hand in choosing which photos will run. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  23. 23. SKILLS  ONE OF THE FOREMOST SKILLS THAT FEATURES EDITOR: 1. He should have a strong knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling. 2. Editors should also possess a keen sense of storytelling and the ability to spot a good feature and guide writers in its retelling. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  24. 24. SKILLS  BECAUSE FEATURE EDITORS WORK WITH REPORTERS, they should have strong intra-personal skills.  4. And be able to convey the changes they feel are necessary to what the reporter has written.  5. Editors working in the online field should have a basic grasp of computers and Content Management CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  25. 25. COLUMNIST  Advice columnists respond to letters from people who are dealing with various situations, including family problems, legal issues, or medical concerns. Their columns may appear in newspapers, magazines or on websites. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  26. 26. COLUMNIST  AN ADVICE COLUMNIST may be a staff member at a publication or may write on a freelance basis. While there's no specific degree program for advice columnists, many have degrees in journalism or a relevant field. Some advice columnists may work as reporters in other areas in addition to writing an advice column. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  27. 27. ADVICE COLUMNIST  Provides guidance to a publication's readers.  Some advice columnists are specialists who may hold credentials in mental health, medicine, or law, and can answer questions or give advice about sensitive legal, medical, or financial issues. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  28. 28. ADVISE COLUMNIST  Other advice columnists are freelance writers or salaried journalists who don't have any specific professional credentials, but give solid, thoughtful advice to people with personal, job, or relationship issues.  An advice columnist may often have to provide information about organizations that can provide letter writers with support and services as they struggle with serious problems that can't easily be resolved.CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  29. 29. JOB DUTIES OF AN ADVICE COLUMNIST 1. An advice columnist must read through the letters sent to him or her and select those that are best suited to his or her column. 2. In some cases, the columnist needs to do some research to provide the letter-writer with good advice. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  30. 30. JOB DUTIES OF AN ADVICE COLUMNIST  A columnist who doesn't have credentials in a particular field may contact an expert, such as a doctor, accountant or psychologist, for suggestions on how to answer some questions from the readers. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  31. 31. JOB DUTIES OF AN ADVICE COLUMNIST 4. Some advice columnists write a column every day, while others may only write columns once a week or once per month, depending on the needs of their publishers. 5. In some cases, the advice columnist may write columns in addition to performing other writing, editing, or reporting duties for a publication.CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  32. 32. V. WRITER’S DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Develop news stories as per information generated by wire service, assignment desk, newspapers and press releases in field and archives. 2. Perform research and write unbiased and factual news stories, re-write wire copy and develop crisp news story. 3. Product and edit videotape news to make optimum use of video and sound. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  33. 33. WRITER’S DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES 4. Perform research information for story development and monitor story all through its various stages. 5. Provide assistance to producer and develop news scripts and organize videotape to present news. 6. Coordinate with producer to provide support producers in event of absence or extra work. 7. Monitor all wires feeds to gather latest breaking news for writing news for publication or airing. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  34. 34. WRITER’S DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES 8. Develop and write news stories that address interest of customers. 9. Design and edit news for reading by anchors and communicate appropriate stories to audience. 10. Develop bridges and other articles to broadcast during interval of news stories. 11. Perform copy editing of scripts for accuracy, factual content and correct language. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  35. 35. WRITER’S DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES 12. Prepare and update scripts for re- broadcast with relevant changes incorporated. 13. Prepare and complete scripts to achieve time schedule. 14. Manage and edit sound on tapes and video clips to enhance contents using state-of-art editing technology. 15. Provide assistance to reporters to prepare live field coverage and ensure good quality sound and video capture. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  36. 36. VI. CARTONIST  A cartoonist combines writing and drawing to convey humour and tell stories about current events, recent trends, made-up worlds. A cartoonist combines writing and drawing to convey humour and tell stories about current events, recent trends, made-up worlds and even everyday life situations.  In general, cartoonists do not need formal education, though some postsecondary training may improve their chances of employment and even everyday life situations.. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  37. 37. JOB DESCRIPTION OF A CARTOONIST 1. Cartoonists have a natural talent for drawing that may be further developed in a post-secondary art program. They may create single pane drawings, which comment on an issue or event, or publish a serial cartoon, which follows a character over a period of time. Their work may appear in newspapers or magazines, as well as graphic novels, Internet publications and computer games.CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  38. 38. JOB DESCRIPTION OF A CARTOONIST 2. Cartoonists are constantly thinking about the world around them and need to be knowledgeable about local and global events, and stay current on popular culture and trends since these topics provide the inspiration for their work. A routine encounter from their daily life can spark an idea. They're also skilful writers who must convey the irony or humour about their subject in as few words as possible. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  39. 39. DUTIES  Some cartoonists like to draw freehand, using a pencil to sketch their creation. The next step is to go over the drawing in ink, erasing the pencil marks. •Others may prefer to use computer drawing software. The final drawing is then scanned or uploaded and attached to an email to the client. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  40. 40. CURRENT PHOTOJOURNALISM JOB DESCRIPTION  In the simplest terms, photojournalists document newsworthy people, events, and locations for use in print publications, webcasts, or telecasts. CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  41. 41. MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Both freelance and staff photojournalists usually report to an editor or editorial staff and may perform the following job duties. It's important to note that job tasks may vary by industry and employer.  Capture photographs or film video segments  Conduct research to gather background information about a subject  Conduct interviews to enhance and verify news stories CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  42. 42. MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Write narration to accompany images  Process and print negatives or film  Transfer digital files to a computer  Use image-editing software such as Photoshop or Print Shop Pro to edit images  Submit images, text, and other information to editorial staff CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB
  43. 43. ADDITIONAL DUTIES  Depending upon the employer or agency, these duties are sometimes included in photojournalism job descriptions.  Travel to assigned locations  Explore relevant story concepts alongside writers, reporters, and editors  Check and verify facts about news stories  Operate and maintain assigned equipment  Maintain darkroom facilities, including ordering supplies  Prepare drawings, illustrations, graphics, and other audiovisual material  Operate a variety of television cameras CHELDY SYGACO ELUMBA-PABLEO,MPA;LlB