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We are the Change - Deirdre Ni Cheallaigh


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Presentation from Deirdre Ni Cheallaigh at the slef-stigma roundtable convened by ReShape on 23/06/2015

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We are the Change - Deirdre Ni Cheallaigh

  1. 1. We are the change: dealing with HIV related self-stigma in Zimbabwe Deirdre Ní Cheallaigh
  2. 2. Background • Trócaire HIV programme • Zimbabwe National Network of PLHIV • Impact Research International • PLHIV Stigma Index • Nadine Ferris France formative research OHH • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland • Trócaire HIV and Gender team • Inquiry based stress reduction: the work of Byron Katie • Byron Katie International Foundation
  3. 3. Vision and Goal Vision A Zimbabwean community of men and women living with HIV free of self- stigma Goal To empower and equip men and women living with HIV to tackle their self-stigma
  4. 4. Objectives 1. To reduce levels of self-stigma in Zimbabwe 2. To successfully adapt and scale-up Inquiry-based Stress Reduction (IBSR): The Work of Bryon Katie throughout PLHA support groups in Zimbabwe 3. To develop a cadre of people living with HIV highly trained as facilitators of IBSR: The Work 4. To advocate and raise awareness of self-stigma and the need to address the gap in programming within this area of the national response 5. To advocate internationally, using the Zimbabwean experience, for this method as a recognised response strategy to self-stigma for PLHIV
  5. 5. Programme Model Phase I 2012-2013 • Research • Programme design and delivery • Local adaptation, • Advocacy Phase II 2014 • Building Capacity for local facilitators • Localising facilitators programme • Advocacy Phase III 2015-2016 • Research • Local Programme delivery • Zimbabwean Facilitators supported • Advocacy
  6. 6. The Methodology IBSR: The Work of Byron Katie
  7. 7. What others think What others think
  8. 8. How HIV limits me
  9. 9. Treatment Treatment
  10. 10. My HIV story
  11. 11. My Body and HIV
  12. 12. Sex since HIV - She can’t get close to me - I need to be careful - I will transfer the disease - I can’t satisfy him - My sex life is gone -It’s not fair on others to have sex - … Sex since HIV
  13. 13. Shame and guilt •The thing I’m most ashamed of is… - I infected my daughter with HIV - I lied to my partner about my status - I have an ugly body - ... •And that means that…
  14. 14. Fears around disclosure
  15. 15. Death - I will be in constant pain - I’m losing the battle with my health - It can attack me at any time - I will die slowly, piece by piece - I need more time -I will die in pain - They will miss me - I will miss them - It will all be over - I will be punished in the next world - I have to fix everything before I go
  16. 16. God
  17. 17. Who I Truly Am
  18. 18. Certification • 340 hour + process for certification  12 week self stigma and HIV course  training of facilitators course  9-day school  1-4-1 sessions  thematic workshop  Helpline/drop in • 400 hour + process for certification and trainer of the Work and HIV  As above & supported delivery of self stigma course
  19. 19. Phase 3 and Beyond • Delivery of 12 week course by Zimbabwean facilitators • Final self-stigma curriculum produced • Graduation of ‘Zimbabwean Certified Facilitators of the Work for HIV’ and ‘Zimbabwean Certified Facilitators & Trainers of the Work for HIV’, November 2015 • Resource Centre and base available for TCWZ and Facilitators • Nine/seven-day School for the Work in Zimbabwe 2016 • Ongoing self-stigma and HIV courses offered through Connect • Scale up • Ongoing support to clients • Reaching new groups – Prisons and Support Group Members • Zim Capacity to support other countries
  20. 20. Advocacy •National AIDS Strategy •Irish Aid Annual Lecture •Conferences •Round tables •Stigma Index Phase II •etc
  21. 21. Partners TCWZ ZNNP+ Connect The Work for Change Trócaire Others i.e. SAfAIDS, UNAIDS etc Management Committee: ZNNP+ (TCWZ), Trócaire, Connect
  22. 22. We are the Change
  23. 23. Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland.