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Jesus as God and Savior


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Jesus as God and Savior

  2. 2. I. IntroductionThere are basic questions that need to be answered by a searching soul if one has to reallydiscover the core of Christianity. If one is to say that he is really a follower of Christ, the firstthing that one needs to answer is this: Did Jesus claim that He is God? Yet to answer thisquestion, words and reasons alone will not suffice. One has to learn to accept and abandononeself in the light of faith to the tenets of Christian religious teachings. Without faith, onecannot really be sure about salvation. The Bible speaks about the second coming of Jesus Christwhere all the might and power of God’s Kingdom would be fully realized. This was the faith thatkept the fires of evangelism alive in the first apostles. More than 2,000 years have passed sincethen. The question still nags the believers: How can we be sure that Jesus will really come again?If one can answer this question affirmatively, a following question will arise. Can I be saved?How sure am I that I would be included in the list of the saved? This paper is an attempt toanswer these nagging questions and an effort to further brighten the light of our faith. Whendoubts and questions arise, we turn to the Bible and we turn to God for enlightenment and graceto keep us on the right path to salvation.II. Did Jesus Claim to be GodJesus didn’t walk around Judea’s hills saying, “I am God!” He didn’t do a public processionsaying, “I am the Messiah”. Yet His disciples called Him Master way and they also called Him“Lord”. In the Gospel, a story is written about the Transfiguration of Jesus where Jesus was seenin his shining light and where the voice of God was heard by the apostles saying that Jesus is his
  3. 3. beloved son. During Jesus’ baptism by John, there was also a voice from heaven that said thesame message.It is clear in the New Testament that Jesus is the son of God sent from heaven to the earth toserve as a bridge to salvation. Jesus himself says that He is the way, the truth and the light and noone comes to the Father except through him. And yet Jesus temporarily set aside his glory,power and honor, in accordance to God’s will, to become a helpless baby like a normal personon earth. Jesus worked as a carpenter, experienced joy and hunger and also suffered from painand death. Although divine, Jesus is also human in every way.At the age of 30, Jesus began to preach the public ministry. Some of the words that Jesus hadspoken reflect his limitations as a man and reveal his humility. On the other hand, on othercircumstances Jesus also said that there things that he can’t do and only God could make(Towns, 2007). God has shared 30 years of his life here on earth as a human, like us. He alsoexperienced the process and cruelty of life here on earth and underwent the sufferings of anormal human being in full obedience to the Will of the Father. In the Bible, Jesus affirmed thatHe and God the Father are one (John 10:30). This attests to the divinity of Jesus. When Peter saidthat Jesus is the Christ is the son of the living God, Jesus told Peter not to tell this to anybody.Thus without claiming publicly that he is also a God, Jesus affirmed to Peter that He is Godbecause he is the son of God.III. How can we be confident that Jesus is returning?Even though we believe that Jesus is God, how confident are we that he will come back to saveus and usher in God’s Kingdom in all its power and glory? Considering the situation of the world
  4. 4. today where many are living in sin and poverty, the world really needs a savior. We need theMessiah to bring us out from the darkness that we find ourselves in.The book of Matthew 1:21 mentioned, “and she shall bring forth a son and thou shalt call hisname JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins” (The Holy Bible, 1984). Jesus wasborn to save humanity from sins. God sends him for us to be saved. The Bible mentions of asecond coming where Jesus will return and God’s Kingdom will rule over the earth.In the eyes of faith, we are assured that Jesus is coming back. The Bible is the word of God andit is filled with enough assurance that indeed Jesus will come again. Only those who have littlefaith have room for doubt. For one, the fact that Jesus rose from the dead means that Jesus isvery much alive today in the flesh. The fact the Jesus ascended into heaven means that he canalso reveal himself in person to anybody. I sincerely believe in the Second Coming of Jesus notonly because the Bible speaks of it but because Jesus is alive in me even now. Although I awaitthe second coming where God’s Kingdom will finally reign, in my heart Jesus is already presentand very much alive. Right now he is continuing to work his miracles and is transformingpeoples’ lives. This is the most tangible proof that Jesus’ work is continuing to change the world.As Jesus lives in my heart even now, the question whether Jesus is returning or not during thelast days has become secondary. This is because Jesus is already here.IV. If a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their life?Although no one can really merit the Kingdom of Heaven out of his own works alone, the signsof being a Christian should manifest in our daily lives. All of us have sinned and it is only byGod’s grace that we are saved. No one is worthy of salvation. No one can tell God that he
  5. 5. deserves salvation. It is true that by grace, God can choose to save the worst criminal just likewhat Jesus did as he was hanging on the cross. However being a Christian does not mean that wecan commit sins here and there because anyway it is not by one’s acts but by grace alone that oneis saved.Having Christ living in our hearts means that all my words and actions should be attuned toChrist’s urgings. It means doing the will of God every day of my life (Macarthur, 1998). Itmeans that my daily life is a manifestation of the Christ that lives in me. Being saved means thatsalvation has reached my soul and the light of salvation can be witness by everybody around me.This means that I am spirit-filled and because of this I am living a sanctified life. Like Jesus Iwould have to be submissive to the will of the Father at every moment of my life.Being a Christian should manifest not only in words but also in deeds. And although deeds andacts do not really matter as grace is the determining factor of salvation, how I live my life isevidence if my faith and my Christianity is genuine. Jesus said that a tree is known by its fruits.Being a Christian should be fruits of love and goodness for all those around me. Jesus said thatwe should seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will follow. Being a Christianmeans that we are ready to do God’s bidding every moment of our lives (Macarthur, 1998).V. Conclusion: Jesus as my God and SaviourProclaiming Jesus as your personal God and Savior constitutes a radical overhaul of one’s beingin order to tread faithfully the path of salvation. For one, we need to accept in the light of faiththat Jesus is indeed God. Before Jesus can be able to bring salvation in our lives, we need anunwavering faith that Jesus is indeed the Son of God. Only then can we be able to accept thesucceeding tenets of Christianity and have the hope that Jesus will come again in all his glory
  6. 6. although he is now here inside our hearts. Being a Christian is like a candle being lighted wheredarkness is defeated. Our lives should manifest the essence of our faith. Our words and actionsshould show to all people that love and goodness reside within us.BibliographyAdministration. (n.d). Did Jesus claim to be God. Retrieved December 05, 2011, from, M. N. (n.d.). Living a Christian Life. Retrieved December 05, 2011, from, J. (1998). Found: Gods Will. New York: David C. Cook.The Holy Bible. (1984). Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint.Towns, E. (2007). Core Christianity: What is it all about? New York: AMG Publishers.