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Adjectives to describe places


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Published in: Education
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Adjectives to describe places

  1. 1. Kinds of adjectives There are many kinds of adjectives. However we are going to focus on two kinds of adjectives highly used to describe places: 1. Demonstrative adjectives 2. Descriptive adjectives
  2. 2. Demonstrative adjectives These type of adjectives respond to the question “Which” 1. Singular: This, That 2. Plural: These, Those
  3. 3. Descriptive adjectives 1These type of adjectives are used to qualify the noun. Color: Violet, turquoise, orange, purple, beige. Size: Big, large, small, tiny, heavy, light, thin, thick, Shallow, deep. Shape: Round, square, oval, conical, rectangular, triangular. Age: Old, young, new, modern, ancient, old- fashioned, updated.
  4. 4. Descriptive adjectives 2 Weather: Rainy, stormy, sunny, windy,snowy, damp, dry, icy,fogg y, overcast, Texture: Hard, soft, rough, smooth, solid, liquid, sticky, slippery , uneven, blunt Sound: Silent, noisy, quiet, deafening, melodic,shrill Appearance: beautiful, ugly, clean, dirty, simple, complex, difficult, easy, neat, messy
  5. 5. The order of adjectives As a general rule, adjectives are usually placed in this order: DETERMINER | OPINION | SIZE | QUALITY | AGE | SHAPE | COLOUR | PARTICIPLE FORMS | ORIGIN | MATERIAL | TYPE | PURPOSE | NOUN
  6. 6. Description of places (example) This is Saint Paul´s Cathedral, a beautiful, big, ancient, baroque, English, religi ous building.
  7. 7. Description of places (example) That is Venice, an interesting, romantic, big, colorful, European, ancien t city.
  8. 8. Description of places (example) That is Santa Marta snow mountain, an atractive, enormous, green and white, Colombian landmark