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Food Alchemist Services


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Food Alchemist classes and other healing services

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Food Alchemist Services

  1. 1. Food Alchemist: I am the Food Alchemist. I was develop from the needs of people wanted my services. I read crystals (gemstone). I make my own herbal blends for detox, fasting, smoking, losing weight, cleaning blood, building immune system, I am health practitioner (not doctor). I am studying for my doctorate in holistic counseling and so much more. I make candle (with blessings), special charm bags. My favorites are the tinctures and shampoos and conditioner for the body. I make awesome alchemy desserts like no other mother you have seen. Ask me Dr. Light to bring sun shine to you and the rest of the world. ! BODY+ MIND + SOUL+ Unity= (WHOLE). Author: “It’s Vegan and it taste good”. Second book coming Culinary Alchemy by Alchemist. I provide Educational opportunities for others to learn from me by the following: group classes, seminars and 1- on-1 consultation (radio shows appearances, vegan, macrobiotic, raw, and gluten- free and health challenges {diabetes, cancer and celiac} and spiritual print out about you). Culinary Services: Catering for events 10 or more, 1-on1 consultant for food lifestyle change, Offer Special Guest appearance with some demonstrations and making Culinary Alchemy inspire dishes. ‘ Radio Hostess: Blog Talk Radio Food Alchemist” U R what U eat”. She is the creator owner of “Food Alchemy Network” on Blog Talk radio also. She has been a guest on some of the following shows: Curious times with Curious 1414 on Blog Talk Radio. Also made guest appearance e on Almost heaven Lizzy and Hazel show, Nicky Love, Cathies Echos, Ephiany with Dedire Howard and IHeart Radio with Joyce Jackson “Sane Talk Ordain Minister, Chef, Alchemy Healer & Spiritualist Alchemy Reader & Alchemy Healing* Custom made Oils, baths, herb mixtures* Custom made Alchemy kits & healing programs for you * Alchemy Culinary treats * Loving oils, Money oils, Pain oils * Healing clays & Healing herbs and tinctures * DNA & RNA codes Renewing Class for Emergency Alchemy Kits: Crystals for healing and tool* Color for healing * Herbs for healing* emergency elixirs of oils and herbs for emotional sickness, Digestive issue, breathing issues, opening the brains and to disinfect areas & clean your hands. Class for Culinary Alchemy : Anxiety go away Brownies with herbs for healing* Truffle pain reliever * Bowel cleansers * sweet breathe mints * energy Bars 480 253 9407