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Essay on Classic English Literature
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So far this semester, you have been introduced to the nature and scope of political economy through an eclectic array of required reading. For your first take-home essay, identify the reading assignment that you found most compelling, intriguing, or insightful. articulate a thesis that justifies your selection and build an argument in support of your thesis.

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English Classic Literature Essay Sample MLA

  1. 1. Metaphors (Surname) 1 Assignment Title Writer’s Name Date Metaphors ``Metaphors We Live By'' (henceforth ``MWLB'') was composed by Lakoff and Johnson's. This reading material is of great importance in the study of metaphors because it focuses on many controversial views. These controversial views help us to know in depth about the metaphors. Firstly, this reading is approachable. It helps the reader to develop insight into the concept. It focuses on the range of metaphors that we utilize in our daily communication and cognitive processes. This reading changed our perception about metaphors and their contribution to the development of communication skills. According to the author, the metaphor is the crucial element of our mind. It helps us to utilize the physical and social events of our lives to develop an understanding of many important objects. As the name of the reading indicates "metaphors we live by" metaphors help us to build understanding about our surrounding. Metaphors are responsible for the development of our perceived views and actions. Metaphors are not just about language. Metaphors also cater other important aspects like thinking patterns, reasoning, etc.
  2. 2. Metaphors (Surname) 2 Usually, metaphors help us to understand an abstract view in a more concrete manner. On a larger scale, you can conclude that metaphors deal with human conceptual nature. This concept is entirely different from the classical view of metaphors which states that metaphors are only limited to language use and have no relationship with reasoning and thinking. It also contrasts with the AI model of language understanding and knowledge representation. An example showcases the systematic manner and structure according to which metaphors work. For instance, consider “Rational Argument is War” and “Time is money.” It tells the reader about the relation of metaphor with their subtypes. For instance “Time is money” means that “Time is a limited resource,” which means that “Time is a valuable commodity.” When we view the concept of time regarding metaphors, many hidden elements of this theory come to our knowledge. For example when we treat time as a commodity. Similarly, a metaphor “Time is a landscape we move through” would reveal some concepts. Metaphors also have a deep relationship with truth and actions. A metaphor may be an only way to express and highlight the hidden elements of our personal experience. Metaphors help us to build realities especially when we talk about social realities. These reality concepts help us to prepare yourself mentally for future actions. The metaphor does not only help us in language, but it also acts as a beacon and guide because it prepares us for the future. For instance
  3. 3. Metaphors (Surname) 3 in the metaphor “The moral equivalent of war” in this example, the metaphor gave rise to a cycle of entailments. Most of us consider metaphors as a source of development of political and social realities, but the philosophers have other viewpoints. They recognize metaphor as a way of expressing objective viewpoints or in other words, absolute truth. Many argue that metaphors tells us about the truth or not? Most of the metaphors that we use in our daily life were passed to us from our forefathers and had cultural values, but many metaphors also work on reality principle. However, most of the time the problem is not about the truthiness or falseness of a metaphor. The meaning of the metaphor is dependent upon the perception of a person. It is true that truth has significant value in our lives and all our actions are based on it. However, we should also focus on one more think that is inference. It means that we should work on the meaning of the metaphor and then plan our actions according to it. Categorization is an important aspect in defining the truth of a metaphor. In categorization, we simply make categories based on their features of properties. In the description of the metaphors, we highlight, downplay and hide some concepts. In short, our categorization also determines that whether the metaphor is accurate or false. Our classification is based on our personal experiences and interaction with others. Categorization is critical to us because it helps us to develop an understanding of our world. There are four ways by which we can tell whether the metaphor is true or not. One way is to see
  4. 4. Metaphors (Surname) 4 the level of understanding of the metaphor. If the degree of knowledge would be high, the metaphor will be considered valid. Most of the time, new metaphors face criticism because do not believe them right. For instance “tell me the story of your life.” Now this metaphor is subjected to criticism because it is viewing life as a story. Such metaphors are commonly found in our cultures. To summarize the reading we can conclude that the truthiness of a metaphor depends on upon our understanding level. When we read a metaphor, we compare it with our life experiences. If the metaphor is in accordance with our personal experience, it is true. If a person feels difficulty in understanding a metaphor, he will simply consider it false. Secondly, the concept of objectivity and subjectivity also defines the truthiness of a metaphor.