How To Promote Your Check-in For Good Campaign OFFLINE


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How To Promote Your Check-in For Good Campaign OFFLINE

  1. 1. Check-in for Good Campaign OFFLINE How To Take Your
  2. 2. So you’ve been promoting your cause like crazy on social media... Now what? Once you’ve gained some sort of following online, it’s time you take your campaign offline and into your community. In order to expand your campaign efforts you may have to take advantage of the more traditional marketing methods like: Print material Fundraising events Business check-ins
  3. 3. 1. Promoting your cause through print material Include your advertisements in print publications like your local newspapers or by buying a small magazine ads. Distribute material: hang flyers in high traffic areas or in store windows, hand out business cards. When creating posters and flyers, make sure your message is sweet and clear. Showcase what you are doing. Choose a colorful and eye-catching picture and grab the viewer’s attention and tell a story about your cause. Place them in prominent areas or suggest your supporters spread them to their friends and family! Don’t forget to write a press release! Press releases are written statements about events, services, products or people that are usually sent to members of the media. They are excellent promotional tools because they create quality backlinking as well as increase search engine exposure. Write your story in third-person and make sure that the first paragraph always includes answers to the following questions: “Who? What? When? Where? Why?” Proofread your press release extensively then submit it a service like PRWeb or PRLog.
  4. 4. 2. Plan an Event! Create an event that highlights your efforts and allows your supporters and people in your local community to feel closer to your cause. It can be anything, from a comedy night at the local club to a school bake sale. Think about how you can activate your community by appealing to your audience.
  5. 5. Set Your Objectives Don’t do anything before answering all these. Understanding the mission, the purpose and the point of your event leads to good planning and appropriate allocation of resources (time and money). Set crystal-clear objectives What specifically are you hoping to gain with this? How are you planning to achieve and measure your goal? Are you being realistic enough about it? Do you have a clear timetable in mind?
  6. 6. Select An Appropriate Venue There should be a connection between the cause you’re supporting, the venue selected and the community being engaged. Make sure you’re being sensible and smart about it.
  7. 7. Select An Appropriate Venue The type of venue you choose will depend on: The size of your gathering, The activities you wish to provide, The style and tone of the event, The services offered by the venue, And various geographical constraints that impact on member attendance → you don’t want to choose a venue that’s far on the outskirts of the city, for example, and have attendance be considerably diminished.
  8. 8. Plan & Get Help Plan the list of invites as well: targeting and inviting the right people is key to a successful event. Understand your main audience, the ones willing to support your cause, and go to them. Being caught off guard is the worst thing that can happen to you so make sure you plan every little detail of the event in advance. Also, be prepared to answer all questions about your cause and why you are doing this.
  9. 9. Assemble Your Team Given the complexity of all this planning, it is impossible to do everything yourself. So make sure you have the right sort of people available with the right sort of skills, then delegate the implementation of the various aspects of the event to them. Look for someone who is willing to contribute and who believes in your ideas, goals and overall cause. Friends, family, even a neighbor who really trusts your endeavor can turn out to be of great help both to the planning and preparation of the event and to the cause altogether.
  10. 10. Craft Your Message Design the message of your cause & create an emotional moment. It is vital to provide information that your guests can take home with them. These may be simple facts and statistics about your cause and its impact and should not be complicated or complex but should build confidence in your cause. You should tailor specific messages and deliver them through the printed program, table centerpieces, general event decor, whatever you think is more appropriate. Also, there must be a moment at which the event grabs the audience and makes each person attending aware of the cause being supported, its importance in the community and, above all, the importance of the contribution by those attending.
  11. 11. Promote! Promote! Promote! Remember to keep continually updating your event online on the days, weeks, months leading to the offline experience. Prior preparation and building the buzz will lend to a very successful offline event. Don’t forget—People are perpetual sharers. They love to broadcast what they are doing. Make it easier on them and help them engage in your event while they are there! Consider the way that you can use social media to connect your guests around the experience you’ve created for them: live photo submissions, checkins, QR codes are a good place to start. Advertise your twitter hashtags, FB page and other digital opportunities on non-digital materials like flyers, signs, and even the stage. Arm your supporters with the right information and watch your event market itself!
  12. 12. 3. Business check-ins Check-in for Good also offers you the opportunity to reach out to businesses and get them to shoulder your cause. How does this work? Easy! Businesses register through Check-in for Good for free. Each business determines a custom donation amount for each customer check-in. Each time a customer checks-in at the supporting business, the business makes a micro donation. You get double promotion: via the business - their interest is to attract as many customers as possible, and via your own campaign page - your interest is to send your supporters to that specific business and have their check-ins translate into donations for your cause.
  13. 13. Reaching Out To Businesses Registering businesses may seem like a daunting task but with Check-in for Good’s pay-per- visit model, businesses will be excited to hear how they can be more involved in the community. Suggest a parent’s night out at a wine bar or a fun day for the kids playing laser tag. The incentive for businesses to use Check-in for Good is to drive traffic into the store and to support the community. Call, email or visit businesses and request to speak with the General Manager. Tell them your story and explain how you can help them grow their business!
  14. 14. Life is social! See how we can help you take your campaign to the next level! Online or offline, you can make a difference with Check-in for Good. Connect with us on: